Not a Single Council of Economic Advisers Member Supports Trump

This is a pretty significant development. The Wall Street Journal did a survey of every living member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, going all the way back to the Nixon administration, and not one of them said they supported Donald Trump for president. Not one. … [Read more...]

Bush Commerce Secretary Hammers Trump’s Economic Plan

Former Bush Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez did an interview on CNN and said that he thinks Donald Trump's tax and economic plan -- which is the same old trickle down nonsense -- will explode the deficit and be a disaster for the country. And he now supports Hillary Clinton. … [Read more...]

Tom DeLay: Trump is a Liberal

Tom DeLay was on the Chris Matthews show on Monday after Donald Trump's big speech on his tax and economic plans and he declared that Trump is not a conservative. And then he said that Trump's idea for a child care tax credit is unconstitutional. Uh, why? … [Read more...]

Lowrey: Trump’s Tax Plan ‘Self-Contradictory Word Salad’

My former American Independent News Network colleague Annie Lowrey, who now writes for New York magazine and is, like her husband Ezra Klein, a serious wonk when it comes to tax policy, called Trump's much-ballyhooed unveiling of his tax and economic play a "self-contradictory word salad." … [Read more...]

Trump’s Economic Speech: Let Us Count the Lies

Donald Trump gave his long-awaited speech on his tax and economic policies in Detroit on Monday and, to no one's surprise, it was chock full of lies and half-baked, long-disproven ideas. Let's count a few of them. This may take more than one post. But let's start with this: … [Read more...]

Trump Adviser Debunks, Excuses His Ridiculous Claim on Debt

During the Republican primary, Donald Trump laughably claimed that he would pay off the entire federal debt in 8 years. Now one of the people on his economic advisory group admits that this isn't remotely doable and offers a ridiculous excuse for Trump making that claim in the first place. … [Read more...]

Trump Convenes Billionaires to Advise on Economic Populism

Donald Trump has made a central theme of his campaign the ludicrous claim that he is the guy to help the middle class, crafting a message of economic populism while advocating the same old trickle down economics. So he just named a team of advisers made up of a bunch of billionaires. … [Read more...]

Laughing at Trump’s Acceptance Speech, Part Two

Donald Trump's hour and 15 minute acceptance speech was so long and so jampacked with hypocrisy, stupidity and outright lies that it's going to take more than one post to get through them all. And so begins part two. … [Read more...]

Trump Tax Plan Would Save His Children Billions in Taxes

Third Way, a bipartisan think tank in DC, reports that Donald Trump's tax plan, by eliminating the estate tax, would save his children billions of dollars in inheritance after he dies. They estimate a $7.1 billion gift, but that's based on his exaggerated $10 billion claim of net worth. … [Read more...]

The Mystery of Trump’s Alleged Tax Plain

Steven Moore, a conservative economist and adviser to Donald Trump, says that all of the analyses about Trump's tax plan are irrelevant because he hasn't even finished putting together a tax plan at all, so they can't possibly have any idea what it will do. … [Read more...]

Trump Adviser Gives Empty Defense of Tax Plans

One analysis after another has found that Donald Trump's proposed tax plans would explode the deficit and decrease economic growth, including a recent one from Moody's, which sets the debt ratings for countries. But one of his advisers made an empty and absurd defense of those plans. … [Read more...]

House GOP Trying to Block Pentagon Action on Climate Change

The House Republicans are once again showing themselves to be the party of stupid by putting an amendment into this year's defense spending authorization bill that would block funding for the Pentagon's plan to prepare for the challenges that global warming will bring to the military. … [Read more...]