How Wingnut Women Celebrate Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month and Christian right anti-feminist group Concerned Women for America has put out a video to commemorate it. It’s bad. Really bad. They try so hard to seem hip and cool and it comes off as so cheesy you could make fondue with it. Oh, and it only celebrates “virtuous women” like Phyllis Schlafly.


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  • I don’t think even the French would want cheesy that was that rancid.

  • She is definetly very, very, veeeery concerned.

  • Jordan Genso

    Nothing says “Celebrate Women’s History Month” like attacking Eva Longoria.

  • otrame

    “virtuous women” + MRAs. A match made in heaven.

    I’ll be over here with the unvirtuous women and men.

  • cptdoom

    Notice how the four pictures of “virtuous women” include two pictures of Penny Young Nance, CEO and President of CWFA; one picture of Beverly LaHaye, founder of CWFA and Sarah Palin. I don’t know about Nance or LaHaye, but Palin was knocked up before she was married, was reportedly named as the “other woman” in at least one divorce suit and was found guilty of ethics violations, none of which seems particularly virtuous to me.

  • Jordan Genso

    @5 cptdoom,

    One of the photos is of Michele Bachmann.

  • cheesynougats


    “Virtuous” is a dogwhistle for conservatives for “white people that agree with my almost theocratic leanings.”

  • unbound

    Penny Nance is a Liberty University grad, so outside of likely being another fundie who probably can’t comprehend how she could be wrong in life, I don’t think there are any scandals linked to her. She mostly pops up on her own site, Fox News, and Washington Times describing everything she doesn’t like as scandals…

    Beverly LaHaye is a Bob Jones University grad (with an honorary doctorate from Liberty University), so same comment as for Penny applies here. Although I think the LaHaye’s get in trouble with some of the other fundies from time to time.

  • Ichthyic

    to me, the entire video was screaming: Stockholm Syndrome

  • thumper1990

    The only points in that video seemed to be: Argh, Birth Control! And, Look! Sara Silverman said some nasty things about Palin! Waaah!