Republican Governors Don’t Want Full Obamacare Repeal

While Donald Trump and the Republican leaders in Congress remain absolutely fixated on repealing Obamacare at the earliest possible moment, especially those aspects that involve taxes and spending, Republican governors are warning them that this will create a disaster at the state level. … [Read more...]

GOP Alternative to Ban on Preexisting Condition Denials? High-Risk Pools

A week or so ago, Baghdad Kellyanne Conway assured the country that no one will lose health insurance when the Obamacare replacement plan is passed. That was a lie. And about the only thing that the various Republican plans have in common is high-risk pools for those with pre-existing conditions. Bad idea. Very bad idea. … [Read more...]

Trump Pushes for Fast Passage of Obamacare Replacement

Donald Trump weighed in on the battles in Congress over whether to repeal Obamacare first and then later pass a replacement or to repeal and replace at the same time. He pushed legislators to pass them simultaneously or very close together. … [Read more...]

Republican Budget Bill Raises Debt Ceiling by $10 Trillion

The Senate is working on Concurrent Resolution 3, which sets the parameters for the federal budget for 2017. The Republicans are trying to get it passed quickly but some of what is in it is quite fascinating. Like the fact that it raises the debt ceiling for the next decade by nearly $10 trillion. Here are the "recommended deficit levels by year: … [Read more...]

The Fiscal Cost of Repealing Obamacare

Republicans have forever been falsely claiming that Obamacare was too expensive and added to the deficit, but in reality it was a net positive for the federal budget. A new bipartisan study found that the cost of repealing Obamacare would be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. … [Read more...]

Fox News Quite Upset About Virtually Non-Existent Food Stamp Abuse

Food stamp fraud is "at an all-time high," screams Fox News, with the on-screen graphic asking if it's time to end the program completely. An all-time high, people! A millionaire got them, and a state lawmaker, so we should just let everyone else starve. … [Read more...]

Republican Plans to Slash Medicaid Funding

Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council under both Clinton and Obama, has an op-ed in the New York Times warning of the Republicans waging a "quiet war on Medicaid." They are likely to make huge cuts to the program, hidden as block grants to the states. … [Read more...]

Obama Regulation Forbids States from Denying Fed. Funding to Planned Parenthood

Here's some good news. The Obama administration has finalized a regulation that forbids the states from denying fedral funding to any healthcare organization if that denial is based on anything other than their ability to deliver the service as agreed. That means Planned Parenthood. … [Read more...]

Military Leaders Love Trump’s Promise to Increase ‘Defense’ Spending

There was a large gathering of members of Congress, military officials and executives and lobbyists from defense contractors this weekend and -- surprise, surprise -- they're very happy about Donald Trump's pledge to increase spending on "defense." … [Read more...]

Repealing Obamacare Means a Tax Cut for the Wealthy

Here's something I've not seen discussed as we face the prospect of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare): Repealing it would give a tax break to those who need it least, the wealthy, because that law includes taxes on them that did not exist before. … [Read more...]

The Trump Infrastructure Plan that Isn’t

Ronald A. Klain, the man who oversaw the implementation of the economic stimulus package that President Obama pushed through in 2009, takes a look at Donald Trump's infrastructure plan and finds that it may not finance any new infrastructure work at all. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump the Keynesian

Whenever a Democrat is in the White House, the Republicans talk incessantly about deficits and debt and demand that every single dollar of spending be offset by cuts. Whenever a Republican is in office, that goes right out the window and we get higher spending and massive tax cuts, exploding the deficit. And Trump is going to do it again. … [Read more...]