Voris: God Gave My Mom Cancer to Make Me Stop Being Gay

Michael Voris, the incredibly hardcore Super Catholic from Michigan, posted a bizarre video to his Church Militant website in which he claims that God gave his mother cancer in order to stop him from being gay. And his mother prayed for that to happen. Because that's totally not fucked up or anything. … [Read more...]

Catholic Fundies Blame Priest Rape on ‘Feminized Boys’

Michael Voris is a far-far-far-right Catholic extremist here in Michigan who is prone to saying some truly appalling things. He runs the Church Militant site and put up a video complaining that altar girls make boys not like the liturgy and that the whole priestly rape thing is because Catholic women raised "feminized boys." … [Read more...]

Two Bishops Accused of Covering Up Rape of Hundreds of Children

An explosive report from a grand jury in Pennsylvania says that two bishops who presided over a diocese in that state covered up the abuse of hundreds of children by more than 50 priests over the course of nearly five decades. Just another tragic chapter in a book full of horrific abuse of children by Catholic priests. … [Read more...]

Trump Supporter: The Pope is the Antichrist!

Remember Susan DeLumus, the New Hampshire state legislator who pretended to be a political neophyte while saying all kinds of dumb things in support of Donald Trump on a Fox News focus group? Well she's really mad that Pope Francis criticized her true savior and has declared him to be the Antichrist. … [Read more...]

Catholic Archbishop Worries About Girl Scout Influence

The Catholic Archbishop of St. Louis, Robert Carlson, is concerned. I mean really concerned. He's stroking his chin and looking very worried at the thought of the Girl Scouts and their evil agenda of female empowerment interfering with the church's messages of guilt, shame and inferiority. … [Read more...]

Wiles: Pope Wants to Conquer America With Catholic Immigration

Pope Francis really seems to have upset the far right in this country with his criticism of Donald Trump for his anti-immigration stance as being anti-Christian (to be fair, the words of Jesus would support the pope in this). Rick Wiles, as usual, takes the most extreme position I've seen on the matter: … [Read more...]

Pope Sends Out ‘Super Confessors’ to Hear Super Sins

Pope Francis has dispatched hundreds of "super confessors" around the world to take confession of really super serious sins. Apparently there are some sins that can only be absolved by like level three clerics with extra strong powers of absolution because a normal priest would be killed merely by hearing them. … [Read more...]

The Weirdly Catholic Shoebats

Longtime friend of the blog Richard Bartholomew takes a look at Walid and Theodore Shoebat, the fake "ex-terrorist" and his openly and admittedly fascist son. What really strikes me as odd about them is that they're Catholic. Usually their particular brand of theocratic totalitarianism is found in Protestant circles, especially among the hardcore Calvinists. Not so here. … [Read more...]

Ex-Muslim Protestants Disrupting Catholic Churches

A group called Koosha Las Vegas, made up of ex-Muslims who are now fundamentalist Protestant Christians, has begun disrupting Catholic church masses, screaming at the congregations that they worship idols of Satan and need to become real Christians. They've done this three times now and posted video of the disruptive protests to their Facebook pages. … [Read more...]

When the Muslims Were the Catholics

I've written before about the long history of anti-immigration nativism in this country. Every new ethnic group that comes here is greeted by the same bigotry, the same irrational fears (disease, taking our jobs, blah blah blah). But when it's a religious group specifically rather than an ethnic one, the dynamic is slightly different. And until the last few decades, it was Catholics being treated the way Muslims are today. … [Read more...]

A Powerful Response to Trump’s Anti-Muslim Ideas

Fr. James Martin, a Jesuit priest and and editor at America magazine, shared a picture on Facebook along with a brief essay strongly opposing Donald Trump's proposal for a complete ban on all Muslim immigration and tourism. It's a powerful message, I think, even though it is aimed primarily at Christians. Here's the picture he shared, which shows the anti-European nativism of decades past: … [Read more...]

Priests for Life Creates Novena to Win Supreme Court Case

One of the several cases challenging the secondary accommodation to the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act involves the group Priests for Life. That group is now seeking a little divine help in the case, creating a novena -- a series of nine prayers to be said on consecutive days -- for their Catholic followers to recite in order to get the big guy to rig the result of the case. … [Read more...]