Cruz Lies About Obama and the Military


One of the lies that never, ever dies on the right is that liberals and Democrats are "weak on defense" and want to just let anyone attack and destroy us (never mind that we haven't actually been attacked by any nation in 75 years, while we've invaded many countries without provocation). Ted Cruz is still telling that lie about Obama: … [Read more...]

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Trump Lies, Says Sanders Might Ban Golf


Donald Trump never lets the truth get in the way of an appeal to his supporters' most ridiculous and overblown fears. He's still lying about Bernie Sanders wanting to raise everyone's tax rates to 90% but now he's added another wrinkle: He might ban golf too, or make it impossible to afford it because of that 90% tax rate that Trump is lying about. … [Read more...]

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Carson’s Laughable Budget and Tax Plan

Credit: Michael Vadon

Ben Carson is now officially the front runner in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination and thus his policy proposals, such as they are, deserve more scrutiny. The Republicans only ever have one economic policy, lower taxes on the rich, so they're pretty much uniformly bad. But Carson's flat tax proposal is even more ridiculous than the other plans being offered. Even Tim Worstall of the conservative Adam Smith Institute slams it. He begins by explaining why Carson's claim about … [Read more...]

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Another Day, Another Lie From Donald Trump


I love how the right wing vacillates between arguing that the United States is hugely overtaxed AND that we can't have things like universal health care because it will lead to those incredibly high tax rates in Europe. Donald Trump seems to be taking the former position, claiming that the United States has "the highest tax rate anywhere in the world." PolitiFact debunks his latest lie: … [Read more...]

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Does Ben Carson Know What the Debt Limit Is?

Credit: Michael Vadon

Ben Carson has demonstrated a staggering ignorance of nearly every political issue over the last few months as a Republican presidential candidate. A recent interview with NPR's Marketplace, which featured some very thoughtful and tough questions (and follow up questions) by Kai Ryssdal seems to reveal that he has no idea what the debt limit is, thinking that if we just stop deficit spending, it just goes away. … [Read more...]

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Rubio: Voodoo Economics on Steroids


The Republican presidential candidates seem to be having a competition to see who can present a plan that cuts taxes more than the other guy and all of them are pretending that they can cut taxes without reducing spending and still balance the budget. In other words, it's the same voodoo economics the Republicans have been using since Reagan, which has never, ever worked. The result is always bigger deficits. Ezra Klein shreds Marco Rubio's plan. … [Read more...]

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Far Right Loses Big Fight for Government Shutdown


The far right elements of the Republican party lost a big fight over funding for Planned Parenthood as the House and Senate passed a continuing resolution to keep the government funded for another two months as they work out the details on the 2016 federal budget. The party leadership badly wanted to avoid a shutdown, while the Tea Party types, the Ted Cruzes, badly wanted to prove their purity by fighting to the end a battle they could not win. … [Read more...]

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Trump’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Tax Plan


After making a lot of noise about how he thinks the rich don't pay their fair share of taxes, especially hedge fund managers, and previously calling for a 14.5% one-time tax on the wealthy, Donald Trump released his official campaign tax plan the other day and it looks absolutely nothing like that. In fact, it looks pretty much exactly the opposite, proposing trillions of dollars in tax cuts that would blow a massive hole in the federal budget. … [Read more...]

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Surprise! Tax Cuts Don’t Raise Revenue

Keith Hall, an economist who was one of George W. Bush's chief economic advisers, has been named the new head of the Congressional Budget Office, a bipartisan agency that provides relatively objective information for Congress to help them evaluate the impact of legislation under consideration. And at his very first news conference in that position, he threw cold water on pretty much the only economic and tax plan the Republicans ever have. … [Read more...]

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Another Incredibly Bad Atheist Meme


Here's a meme shared all over my Facebook feed by atheists over the last couple days that is so far beyond being merely stupid that I fear I need to invent a new word to properly convey just how astonishingly idiotic it is. I'm frankly shocked that anyone with a high school diploma could find it even the least bit plausible because it is so far from reality that it left my jaw agape when I saw it. Here ya go: … [Read more...]

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No, the GOP Doesn’t Really Care About Spending and Debts

Andrew Sullivan finds another example showing how phony the Republicans' alleged concerns about spending and debt clearly are. They suddenly discover the cause of fiscal responsibility when a Democrat is in the White House, but even that convenient epiphany magically disappears when it's time to go to war, when they grab the pom poms and start cheering. … [Read more...]

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In a Rare Move, Congress Actually Does Something

In what almost seems astonishing, Congress has apparently struck a deal to actually pass legislation to fix a problem. Congressional negotiators have reached a tentative deal on a bill to fix some of the pressing problems in VA health care, including emergency funding. … [Read more...]

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