How to Give a Non-Political Prayer


The latest version of one of those statewide prayer rallies -- The Call or The Response -- took place last weekend in North Carolina, sponsored by Christian right power broker David Lane. As Right Wing Watch points out, they bill these things as non-political events intended to increase Christian unity, but in fact they are done to push Christian right voters to the polls and increase the mailing lists of the organizations involved. Here's how Lane opened the "non-political" event with a prayer: … [Read more...]

OK Republicans Offer Place for Ten Commandments Monuments

Church and State

Now that the Oklahoma state government is finally going to comply with a court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the capitol grounds, the Oklahoma Republican Party says they'd be happy to take it and put it on the grounds of their headquarters. Sounds like a great idea, that's where it should be. Or at a church. Or anywhere on private property, just not on public property. … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Finally to Remove Ten Commandments Monument

Church and State

After months of trying to find ways not to comply with a state supreme court ruling that it was in violation of the state constitution, the Oklahoma state government is finally going to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state capitol before an October 12 deadline set by the courts. What I don't understand is why doing this required a vote of another governmental body that was bound by the ruling. … [Read more...]

Another Texas School Violates the First Amendment

Church and State

Another day, another school administration that has no idea that there are limits on their authority to proselytize their students for Christianity (or who do know and don't care, since they've been getting away with it for so long because no one has previously complained). The Freedom From Religion Foundation has gotten involved after a school principal preached to students at a See You At the Pole event, among other violations. … [Read more...]

Rafael Cruz Finds It ‘Appalling’ That Houston Has Lesbian Mayor


Ted Cruz' even whackier father, Rafael, gave a talk to the group in Houston trying to repeal a human rights ordinance that protects against anti-gay discrimination recently and said it was "appalling" that the city had a lesbian mayor. And most bizarrely, he blamed the election of a lesbian mayor on separation of church and state, which he said doesn't exist. But nah, he's not a theocrat or anything. … [Read more...]

Another City Ends Prayers Rather Than Allow Non-Christians

Church and State

And here we have yet another example of Christian privilege being punctured, another example of a governmental body wanting to start their meetings with prayer -- but only if they can make sure that only Christians get to pray. The moment a non-Christian wants to deliver the invocation, especially a "satanist," they suddenly decide that maybe it would be better not to have prayers. … [Read more...]

Scalia Says Something Dumb. Film at 11.


The new Supreme Court term begins, as always, on the first Monday in October, but Justice Scalia seems to still be angry about last term. That's not surprising, since anger seems to be his thing these days and he was on the losing end of most of the big cases. He's especially still upset about the same-sex marriage case, but as usual he's making arguments against it that are nothing more than special pleading. … [Read more...]

More Blending of Christianity and Football in Public Schools

Church and State

As I've noted many times, groups like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Athletes in Action are frequently given access to high school athletes by coaches who think their job is not just to teach the sport but to proselytize for Christianity. Bo Gardiner, a humanist activist in Virginia, documents this happening at many schools in that state, which has drawn the attention of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. … [Read more...]

Arizona City Decides It Would Rather Not Lose a Lawsuit

Church and State

Last week I reported that the Coolidge, Arizona City Council was preparing to lose an expensive lawsuit after adopting a policy of holding prayers before every council meeting but limiting them to only Christian prayers. They apparently had second thoughts, I imagine after their attorney explained to them how much it could cost the city and possibly even them personally, because they've now unanimously rescinded that policy. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Ben Carson


The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who exhibit a breathtaking lack of self-awareness, accusing their opponents of possessing their own worst traits. Today's winner is Ben Carson, who is demonstrating his utter obliviousness to his own contradictions in trying to defend his position that no one should vote for a Muslim to be president. Just listen to this statement: … [Read more...]

Ben Carson: No Muslim Presidents

Credit: Michael Vadon

Ben Carson went on Meet the Press on Sunday and said that he would not vote for a Muslim to be president because he doesn't think that Islam is consistent with the Constitution. But a lot of the criticism I've seen of what Carson said not only misses the point, it makes the ridiculous claim that what he said somehow violates the No Religious Tests clause found in Article VI of the Constitution. … [Read more...]

Arizona City Prepares to Lose Lawsuit

Church and State

The city council of Coolidge, Arizona is, like many cities, populated mostly by morons. They just adopted a policy for opening their meetings with prayers, as the Supreme Court ruling in Greece v Galloway allows, but they limited it only to Christian prayers, which that ruling clearly forbids. Their own attorney told them they'd get sued and lose, but they decided to strike a blow for Jesus anyway. … [Read more...]