Trump’s Dangerous Ideas on Federal Debt

Here's a perfect example of why the idea that the government should be run like a business is nonsense. Donald Trump is used to being able to get out from under massive amounts of debt by declaring bankruptcy or by negotiating lower repayments. But now he wants to do the latter with the federal debt: … [Read more...]

Trump Flips on Debt Payoff, Lies About It

A couple weeks ago Donald Trump came out with the utterly ludicrous claim that he would pay off the entire $19 trillion national debt in eight years in office. He was universally laughed at. Now he has flipped his position completely, saying he could pay off "a percentage" of it, without specifics, and that he never claimed he could pay it all off. … [Read more...]

Trump ‘Explains’ How He’d Eliminate Debt in 8 years

Donald Trump's ludicrous claim that he would eliminate $19 trillion in debt in only eight years while simultaneously cutting revenue by $1 trillion a year has provoked much well-deserved pointing and laughing. But on a radio show this weekend he "explained" how he could do it and that it's "so easy" to do. … [Read more...]

More on Trump’s Fantasy of Eliminating Debt in Eight Years

Donald Trump's ludicrous claim that he can eliminate the debt in eight years while cutting taxes is provoking a good deal of laughter among policy wonks and people with IQs higher than a pot roast. Jim Tankersley and Jeff Guo of the Washington Post's WonkBlog crunch some numbers that show that it's even more asinine in detail than it is at first blush. … [Read more...]

Trump Makes Patently Ridiculous Promise on Debt

Donald Trump has made all manner of ridiculous claims about the magic he will do to magically make every bad thing in America disappear if elected, but this is easily the most absurd one of all. In an interview with the Washington Post, he says he'll pay off the entire national debt in eight years. … [Read more...]

Trump Endorses Higher Taxes

In a rather strange turn of events, Donald Trump, who has called for massive tax cuts that would explode the federal deficit, criticized Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for not raising taxes to close a big deficit in that state, cutting funding for education and many other things instead. … [Read more...]

AL Republicans: No Cars for You!

Republicans in Alabama have a brilliant idea. They want to keep those lazy welfare recipients from just lounging around eating lobster and caviar with their copious food stamps. Get a job, they tell them! And to help them do that, they're going to make sure they can't own a car. … [Read more...]

The Utter Irresponsibility of the Republican Tax Plans

Ezra Klein, the ultimate policy wonk, writes about the incredibly irresponsible tax plans offered by the three leading Republican candidates, which would explode the deficit and the debt that they rail against continually, all on the basis of the clearly false notion that tax cuts lead to revenue growth. … [Read more...]

Bachmann: Progressive Income Tax Violates Ten Commandments

This Foundations of Freedom video series produced by professional liar David Barton is like a waterfall of stupidity, especially when Michele Bachmann is featured. In the latest edition, Bachmann informs us that a progressive income tax violates the Ten Commandments. … [Read more...]

Cruz Lies About Obama and the Military

One of the lies that never, ever dies on the right is that liberals and Democrats are "weak on defense" and want to just let anyone attack and destroy us (never mind that we haven't actually been attacked by any nation in 75 years, while we've invaded many countries without provocation). Ted Cruz is still telling that lie about Obama: … [Read more...]

Trump Lies, Says Sanders Might Ban Golf

Donald Trump never lets the truth get in the way of an appeal to his supporters' most ridiculous and overblown fears. He's still lying about Bernie Sanders wanting to raise everyone's tax rates to 90% but now he's added another wrinkle: He might ban golf too, or make it impossible to afford it because of that 90% tax rate that Trump is lying about. … [Read more...]

Carson’s Laughable Budget and Tax Plan

Ben Carson is now officially the front runner in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination and thus his policy proposals, such as they are, deserve more scrutiny. The Republicans only ever have one economic policy, lower taxes on the rich, so they're pretty much uniformly bad. But Carson's flat tax proposal is even more ridiculous than the other plans being offered. Even Tim Worstall of the conservative Adam Smith Institute slams it. He begins by explaining why Carson's claim about … [Read more...]