David Lane’s Bizarre Claims About Secularism


Christian theocrat David Lane has a column at Charisma News that is just an incoherent mishmash of internal contradictions and false claims about what he imagines secularism to be. First of all, he thinks it's a religion, which is patently absurd on its face. He also thinks it is synonymous with liberalism and uses it as a catchall phrase for "everything I hate." … [Read more...]

Mark Creech Ducks Into the Punch on Christianity and the Constitution

Church and State

Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League in North Carolina, really knows how to duck into a punch and make himself look like an ignoramus. You see, he's upset because a humanist mayor in Franklin, NC, decided to be sworn in on a copy of the Constitution rather than the Bible. And the irony of his response is absolutely delicious. … [Read more...]

The Christian Right’s Hypocrisy on Religious Freedom

Church and State

All of the Republican candidates for president talk endlessly about "religious freedom," but as usual what they really mean is Christian privilege. John Fea, an evangelical Christian historian from Messiah College, points this out in a post at the History News Network about the obvious disconnect between their rhetoric about "religious freedom" and their proposals for banning Muslim immigration and closing mosques. … [Read more...]

Fischer: America’s Purpose Is to Proselytize

Screenshot from Youtube clip

Bryan Fischer seems to have a very difficult time distinguishing between church and state. Since he's a theocrat who thinks they are the same thing, this is hardly a surprise. On a pre-Thanksgiving show, he declared that God created the United States for the sole purpose of spreading the gospel of Christ to the entire world. Apparently we do that by supporting dictators and raping and pillaging the resources of other countries. … [Read more...]

Alveda King Goes Full-On Theocrat


Alveda King, the wingnut niece of Martin Luther King who continually reminds people of that to give herself credibility even though she stands for nearly everything he spent his life fighting against, works for Priests for Life, one of the groups whose lawsuit over the secondary accommodation in the ACA has been accepted for appeal by the Supreme Court. So she put out a press release basically calling for theocracy. … [Read more...]

Worldnetdaily Will Republish Barton’s Book of Jefferson Lies


Ever since Thomas Nelson Publishers pulled David Barton's appropriately named The Jefferson Lies from bookstore shelves due to a huge number of false claims in it, Barton has repeatedly said that it would be republished by someone else. Now we know who, and it should come as no surprise whatsoever that the new publisher is the Worldnetdaily, which cares as little about the truth as Barton. WND says: … [Read more...]

Virginia County GOP Creates ‘Christian Heritage’ Flier

Church and State

The Republican Party of Augusta County, Virginia recently distributed a flier calling on voters to "preserve our Christian heritage" by voting Republican in a Nov. 3rd election. The official who created the ad seems more than just a bit confused about the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, unsurprisingly. He thinks the founders only wanted Christians to be in office. … [Read more...]

Christian Reconstructionist Group Swaps One Fascist for Another


The Christian Reconstructionist group American Vision is changing leaders. Christian Fascist Gary DeMar is stepping down and being replaced by fellow Christian fascist Joel McDurmon. These are the people who want to "restore America to its biblical foundations" by implementing the Mosaic law as the civil and criminal law of the land. Of course, America was never a theocracy, so they aren't actually "restoring" anything. … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a David Barton Lie


Warren Throckmorton is again taking David Barton to task for his ubiquitous lies. This time he's focusing on Barton's claim that John Locke's Two Treatises of Government contains more than 1500 references to the Bible. It's a claim that Barton has made over and over again, in books and videos and interviews. It's completely false. But Throckmorton has figured out how Barton does the math. … [Read more...]

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Farah vs Coulter

Credit: Gage Skidmore https://goo.gl/IXgdds

During the Republican presidential debate on Wednesday night, Ann Coulter apparently got so fed up with the GOP's pandering to Israel that she tweeted out, "How many fucking Jews do these people think there are in the United States?" That got Worldnetdaily owner Joseph Farah hopping mad and accusing her of anti-Semitism. And he's shocked -- SHOCKED -- to find out that Coulter has "degenerated" into a "slur machine." … [Read more...]

John Adams and American Exceptionalism


Warren Throckmorton, a Patheos blogger in the Evangelical Christian portal, calls our attention to a letter from John Adams to John Taylor in 1814, a letter I had never seen before. His argument in that letter seems to be a direct rebuttal to all the talk we hear today about American exceptionalism and the idea that America is uniquely favored by God as an example of Christian virtue to the world. … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets Email

Mikey Weinstein gets some of the vile hate mail imaginable and I like to republish the worst of them. This one is particularly heinous, full of bigoted slurs and actually cheering on the idea of him burning in hell. Must be some of that Christian "love" we hear so much about. … [Read more...]