How the Kentucky Derby Proves Obama is the Antichrist

Rick Wiles of TruNews radio is such a far-right extremist that he’s impossible to parody. On a show last week, he welcomed yet another self-declared “prophet” to talk about how Obama may not be the Antichrist, but he’s at least our Antichrist. And the Kentucky Derby proves it.

Grebin told Wiles that President Obama “brought a curse on us” and doomed America with what she said are anti-Israel policies, noting that while she doesn’t think Obama is the Antichrist, he is “our Antichrist.”

Wiles agreed that Obama is bringing America down and is a forerunner of the Antichrist. As proof, he cited the results of the Kentucky Derby: “He has a spirit of Antichrist operating in him, he is America’s pharaoh. Interestingly, the horse American Pharaoh won the horse race Saturday, another little sign to America, there’s been many of them over the years since Obama’s been in.”

“This man — he has stoked the coals, the fires of war, it seems like the whole world is on fire,” Wiles added. “Even House Speaker John Boehner said it a month or two ago, he said ‘the world is on fire.’ Yes, Speaker Boehner, it is on fire and the man who is stoking the fires is in the White House. This is a man with a demonic spirit operating in him.”

Is there a demon of abject stupidity? There has to be.

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  • busterggi

    ‘Is there a demon of abject stupidity?”

    yes, he goes by many names such as Yahweh, Jesus & allah.

  • eric

    Ah, but the fact that Ocho Ocho Ocho didn’t win is surely a sign that our fears about illegal immigration are misplaced. Right? What, it doesn’t work that way?

  • dugglebogey

    It’s just the word for “king” in Egyptian.

    This dude is aware that other languages exist, right?

  • kantalope

    sure remember how california chrome ‘s win last year resulted in google’s takeover of the browser market

    and the year before when orb won…I mean just wow all those orbs took over the planet

    and the year before that when I’ll Have Another won and all those cocktail bars opened corrupting gods own children with tasty martinis?

  • eric

    I’d also point out that the ‘names’ the horses race under aren’t actually the horse’s names. They are made up aliases, only used during races, so the horses don’t get spooked by hearing the loudspeakers blare out their actual names. So the claim is made even more ludicrous because it’s kind of like saying “there’s a guy named Modus Operandi here. That must mean the Latins are coming!!!”

  • spamamander, internet amphibian

    Let’s see… pedigree horses are usually named by taking parts of their sire and dam names. A quirk look on tells me that American Pharaoh is by Pioneer of the Nile out of Littleprincessemma. So Nile… in Egypt. Royalty from Princess. So this is a stud, they gave him the Egyptian king name Pharaoh to keep with the theme, and they decided to throw in “American” (likely because of Pioneer, and because further back is Yankee Gentleman, and because he’s a “King” in American racing).

    I guess that isn’t nearly as exciting as some conspiracy theory…

  • Mr Ed

    Just curious, how much did the prophet make betting on the race?

  • spamamander, internet amphibian

    And yes, their barn names are WAY different than their pedigree names.

  • caseloweraz

    Ah, yes — the treachery of thoroughbred naming — continuing the nefarious tradition of historical race horses like Man O’War (1917-1947) and Secretariat (1970-1989). Who could miss the covert references to communism?

  • dmcclean

    Probably not as much as you did, Mr. Ed. I mean, she has an inside line to the big guy upstairs, but you can hear it straight from the horses’ mouths.

  • raven

    Is there a demon of abject stupidity? There has to be.


    You need something a lot more powerful than a demon. Try a god.

    And gods are easy to create and get created often. Maybe, something with Bush in it. Bushermes, Busheros, Wilakles, Fallwellian, Carsonomy, Satanorum. There are enough candidates for abject stupidity Deification to staff a full Pantheon.

  • spamamander, internet amphibian

    I would like to know the nefarious theme behind the name of my old off-track thoroughbred. He was by Cat Thief out of Pat Hand and they named him…. Doable.

  • jaybee

    Don’t these anti-Obama know-it-alls read each others’ screeds? Obama is the antichrist for stoking the flames of war, yet he should have invaded Georgia, and Syria, and bombed Iran, never withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • zippythepinhead

    eric@5: Yes, but American Pharoah’s real name just happens to be “Obama is the Antichrist”.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Is there a demon of abject stupidity? There has to be.

    No. All it takes is to be born in America.

  • Modusoperandi


  • John Pieret

    Is there a demon of abject stupidity?

    No, no! It is the guardian angel of abject stupidity! After all, as Martin Luther said “Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but more frequently than not struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God.”

    His guardian angel is keeping Wiles a moron to save his soul.

  • Larry

    This kind of meme is approaching a Poe’s Law kind of thing. The continual linkage of Obama to just about any event occurring anywhere in the world, no matter how ludicrous the linkage is, is becoming harder to tell a parody from something somebody actually said in all seriousness.

    The insanity seems to have no bounds the closer to 2016 we get.

  • azpaul3

    Except the horse that won the Kentucky Derby was American Pharoah not American Pharaoh. So no Egyptian kings. No Pharaoh Obama, not even a Pharoah Obama.

    #7, Mr Ed,

    Just curious, how much did the prophet make betting on the race?

    Nothing. She bet on the wrong Pharaoh. If she had bet on the right Pharoah she would have taken $7.80 to win on a $2 bet.

  • Trebuchet
  • felidae

    Speaker Boehner, it is on fire

    One can only hope that the “it” refers to the Speaker’s pubic hair

  • Area Man

    Never mind the rest, what exactly does a pharaoh have to do with the anti-Christ? Aren’t we mixing up testaments here?

  • peterh

    @ 22:

    Not really, just clutching desperately at any straw that might come along. Even the irrelevant ones. (Maxim: all clutched straws are irrelevant.)

  • amadan

    Ye Gods! It’s true!!

    1974, Nixon forced out of office: Cannonade

    1980, St. Ronald discovers Commies under every bed: Genuine Risk

    1985: St. Ron’s 2nd Inauguration ushers in massive military expansion: Spend a Buck

    1988: 3rd Reagan Admin under Bush the Less-Worse: Winning Colors

    1992: Arkansas boy comes out of nowhere to be elected: Lil E Tee

    1996: America shudders under 4 more years of Dem. tyranny: Grindstone

    2001: Bush the Lesser ditches the rule of law after 9/11: Monarchos

    2003: Laughs off concerns about massive death toll in Iraq: Funny Cide

    2008: “The sheriff is a niBONG!!”: Big Brown

    2012: “That … person” is “re-elected” by “those … people”: I’ll Have Another

    Trends in US policing suggest that the 2008 winner of England’s Grand National may be making a comeback.

  • StevoR

    How the Kentucky Derby Proves Obama is the Antichrist

    Its all in the horseshit, just like with the ancient roman augers picking through the entrails of sacrificed animals to predict the future, so can a good Teablaggard profitt scoop and pick their way through the equine excrement and see patterns of wonder unseen to anyone else!

  • samgardner

    Fear the power of the demon of stupidity…

  • Kermit Sansoo

    Area Man says: Never mind the rest, what exactly does a pharaoh have to do with the anti-Christ? Aren’t we mixing up testaments here?


    Good = Jesus, Apostles, Samaritans, ancient poor people, anti-Christs, Democratic presidents

    Ungood = pharoahs, Satan, serpents, Philistines, Judas, Philistines, modern poor people, patriotic presidents


    I dunno. Seems pretty straightforward.

  • Kermit Sansoo

    Not that anyone reads these late posts, but obviously I mixed up the categories above. Grammar and sophisticated theology confuse me.

  • davidwindhorst

    That fucker’s really gonna freak after the Preakness.