Delgaudio Comes to Michigan

Our old friend Eugene Delgaudio, the self-declared Public Advocate of the United States (read: bigot and con man), is sending out heavily slanted questionnaires to candidates in Michigan, prompting one Democrat to respond with a very strongly worded letter exposing Delgaudio’s bigotry and stupidity.

Political candidates are flooded with questionnaires during campaign season, but Michigan House hopeful Josh Derke was shocked when he read one particular piece of mail from Public Advocate of the United States.

The candidate survey asked if he would oppose attempts to add “homosexuality,” “transsexuality” or “pedophilia” to Michigan’s anti-discrimination law.

One of these things is not like the other, he noted, but the response options — “yes” or “no” — didn’t provide room for distinction.

“I was taken aback. I’ve got some surveys about standing for family values, but I didn’t think I’d get one that had this kind of rhetoric,” Derke, a Democrat running for the 93rd District seat out of Bath, told MLive.

And Derke’s response to Delgaudio:


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  • mikey

    This chap’s far too decent for politics, I’m afraid.

  • Michael Heath

    Josh Derke states:

    . . . there is no homosexual agenda. There is no homosexual lobby.

    The way to debate bigots like Eugene Delgaudio is to rebut his lies and hate with truth and empathy towards the disenfranchised. Responses should never be outright lies as Mr. Derke does here. That reduces Josh Derke to a mere tribalist from a group competing against Mr. Delgaudio’s conservative Christian tribe. Here Mr. Derke willingly flees the moral high-ground, for no valid reason.

    Newsflash to Mr. Derke:

    The “homosexual agenda” exists. It’s goal is that GBLTs individual rights be protected equally under the law. That in order that their sexual characteristics no longer causes them to suffer from discrimination and abuse that emanates out of primitive religious-fueled bigotry. That GBLTs and their children be allowed the equal opportunity to flourish.

    And there are many lobbying groups fighting for equal protections for homosexuals:

    Derke’s denialism that there is no homosexual agenda or lobbying groups does liberals no favors when it comes to how conservative Christians grossly misrepresent the “homosexual agenda”.

  • thebookofdave

    The first rule of The Gay Agenda is: you do not talk about The Gay Agenda.

  • blf

    Michael Heath, That is an astonishingly narrow reading of Mr Derke’s comment. And Yes, Mr Derke’s comment could have used slightly better wording. For instance, perhaps:

    Any so-called “homosexual agenda” is human rights, a concept so fundamental it has exceptionally wide and deep support. No-one is trying to turn anyone Gay, Lesbian, Trans, or Bi (but the opposite cannot be said), nor is anyone encouraging the rape of children, sex with animals, or the other absurdities fervently imagined by a handful.

    Mr Derek seems to be, in the clause you object to, using the bigots’s own language; by those bigots’s imagined definitions, neither the agenda nor the lobby exists.

  • Michael Heath

    Ed writes:

    Eugene Delgaudio . . . is sending out heavily slanted questionnaires . . .

    MLive reports

    The candidate survey asked if [candidate Josh Derke] would oppose attempts to add “homosexuality,” “transsexuality” or “pedophilia” to Michigan’s anti-discrimination law.

    This sort of disingenuous wording is not a rare occurrence amongst the right. The Republican party at both the state and national lever constantly mailed me “surveys” in the 2000s doing the same thing.

    These Republican organization would ask questions not all that far from, “Do you support President Bush’s leadership on the war on terror or do you instead support jihadists taking over the U.S. to murder our sons and rape our daughters?. Always followed by a plea for money of course, the primary reason they were looking to stoke fear and bigotry.

    These mailers were a primary reason I quit the GOP. Unfortunately for the world, there are many many primary reasons to despise the GOP. But dishonesty, demagoguery, bigotry, and fueling irrational fears are biggies.

  • Michael Heath


    I don’t find my comprehension and response to what John Derke wrote ‘astonishing’ at all. I responded to exactly what Mr. Derke wrote and directly rebutted it in a full frontal manner. My reponse was in no way narrow, but instead took him on word for word.

    Denialism is always bad form. Here Derke feeds the conservative Christians’ justification to misrepresent the homosexual agenda and their lobbying efforts. So besides being denying reality, Derke makes a partly idiotic policy argument by using false premises, which in turn unnecessarily creates space for conservative Christians to continue to do the same.

    That’s particularly stupid here given that Derke’s denialism of a homosexual agenda and lobbying feeds into how conservative Christians grossly misrepresent that agenda.

    So here we see one more liberal snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. That’s given how eloquent Derke’s advocacy in that same letter was in regards to defending gay people. Then he starts punching himself in the face.

  • Modusoperandi

    Michael Heath “The ‘homosexual agenda’ exists.”

    Ah hah! You Liberals admit it!

  • thebookofdave

    The second rule the The Gay Agenda is…

  • Dave Maier

    Extra points for “fabulously manicured claws”.

  • eric

    @5 – the mailers you’re talking about are push-polls. The letter sent to Derke is not a push-poll, since it was directed at candidates instead of the public. No doubt they wanted to turn his response into a “Derke – would legalize pedophilia” ad, sure, but that’s still different from a push-poll.

    I also agree with @4 that Derke is answering in the negative about the ‘homosexual agenda’ the way Delgaudio and his group would characterize it. There is no agenda or group out to put Christians in jail for speaking out against homosexuality. There is no agenda or group trying to break up anyone’s heterosexual marriage or prevent straights from getting married in the future. There is no agenda or group trying to legalize pedophilia. Since this is what Delgaudio understands the gay agenda and lobby to include, it is accurate to say no such agenda or lobby exists.

  • tommykey

    Rule number 8. If this is your first time at Gay Club, you have to…, well, you know…