IN School Tells Teacher Not to Tell Students About Pledge Rights

A public school in Indiana told a teacher that he can't inform students that they have the right not to recite the pledge of allegiance and the American Humanist Association has sent a letter to the school taking them to task for that unconscionable action. … [Read more...]

Bigot Files Incredibly Dumb Lawsuit

Chris Sevier, an anti-gay bigot and attorney with a history of filing ludicrous lawsuits against same-sex marriage, is now suing a group of legislators on the grounds that they display rainbow flags in their offices. Rainbow flags, he argues, are a religious symbol and this is a violation of the Establishment Clause. … [Read more...]

Rohrer Admits Johnson Amendment Prevents Almost Nothing

While Donald Trump panders to the Christian right by promising to repeal the Johnson Amendment, the far-right leader of the American Pastors Network, Sam Rohrer, recently admitted that the law actually does not prevent churches or pastors from doing virtually anything at all. … [Read more...]

Jerk Destroys Another Ten Commandments Monument

Remember three years ago when a guy destroyed the Ten Commandments monument that was put up on the Oklahoma state capitol grounds by driving his car into it? Well the same guy has now done it again, this time in his home state of Arkansas. … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Allows Tax Funding of Churches

In a result that really does not surprise me, the Supreme Court ruled Monday in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer that churches and other religious organizations are allowed to receive taxpayer funds that are earmarked for a secular purpose and available to non-religious entities. … [Read more...]

Barton Tells More Lies

Good ol' David Barton. He's like the Old Faithful of dishonesty, dutifully spewing nonsense up into the air every few hours to the delight of his Christian right gawkers, who clap and cheer and reward him handsomely for it. His latest pile of manure: … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave: Only Super Special Christians Can Serve on SCOTUS

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire's latest ignorant and inane opinion is that the only ones who should be eligible to serve on the Supreme Court are not just Christians, but super special Christians just like him, Christians of the "filled with the spirit" variety. … [Read more...]

Robertson: God Put Trump in Power

Pat Robertson joined the brigade of Christian right con artists claiming that Donald Trump was put in power by God. They never seem to mention, though, that the Bible quite clearly says that all governments are put in power by God. … [Read more...]

Barton and Dreisbach Lie About Religion and the Founding Fathers

David Barton, who is now billing himself as "America's premiere historian" on his radio show, had American University professor Daniel Dreisbach on the show and together they told some bigly whoppers about the non-existent Christian origins of the Constitution. Barton starts with this familiar lie: … [Read more...]

Trump Refuses to Turn Over Giuliani Memo on Muslim Ban

A federal judge ordered the White House to turn over a memo and other documents related to Trump asking Rudy Giuliani to help him create a Muslim ban that wouldn't sound like a Muslim ban, but Trump is apparently refusing to show those documents to the court. … [Read more...]

Beck, Barton Create Apprenticeships in Lying

Glenn Beck and David Barton are teaming up to create apprenticeship programs for college students about God and American history. In other words, they're going to teach college kids all the lies they spew constantly about that subject. … [Read more...]

Barton Again Claims the Constitution Quotes the Bible

Professional liar David Barton is once again telling his most outrageous lie of all, that the Constitution is taken "word for word" from the Bible. He says it's very convincing to pastors, but he should try convincing actual educated people about it. … [Read more...]