Will Trump Go Big or Small on Taxes?

The Washington Post reports that there is a divide among Trump's advisers over whether to go big or small with their tax bill. Small would be just cuts in taxes; big would be a more comprehensive package that would eliminate all kinds of deductions and simplify the tax code. … [Read more...]

The Laffer Curve Returns, as I Predicted

I said the other day that Trump's big announcement of tax "reform" would be just the same old trickle down economics, tax cuts for the wealthy with some anticipated economic boom. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin obliged me by proving me right. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Predictable ‘Big Announcement’ on Tax ‘Reform’

On Friday, Donald Trump said that there would be a "big announcement" on "tax reform" this upcoming Wednesday, a statement his aides immediately tried to walk back by saying it would just be a statement of "broad principles and priorities." … [Read more...]

No, Ben Carson Did Not Find Half a Trillion in Lost HUD Money

If you pay attention to the right-wing "news" sites and blogosphere, you'd think that Ben Carson became HUD Secretary and almost immediately found half a trillion dollars in lost money at the agency. Not a word of that is even in the ballpark of being true, however. Media Matters offers a few examples: … [Read more...]

Budget Director: Trump’s Debt Claims Were ‘Hyperbole’

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney did an interview on CNBC and was asked about Donald Trump's repeated claim that he would pay off the national debt if he got 8 years in office. In reality, the debt is going to go up massively. A few examples of Trump making the promise to either pay it off or pay it down: … [Read more...]

McCain: Shut Down Government if ‘Defense’ Spending Not Increased

John McCain is viewed as a moderate Republican, and on some issues that's accurate. But when it comes to "defense" spending and going to war, he's a dyed-in-the-wool hawk. He's now threatening to shut down the government if we don't increase defense spending. For the troops, of course. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Budget Reveals His Ebola Demagoguery

ThinkProgress goes back and digs up Donald Trump's ridiculous fear-mongering tweets from 2014 about how Ebola was going to kill us all and it was all Obama's fault and he should resign. So guess what his budget proposal does? Cuts funding to the agencies that fight against such outbreaks. … [Read more...]

CBO: Amendments to Republican Health Care Bill Make It Worse

The Congressional Budget Office updated its scoring on the Republican Obamacare replacement bill to include changes made earlier this week in an attempt to win over the votes of those who don't like the bill. The conclusion: Those changes make the bill worse, not better. … [Read more...]

Trump Wants to Eliminate Chemical Safety Board

Another appalling item in Trump's proposed budget is the elimination of the Chemical Safety Board, a federal commission that investigates chemical spills and accidents of toxic chemicals. Because why worry about things that endanger public health, amirite? … [Read more...]

Moody’s: Obamacare Replacement Will Hurt States

Given what the Republican health care bill does with Medicaid, rolling back nearly all the funding for the expansion that has helped get millions of people access to health care, it's no surprise that Moody's rates the bill as very bad for states financially. … [Read more...]

Authors Responds to Trump’s Lies About Immigration Study

During his address to Congress, Donald Trump cited a study by the National Academy of Sciences that allegedly showed that illegal immigration cost us billions of dollars a year. Francine Blau, lead author of that study, and Gretchen Donehower, a consultant on the study, says he lied about its conclusions. Here's what Trump said: … [Read more...]

Dear Mick Mulvaney: Meals on Wheels Works Very Well

At an astonishingly cruel and irrational press conference the other day, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney argued that getting rid of Meals on Wheels was the compassionate thing to do because taxpayers had to pay for a program that was "just not showing any results." … [Read more...]