No, Catholic Judges Should Not Recuse Themselves From Contraception Cases

Ron Lindsay, CEO of the Center for Inquiry and also an attorney, has a blog post at the CFI website asking "Should Catholic Judges Recuse Themselves from the Contraceptive Mandate Cases?" The answer is no. And frankly, he doesn't make much of an attempt to argue for a negative answer. He seems mostly concerned with whether the RCC will consider them "good Catholics" if they don't vote a certain way in such cases. … [Read more...]

This is How You Know They’ve Lost

This story, more than almost anything else, should convince the anti-gay bigots that they have lost the battle over equality. A Catholic school in Seattle fired a popular assistant principal when they found out he's gay and hundreds of students from several Catholic schools in the city staged a huge protest. It may not get him his job back, but it's pretty much the final nail in the coffin of bigotry. It's all over but the shouting now. They can't even keep the private religious school students … [Read more...]

Matt Wykoff, Round 3

My favorite Catholic wingnut, Matt Wykoff, is once again sending me unsolicited emails that are stuff to the brim with the bizarre and the deranged. This may be my favorite claim of all: That the Shroud of Turin is authentic and that "there was no entropy during the formation of the image." I have no idea what that could possibly mean. He doesn't either, of course. Here's the first screed: … [Read more...]

MN Attorney Suspended for Anti-Catholic Slurs

A couple years ago I wrote about an attorney in Minnesota named Rebekah Nett who had endeared herself in a bankruptcy case by filling a legal brief with bigoted slurs against the judge. Nett seems to have gone to the Larry Klayman school of legal writing, somehow believing that briefs should be filled with political invective and insults rather than legal arguments. … [Read more...]

The Return of Matt Wykoff

Remember Matt Wykoff, the Catholic extremist who sends every atheist on the internet, including me, emails demanding that we shut down our websites and blogs or suffer the wrath of the One True Church? Well he's back, sending me an email telling me that the earth is at the center of the universe. … [Read more...]

Dolan: Catholics ‘Outmarketed’ on Marriage Equality

As it becomes more and more obvious that the enemies of equality are going to lose on same-sex marriage, just as they have lost every other battle for equality over the last couple centuries, they're straining to figure out why. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York takes a shot at it: … [Read more...]

Bishop Paprocki’s ‘Exorcism’ Ritual

As reported last week, Catholic Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Illinois held a special exorcism ceremony at the same time that Gov. Pat Quinn was signing into law a bill that recognizes same-sex marriages in that state. ThinkProgress has some details on what Paprocki said during his sermon at that ceremony, like how this was just a "minor exorcism." … [Read more...]

Catholic Bishop to ‘Exorcize’ Gay Marriage in Illinois

On Wednesday, Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois is going to sign legislation that will officially recognize same-sex marriages in that state. That same day, a Roman Catholic bishop will hold a special service to offer "Prayers of Supplication and Exorcism in Reparation for the Sin of Same-Sex Marriage." Bishop Thomas Paprocki released this statement: … [Read more...]

Conservative Catholics Not Liking the New Pope

The New York Times reports on conservative American Catholics who are quite upset with Pope Francis and his decidedly more liberal views (at least within the context of the church). As he clearly tries to push the church away from a focus on gays and abortion and toward an ethos of helping the less fortunate, the theo-cons are displeased. … [Read more...]

NSA Spying on the Vatican?

A report in an Italian news outlet alleges that the NSA has been targeting the Vatican for surveillance, listening in on conversations involving cardinals and archbishops. The NSA denies the report, but then they would deny it, wouldn't they? … [Read more...]

Protestants Worse Than Catholics on Child Abuse?

I would be surprised to hear even the staunchest anti-theist claim that Protestant churches are worse than Catholic churches when it comes to the sexual abuse of children, but that claim is being made by a Liberty University law professor who is also Billy Graham's grandson. … [Read more...]

Corvino and Being Treated Like a Virus

John Corvino, a philosophy professor from Wayne State University who has become one of the most eloquent voices for LGBT equality in the country, was invited, then uninvited, then reinvited to speak at Providence College, a Catholic university. He acknowledges completely that, as a private college, they can decide who can and can't speak at the school. But he points out how shoddy the whole thing was: … [Read more...]