EPA Environmental Justice Official Resigns

Mustafa Ali, the longtime EPA adviser on environmental justice issues (in fact, he founded the position), has resigned after 24 years on the job, writing an open letter to EPA Administrator (read: destroyer) urging him not to dismantle the agency’s important regulations that protect public health.


Mustafa Ali, a senior adviser and assistant associate administrator at the agency, worked to alleviate the impact of air, water and industrial pollution on poverty-stricken towns and neighborhoods during nearly a quarter century with the EPA…

Ali said he has received no indication that the adviser position or his job as assistant associate administrator in the agency’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance will be filled by the Trump administration. EPA officials declined to comment on the positions…

Ali said in an interview that he considers the shielding of poor and minority neighborhoods from the effects of pollution a crucial function of the EPA, but that the agency’s new leaders have not given “any indication that they are focused or interested in helping those vulnerable communities. My values and priorities seem to be different than our current leadership and because of that I feel that it’s best if I take my talents elsewhere.”

Neither Trump nor Pruitt gives a damn about the health and lives of poor and dark-skinned people. All they care about is the health of the bank accounts of their corporate benefactors. That’s why they’re putting so many of them in positions of authority from which to undermine the regulations that provide even a minimal degree of protection to those who aren’t rich and white. But hey, the stock price will go up a half a point, so it’s all worth it. Because they’re “pro-life,” of course.

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