Satan Clubs and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Jerry Newcombe is a minister who knows absolutely nothing about constitutional law, but in line with the Dunning-Kruger effect, that does not prevent him from spouting off on the subject as if he does. His latest column is pure nonsense about the constitutionality of satanist student clubs in public schools. … [Read more...]

More on Barton’s Sudden ‘Earned PhD’

Warren Throckmorton is not backing off on pushing David Barton to tell the truth about this alleged "earned PhD" that he claims to have after years of saying he didn't have a PhD. First, he links to three videos over the last five years in which Barton says he did not have one. … [Read more...]

Bill Federer Lies About Lutz Study

Bill Federer, a poor man's David Barton who writes columns full of nothing but random, disconnected and out of context quotes that mention anything about religion from anyone vaguely related to the American government before about 1850, is lying about the now-infamous Lutz study. … [Read more...]

Christian Historian Blasts Barton for Lying

Jared Burkholder, a history professor at Grace College, has written an open letter to David Barton and his son Tim taking them to task for their constant claim that Barton is more reliable than actual historians because he uses original sources for his research. … [Read more...]

The Barton PhD Story Gets Weirder

So a couple days ago David Barton put up a video specifically addressing the claim that he doesn't have a PhD, something he has said publicly himself more than once. After getting serious sideeye and demands for proof, he's now taken down that video and the Facebook post that went with it. … [Read more...]

Barton Now Billing Himself as ‘Dr. David Barton’

David Barton has taken his blatant lie about having a PhD to a new level. Despite the fact that his own bio on his website does not claim any such degree, he is now billing himself on that website in his byline as "Dr. David Barton." … [Read more...]

Barton to ‘Call Out’ a Real Historian

David Barton is offering up his usual mishmash of lies and distractions from the criticism he has received from actual historians over his ridiculous pseudo-history. And he's specifically calling out John Fea, a Christian historian from Master's College. … [Read more...]

Early State Constitutions Forbid Clergy from Holding Office

Here's something I did not know in all the study I've done of religion and the Constitution. John Fea, a Christian historian from Messiah College, notes that many of the early state constitutions explicitly forbid ministers from holding public office. … [Read more...]

Hitting Peak Barton

Hemant reports on some absolutely amazing comments from our old friend David Barton, who says that he will only debate atheists if he gets 92% of the speaking time. Why? Because America is 92% Christian (wrong) and therefore he should get 92% of the time. … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas a Chip Off the ol’ Barton

Seeing the numerous historical errors and falsehoods in Eric Metaxas' new book, it was obvious that he is emulating David Barton in being incredibly dishonest. But he confirmed on his radio show that he used Barton's books in writing his own (though without ever footnoting him). … [Read more...]

John Fea Debunks Metaxas Now Too

Evangelical Christian historian John Fee has joined Warren Throckmorton and a couple others in strongly criticizing the lies and distortions in Eric Metaxas' new book, which is pretty much straight out of the David Barton propaganda playbook. He points out some of Metaxas' rather obvious contradictions. … [Read more...]

David Barton Will Never Stop Repeating a Lie

Right Wing Watch again catches David Barton repeating a lie over and over again after it's been proven to be a lie. This time it's his claim that Justice Steven Breyer admitted that the due process guarantees in the Constitution "came out of the Bible." … [Read more...]