Trump Budget Cuts Infrastructure Spending

One of the big proposals Trump made during the campaign was to spend $1 trillion improving our infrastructure, something that is very badly needed. But in his proposed budget, he wants only $200 billion in infrastructure spending, but cuts programs for infrastructure by an even bigger number, canceling out the net spending. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Appalling Budget

The White House has released its final proposed budget and it's so appalling and cruel that even many Republicans in Congress are calling it dead on arrival. Vox takes a look at some of the incredibly deep budget cuts that will cause enormous damage to individuals and the country. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Bizarre Budget Math

The White House released its full proposed budget, including targets for tax reform, and says that the whole thing is deficit neutral because economic growth will overcome the loss of revenue from the massive tax cuts. But they make an incredibly simplistic mistake of double counting the effect of that growth. … [Read more...]

Senate GOP Wants Even Deeper Medicaid Cuts

The Wall Street Journal reports that some Senate Republicans are pushing for even deeper cuts to Medicaid than their counterparts in the House passed as part of their Obamacare repeal plan. That would mean even more millions of people losing their health care. … [Read more...]

Trump Budget Director Wants a Government Shutdown

After Trump lost the battle over this year's budget in Congress, getting almost nothing he wanted, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney declared it a "huge win for the president.” Now he says that it was so bad that only a government shutdown could fix it. … [Read more...]

Price: Deep Cuts to Medicaid Will Benefit Patients

Secretary of Health and Human Services made the incredibly absurd argument on CNN that deep cuts to Medicaid found in the Republican bill that repeals Obamacare would end up being good for people, that they'll somehow receive better healthcare. … [Read more...]

Baghdad Kellyanne’s Lame Response to GOP Bill Hurting Veterans

One of the bad things about the Republican bill to replace Obamacare is that, by allowing states to opt out of the preexisting conditions coverage it will make it harder for veterans suffering from conditions like PTSD to get health insurance. Kellyanne Conway lamely tries to defend that with a false tu quoque: … [Read more...]

Trump Forces Mulvaney to Declare Budget Victory

The omnibus spending bill that completes the FY 2017 budget was a massive loss for Donald Trump, who got almost nothing that he had included in his proposed budget. But since there is no such thing as a defeat in TrumpWorld, he sent out his budget director to ludicrously declare that it was really a victory. … [Read more...]

Trump Loses Badly on Omnibus Spending Bill

After a temporary one-week bill to keep the government open, Congress agreed on an omnibus spending bill that completes funding for the rest of the fiscal year (through September). In the process, Trump lost virtually every battle over every budget item it had proposed. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut Will Not Pay for Itself

Trump and his advisers have been claiming that his proposed cut in the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% will unleash such a torrent of economic growth that it will make up for the last tax revenue. The conservative-leaning Tax Foundation says it won't even do half of that. … [Read more...]

Trump Goes Big on Tax ‘Reform.’ Kinda.

That big announcement that Trump promised about tax "reform" came out on Wednesday and, in fewer than 200 words, laid out a massive overhaul of both corporate and individual taxes without providing almost any detail at all other than marginal tax brackets. … [Read more...]

Trump Corporate Tax Cut DOA in Congress?

Donald Trump is proposing to slash the corporate tax rate to 15%, but apparently without any "offsets" -- that is, budget cuts to make up for the approximately $240 billion a year in lost revenue. Paul Ryan's tax policy expert says that plan will never pass Congress. … [Read more...]