Beck: Our Laws Based on Ten Commandments

I have always been baffled by the claim that our laws are based on the Ten Commandments. This is a claim that can only be made by someone who is either a liar or hasn't bothered reading them. Glenn Beck is the latest to make this absolutely ridiculous claim. … [Read more...]

Joyner: God Created America

Rick Joyner has a TV show called Prophetic Perspective on Current Events and it's all the usual claptrap we're used to from the wingnut set. On one recent show, he says that God showed him that "America had been established by Him for a special purpose and I saw that purpose in the Scripture and I saw America in the prophetic books of the Bible." You're hearing voices, Rick. You should keep that to yourself. … [Read more...]

Rafael Cruz’ BS American History

As Right Wing Watch points out, Rafael Cruz is now just repeating David Barton's bullshit about the founding fathers, Christianity and the Constitution. He says that the Declaration of Independence is little more than a collection of sermons (what?) and that over half of the signers of the Declaration were "seminary graduates" and "theologians." That is a ridiculous lie. They graduated from universities that were founded as seminaries, but that does not make them "seminary graduates," much less … [Read more...]

Farah and the Absurdity of America’s ‘Judeo-Christian’ Origins

Joseph Farah has been posting a series of columns on the subject of "discerning truth in a world of lies" and the results are predictably ridiculous. In part 4 of that series, he claims that freedom of the press only exists because of America's "Judeo-Christian" roots. His argument is transparently absurd. … [Read more...]

The Pilgrims Did Not Found America

David Lane, perhaps the most powerful Christian right kingmaker operating today, has a profoundly ignorant essay on Thanksgiving that does what wingnuts always do -- conflates the people who founded the first British colonies with the founding of the United States. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Christmas is In the Constitution

Here's an amusing blog post by Bryan Fischer arguing that Christmas is actually in the Constitution. I'm sure you missed it, as did most of us. It's in there, he argues, because of the entirely perfunctory and irrelevant dating of the document "in the year of our Lord," which was the norm on all official documents at the time. … [Read more...]

Christian Theocrat Wins Virginia Election

No, not Ken Cuccinelli. I've written before about Al Bedrosian, a Republican candidate for the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors. He's a genuine theocrat, claiming that the First Amendment applies only to Christians and to no one else. He won his election -- and by a landslide. To refresh your memory about his views: … [Read more...]

DeLay: God Created the Constitution

Now that an appeals court has overturned his conviction for corruption, former House Speaker Tom DeLay has been on a whirlwind comeback tour, making the rounds of conservative shows and other outlets. During a service last week, John Hagee did an interview with DeLay in which he made this ridiculous claim: … [Read more...]

FRC Tells Fake George Washington Story

The Family Research Council is absolutely furious that the Air Force Academy would make the phrase "so help me God" optional in the oath cadets have to take. Ken Blackwell is making a ridiculous argument that includes passing on a fake story about George Washington that was debunked long ago. … [Read more...]

FRC Uses Fake Quote to Promote Values Voters Summit

The Family Research Council is holding its annual Values Voters Summit in a couple weeks and when people sign up to attend the event they are sent an email from Tony Perkins. But as my friend Rob Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church and State points out, most of that email consists of this pretty famous fake quote from James Madison: … [Read more...]

Michigan Filmmaker Pushes Christian Nation Nonsense

I'd never heard of Joseph Zabrosky, who grew up in Brighton, Michigan and now lives in nearby Howell, until I saw this article in a local paper. He's apparently made a film called The Real One Nation Under God, which "uses a fictional storyline to make his argument that the Founding Fathers’ intentions and case law solidify Christianity as the country’s established religion." And he makes predictably bad arguments in the article: … [Read more...]

WND Lies About Barton’s Jefferson Lies

After David Barton's book The Jefferson Lies was pulled from the shelves by its publisher, Thomas Nelson, because it was full of false claims and distortions, he got Glenn Beck to publish it and now the Worldnetdaily is pushing it on their website -- and predictably telling lies about why it was pulled. … [Read more...]