The David Barton School of Political Science Now Exists

One of my favorite bands, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, have a song whose chorus goes "The world ain't gone crazy, baby, it was born that way." To prove that statement, I offer the fact that the David Barton School of Political Science is now a thing that actually exists. … [Read more...]

Phil Robertson and Ted Cruz, Meet James Madison

One of the truly weird elements of this presidential campaign has been the endorsement of Ted Cruz by Duck Dynasty douchebag Phil Robertson. And one of the weird things that involves is Robertson's continual claims that Cruz is inspired by James Madison, a man neither of them knows a thing about, quite clearly. Cue the stupid: … [Read more...]

Fischer: Make Legislators Take David Barton Test

I troll the right wing fever swamps every day, so I'm rarely left astonished anymore. Stupidity is pretty much the only currency in use there. But every once in a while someone will come up with something that leaves me in a state that combines laughter with amazement. That's your cue, Bryan Fischer. … [Read more...]

Rafael Cruz: Secular Humanism is Our National Religion

Rafael Cruz has never had anything more than a tenuous connection to reality so it's no surprise that he actually believes, or at least claims to believe, that we are now living in a theocracy of secular humanism. Damn, I wish he were right, but that's fantasy so ridiculous that only a Christian dominionist could possibly believe it. … [Read more...]

John Fea Echoes My Argument on Thomas Jefferson

I have been arguing for more than a decade now that today's "Christian nation" crowd is making the exact opposite of the claims their forebears made about religion and the founders, especially Thomas Jefferson. In the late 18th century, Jefferson was a terrible infidel and the Constitution was a godless document. Christian historian John Fea makes a similar argument about David Barton's lies about Jefferson: … [Read more...]

And More Fake Quotes

Duck Dynasty douchebag Phil Robertson has endorsed Ted Cruz for president and has been traveling with him to promote his candidacy. Given that David Barton is the head of the Cruz Super PAC, it shouldn't be at all surprising that Robertson is using a famously fake quote from James Madison to do so. … [Read more...]

Barton’s Bizarre Lie About Justice Breyer

We're used to David Barton lying about virtually everything, including his own past, but in his latest video series he tells a lie that is blatant and easily checked. It's a lie he's told before, but now he's put an actual citation on it that can be read to show that he's lying. I'll reprint the entire thing below. … [Read more...]

Barton Goes Full-on Theocrat

We've all known for a long time that David Barton is a theocrat who thinks the Bible should determine the law of the land. In his Foundations of Freedom video series, he makes this explicit by saying that we can't hold a vote to legalize abortion or homosexuality because it violates God's "fixed moral law." … [Read more...]

Bachmann: Ten Commandments is ‘Ultimate Law’

The Trinity Broadcasting Network continues to show David Barton's "Foundations of Freedom" video series, which features our old friend Michele Bachmann in a prominent role being interviewed by Barton. In the latest one, she argues that no law that violates the Ten Commandments can stand because that is the "ultimate moral law." … [Read more...]

Jefferson Would Vote the Same Way as Barton

Still furiously promoting his book full of lies about Thomas Jefferson, David Barton and the Worldnetdaily attempt to answer the eternal question: Who would Thomas Jefferson vote for?I'm sure you'll be shocked to find out that Jefferson would vote for the guy that Barton is working for and supporting, Ted Cruz. Barton runs the Super PAC supporting his candidacy. … [Read more...]

Cruz: I’m a Christian First, American Second

Ted Cruz is upset that some old-school Republicans like Bob Dole have begun to openly oppose his nomination, so now he's claiming that the Republican "establishment" has chosen to support Donald Trump. That's a rather laughable claim, but we're used to those from Cruz. And along the way, he throws out this jaw-dropping claim that would sound so different if you just replaced one word: … [Read more...]

David Barton and Those Mythical ‘Important Academics’

Now that the Worldnetdaily has republished David Barton's The Jefferson Lies, a book that is indeed full of lies about Jefferson, he'd like you to know that you should ignore all of those hoity toity "historians" with their "knowledge" and "facts" because he has a whole bunch of "important academics" who have endorsed his book. Like this one guy who never graduated from college. … [Read more...]