Teresa’s Bigots Worried About Moral Upbringing

I've already reported that more than a dozen orphanages run by Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity organization have decided to stop performing adoptions because of new rules that would require them to allow single parents to adopt children (in a country with 30 million orphans and only a few thousand adoptions each year, this is a necessity). Get a load of this quote from the nun who runs one of the orphanages: … [Read more...]

Barber: Islam and Liberalism the ‘Twin Beasts of the Apocalypse’

I'm always amused when wingnuts claim that reactionary Islam and liberalism are in some sort of secret pact to destroy Christianity, especially since the Christian right and the Muslim right have far more in common with one another than with liberalism. Matt Barber trots out this inane trope yet again, quoting an African Catholic cardinal who says Islam and liberalism are the "twin beasts of the apocalypse." … [Read more...]

Mother Teresa’s Orphanages Don’t Give a Damn About Kids

Here's yet another example of why the veneration of Mother Teresa and the supposed selflessness of her and her followers is totally unjustified. India has set new rules for adoption, trying to get more orphaned children into permanent homes in a country with millions of orphans and only a few thousand adoptions each year, but the Missionaries of Charity refuse to take part because they refuse to let a single person adopt a child. … [Read more...]

Three Cheers for California’s Assisted Suicide Law

I am so happy to hear that the state of California has become the 5th state to allow some form of assisted suicide for terminally ill people seeking an end to their misery and suffering. Having just gone through this with one of my dearest friends, and having gone through it three times before with others that I love, I am a staunch advocate of such laws. … [Read more...]

Congressman Steals Pope’s Water Glass. And Then It Gets Weird.

After Pope Francis spoke before a joint session of Congress on Thursday, one member of Congress snuck up to the podium and stole his water glass. Now that's weird enough. But it gets even weirder. Then he and others drank from it, invited still others to dip their water in it, and now the congressman plans to anoint his grandchildren because he thinks it's "holy water" and will do...well, something. … [Read more...]

Jones: Pope’s Climate Change Bill Would Kill a Billion People!

Terminal hysteric Alex Jones is none too happy about the pope's visit to the United States and he's frothing at the mouth as he rages against the pope's advocacy of taking action to arrest global climate change. Like most everything else he disagrees with, taking action on climate change is the Worst Thing Ever and it would kill a billion people. A billion, people! And he's going to vomit! … [Read more...]

American Catholics More Liberal Than Church, Most Americans

I've always found it fascinating that most of the people who attend Catholic churches don't actually believe a large portion of the church's official doctrines, from the perpetual virginity of Mary to literal transubstantiation to the evils of birth control. A new survey reveals that not only are most American Catholics out of step with the church, they're more liberal on most issues than the average American is. … [Read more...]

I Blame Gay Marriage for This

A Catholic school teacher from Ft. Wayne, Indiana has married Jesus in an elaborate ceremony during which she prostrated herself on the altar and swore to remain a virgin and never marry another for the rest of her life. She isn't becoming a nun or anything, but she will now be considered a "bride of Christ." … [Read more...]

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Abbott v Texas Protestants

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas is Catholic, so this weekend he posted a picture of the Virgin Mary on his Facebook page to mark the day of Assumption, the day that Catholics believe Jesus' mother entered heaven. This did not amuse his Protestant fans, a huge number of whom undoubtedly voted him into office, and they unleashed holy hell on his Facebook page in the comments. … [Read more...]

Pope Replaces Far Right Chicago Archbishop With Liberal

For nearly 20 years, the leader of the Chicago diocese of the Catholic Church has been Archbishop Francis George, who is deeply ignorant and paranoid (this is a man who says allowing gay people to get married will be just like Sharia law -- never mind that he's agreeing with Sharia law in wanting it outlawed). Pope Francis I is now replacing him with a far more liberal leader. … [Read more...]

Pope Decries Religious Intolerance

Pope Francis I just made a visit to Albania and gave a speech decrying religious intolerance around the world. I agree with most of what he said, of course, including the need for interfaith community service, but it does raise questions about Catholic history that I'm sure he would rather avoid. … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Bishop’s Inane Screed Against Marriage Equality

Last week a federal judge overturned Wisconsin's ban on same-sex marriage, following the lead of every other judge to consider such a ban since the Supreme Court ruled on DOMA last year. Bishop Robert C. Morlino of the Madison, Wisconsin diocese released this absurd statement about the ruling: … [Read more...]