New CBO Report Builds Case for Obamacare

A new Congressional Budget Office report that forecasts budgetary and economic conditions for 2014 provides ammunition for supporters of the Affordable Care Act on a couple of fronts. The first is that the "risk corridors" in the law will save the federal government billions of dollars: … [Read more...]

Joe Miller: Welfare King

Joe Miller, the Tea Party extremist who ran unsuccessfully for the Senate from Alaska and is now doing it again, told the Tea Party Express in an interview that welfare programs are a "scam" that do nothing but create dependency and destroy economic opportunities: … [Read more...]

If Martin Luther King Were Alive Today

Monday was the national holiday to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (and it should be noted that a great many conservatives tried like hell to stop that holiday from being created, including "moderates" like John McCain). ThinkProgress notes some of MLK's more radical views and they suggest what he would be saying if he were alive today. … [Read more...]

Republicans Still Defunding Non-Existent Organization

In an apparent attempt to break its own record for meaningless votes (currently over 40 for bills to repeal Obamacare that they know can't possibly pass), House Republicans have voted yet again to defund ACORN, an organization that has not existed in nearly four years. … [Read more...]

Religion-related Provisions in Budget Bill

As Howard Friedman details, the huge budget appropriations bill, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014, has emerged from the joint House-Senate conference committee and there are several provisions in it related to religious questions. Some of them are really kind of weird. … [Read more...]

The Health Impact of Food Stamp Cuts

With Congress likely to pass a farm bill with an additional $9 billion in cuts to food stamps on top of the cuts that have already taken place, a group of doctors is speaking out against those cuts and pointing out that they could backfire by increasing health care and Medicaid costs. … [Read more...]

No, Single Mothers Are Not Breaking the Budget

Amanda Marcotte answers an increasingly common argument from the right about single mothers and how if they'd all just find a man and get married, they'd stop costing us so much in public assistance payments. Some examples of this argument being made: … [Read more...]

Welfare Fraud as Rare as Voter Fraud

We've seen several states run by Republicans launch major investigations to find voter fraud that they claim is rampant only to come up almost entirely empty. Maine Gov. Scott LePage decided to give it a try with welfare fraud and -- surprise, surprise -- finds only a tiny problem. But like always, they announce it as though it supported their initial claims. … [Read more...]

Teachers Offered Loans to Do Their Job

Sometimes a single image just sums up perfectly what is wrong with an issue or a society. This one certainly seems to capture the problems in our educational system. It's an email sent to teachers by a credit union offering to loan them money to buy school supplies they should already have. … [Read more...]

‘Defense’ Budget Remains Untouchable

The new budget deal struck by Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray leaves one part of the budget untouched by the knife, what we absurdly call the "defense" budget. While social spending is slashed, the military will still be getting far more money than they should have. … [Read more...]

Ryan’s Appeal to Right Wing on Budget Deal

Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray have reached a compromise budget deal that they hope will avoid another government shutdown and more bloodletting in Congress. Conservatives have reacted mostly with skepticism, but Ryan went on Meet the Press and offered this argument for why conservatives should support it: … [Read more...]

Rand Paul Tells Lies in Detroit

Jeff Wattrick, one of Michigan's best muckraking journalists, went to hear Rand Paul's speech to the Detroit Economic Club last week and asked him a simple question: Why did you vote to continue subsidizing crop insurance for tobacco farmers? His response was a rather blatant lie. … [Read more...]