Steve King Promotes White Supremacist Site on Official Congressional Page

Steve King Promotes White Supremacist Site on Official Congressional Page June 18, 2018

Rep. Steve King has long been a virulent racist who skirts the borders of white supremacy, if he isn’t an outright one himself. But Media Matters reports that a section of his official congressional website that focuses on negative stories about undocumented immigrants cites and promotes the white supremacist site VDARE.

King’s website features a page titled “Illegal Immigration Stories” that contains information about “illegal aliens” allegedly committing crimes. King has frequently smeared immigrants as prone to criminality; in reality, studies show that immigration does not increase the rate of crime.

One of King’s citations on that “Illegal Immigration Stories” page is an April 2016 VDare piece headlined “Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Kills Woman, Is Granted Bail and Disappears.” The VDare piece, by anti-immigrant writer Brenda Walker, begins by stating: “Funny how after all these years of Americans being run down by drunk driving illegal aliens, the crime of inebriated vehicle operation by unlawful foreigners is still not taken seriously by authorities.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote that VDare “regularly publishes articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites.” The Anti-Defamation League wrote that VDare is a racist site that “posts, promotes, and archives the work of racists, anti-immigrant figures, and anti-Semites.”

Pre-Trump, this kind of thing was done in dog whistles, but he has given the far-right racist fringe permission to be out in the open about it. That’s why we saw KKK and neo-Nazi groups donating to his campaign, endorsing him publicly, marching in support of his policies, and so forth. He has normalized white supremacy, brought it from the fringe into the mainstream of the Republican Party, and they have let him do.

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