Wingnuts Blame School Shooting on FBI’s Russia Investigation

Mass shootings always prompt some seriously stupid arguments over politics, but this one might take the cake. Some in the wingnutosphere are blaming the shooting on the FBI’s Russia investigation, the argument being that they were too busy investigating the “hoax” of Trump collusion with Putin to stop the shooter after they’d been notified of the things he’d said.

Ann Coulter, the fairy godmother of terrible arguments, goes first:

And the pseudonymous author of the conservative True Pundit blog:

And then there’s Rush Limbaugh, who tried to sell this idiotic argument to his audience:

Is it possible, ladies and gentlemen, that the FBI may not have the resources to deal with complaints like this? How many people at the FBI are still trying to prove that Trump colluded with Russia? How many people the FBI are being forced to continue to work and waste time on the Hillary Clinton bought and paid for dossier and trying to link it to Trump?

“Rush, you better be careful. You’re politicizing.” I’m not politicizing anything. I’m reacting. I’m not starting anything here. But when I hear that the FBI knew about this shooter well in advance and didn’t do anything, I have to ask, why? And then I start trying to answer my own question “why.” And the first answer you get is, “Well, the kid hadn’t done anything yet. There’s nothing we can do. And besides that, we’re federal, and this is a state and local issue. We don’t have any jurisdiction down there. There’s nothing we can do.”

Well, maybe, but do you have anybody that could’ve done anything anyway, or how many people are still trying to prove after a year and a half here that Trump colluded with Russia? How many people still tracking down Hillary Clinton’s opposition research? In fact, folks, if you want to blame Trump for this, I could just as easily turn it around and blame it on Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have the FBI so occupied tracking down something that didn’t happen, they may not have the resources to pull this kid off the street.

How does that sound to you leftists? Absurd? Well, it isn’t.

Yes, actually, it is. The FBI has about 35,000 employees, for crying out loud. A couple dozen of them are working on the Trump investigation, along with prosecutors who were brought in specifically for that purpose. The FBI has literally thousands of investigations going at any given time. This isn’t just absurd, it’s stupidity on galactic level.

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