The Schedule for FTBConscience

This weekend is the first FTBConscience, which as far as I know is the first conference for the atheist community held entirely online. And for those who want to attend, the schedule is finally posted. There are a few additional panels still being worked out that will be added to it, so keep an eye on it to find discussions you’re interested in. You’ll notice that I’m moderating one of the first discussions at 9 pm EST on Friday night. It’s about critical thinking and will feature Jeremy Beahan, Julia Galef and Dan Fincke. The whole thing happens on Google Hangouts and Youtube and I’ll be posting a link to the viewable video and letting you know how you can ask questions for the Q&A when we get it going Friday night. It all kicks off with an opening talk by David Silverman at 5 pm.

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  • danderberg

    We are a global audience, what time zone are we talking about?

  • oolon

    You can see all the tweets to #FTBCon sans misogynist drivel by following these Tweeps ->

    Miri Hashspam List

    Unfortunately no point subscribing to the list as Twitter does not show retweets from list members and all the #FTBCon tweets worth reading will be retweeted by these accounts… Discovered as part of the fun of trying to remove hashspam. So you need to follow all six accounts I’m afraid, they do all follow back 😉

    “Uberfeminist” has already threatened to spam the hash to me on Twitter, having tried to read xyr blog on multiple occasions I can confirm with a 99% confidence interval you will be missing nothing by having “Uber” filtered.

  • oolon

    @1 for the schedule in your timezone add this to Google/Yahoo/Outlook ->

  • Ed Brayton

    The times in this post are in EST, as noted.

  • John Phillips, FCD

    oolon #3, thanks muchly, that makes things really easy for those of us in different time zones.

  • broken.cynic

    EST is noted in your post, but not on the schedule page… where it would be much appreciated. (Is there someone more appropriate to direct that suggestion to?)