Joyner: Trump ‘The Most Humble Person You Could Imagine’

Joyner: Trump ‘The Most Humble Person You Could Imagine’ March 13, 2018

Christian con man Rick Joyner has hitched his wagon to Donald Trump and he is not letting go, making one utterly asinine claim after another about him. The most recent is his declaration that Trump knows that God put him in office and is thus now “the most humble person you could imagine.”

Joyner asserted that he was among the few who had prophesied that Trump would win the election, which he said has endeared them to the president because Trump thought he was going to lose the election but now realizes that his victory was a work of God.

“We had predicted this and stood by it and it happened,” Joyner said. “As we saw, nobody else seemed to see it. I think Trump, it was a major encouragement to him because he thought he was going to lose and now he knows he would have lost. This is a God thing—he’s not there because of his own smarts or tenacity or anything else and I think it has brought a—even though a lot of people may not see it from his public persona, in private he is so humble, especially with any men or women of God. I mean, it’s like he becomes the most humble person you could imagine.”

Like his religious beliefs, this claim could not be more distant from reality. Have you ever heard Trump give credit to God for his victory? Neither has anyone else. Amusingly, Joyner said this right before Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday for a rally that was allegedly to support the candidacy of Rick Saccone for Congress but was really just an hour of Trump bragging — and lying — about his own accomplishments. Like claiming of his new tariffs plan that “a lot of steel mills are now opening up because of what I did.” Really? You signed it on Thursday and they’re opening new plants on Saturday? That would be impressive if it weren’t also a blatant lie.

“President Moon of South Korea said without Donald Trump, the Olympics would have been a total failure. That’s true. True.” So humble.

“Did you see the other day, 96% of what they do, all I do is good stuff, the economy is the best it’s ever been.” Oh, such humility.

“We have done more than any first term administration in the history of our country.” No one has ever been more humble than Donald Trump, in the entire history of the known universe. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

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