It's Almost As If Fundamentalism Was Invented to Spread Bigotry

Peter LaBarbera, one of the most extreme and deranged anti-gay bigots in the country, was on Matt Barber’s radio program this week and delivered one of his usual rants, saying “it’s almost as if homosexual sodomy was created to spread disease; that’s how dangerous and unnatural this lifestyle is.” Really? Then why do lesbians have the lowest incidence of most STDs, lower than straight people? Oh yeah, it’s all about the anal sex. He thinks more about anal sex than any gay man I’ve ever known. It’s almost as if fundamentalism was invented to spread stupidity and bigotry.


And Peter, “homosexual activists” don’t give a damn whether you approve of them. In fact, they’d probably feel much dirtier if you did. All they want is for you not to be able to use the law to discriminate against them. You can go on being a bigot as long as you live.

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  • robnyny

    According tot he most recent Kinsey report, the vast majority of anal sex is enjoyed by heterosexual couples. If any of this crap were true, it would show up among straighs, not gays.

  • exdrone

    They want to attach the sin of Sodom to marriage.

    As if. Clearly, this guy is not married.

  • colnago80

    Maybe he would like to get a little anal sex himself.

  • tbp1


  • Baktru

    Note also the casual racism. And African-Americans, well they can’t help it. Poor them. At least they’re not having anal sex though! That’s worse! Somewhat.

  • hunter

    “It’s almost as if fundamentalism was invented to spread stupidity and bigotry.”

    I suspect there’s a sort of synergy at play there, or maybe a feedback loop.

  • Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :)

    Mmmm, sodomy… :3

  • georgelocke

    never mind that the vast majority of anal sex happens among heterosexuals.