Fischer Continues to Contradict Himself on First Amendment

Bryan Fischer continues to blatantly contradict himself on the meaning of the First Amendment, with a lack of self-awareness that is truly staggering. Here's what he wrote last Friday, that the First Amendment cannot possibly apply at the state level: … [Read more...]

Broun: Most of Our Leaders are ‘Domestic Enemies’

Paul Broun, a former congressman from Georgia who is thankfully no longer in the House of Representatives, went on Rick Wiles' radio show and really brought the stupid. He declares pretty much everyone in a position of authority as domestic enemies that he swore to fight as a Marine. … [Read more...]

FFRF Challenges Ten Commandments Painting in Texas School

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to a public school in Texas telling them that a painting of the Ten Commandments along with another Bible verse on the wall of the school is unconstitutional. The reaction from the locals is the typical nonsense. … [Read more...]

Americans United Sues Religious Charter School

My friends at Americans United for Separation of Church and State have filed a federal lawsuit against a charter school in Arizona that is little more than a fundamentalist Christian indoctrination center. Charter schools are bound by the Establishment Clause just like any public school is. … [Read more...]

Illinois School Punishes Student for Not Standing for Pledge

A school in Blue Island, Illinois is apparently looking to get sued. After a high school student refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance, entirely within his rights, the teacher tried to physically force him to do so. Clueless teacher, please meet the student's attorney. … [Read more...]

Another School Hosts Proselytizing Ministry

And we have yet another case of a public school bringing in a group to do a "secular" presentation on some important subject (anti-drugs, stay in school, in this case drinking and driving), at which they promoted another event, also on school property, that is nothing but proselytizing for fundamentalist Christianity. … [Read more...]

Barton to ‘Call Out’ a Real Historian

David Barton is offering up his usual mishmash of lies and distractions from the criticism he has received from actual historians over his ridiculous pseudo-history. And he's specifically calling out John Fea, a Christian historian from Master's College. … [Read more...]

Barton Thinks He Can Get God-Soaked Textbooks into Public Schools

Professional liar David Barton says he has signed a contract to create a government textbook that will "have a lot of God in it" but will meet the curriculum standards in every state so it can be used in public school classrooms. Yeah, good luck with that. … [Read more...]

Early State Constitutions Forbid Clergy from Holding Office

Here's something I did not know in all the study I've done of religion and the Constitution. John Fea, a Christian historian from Messiah College, notes that many of the early state constitutions explicitly forbid ministers from holding public office. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Unreal Claims at Christian Right Conference

Donald Trump gave his talk to the virulently anti-gay, pro-dominionism American Renewal Project conference in Florida and, as expected, made absolutely no sense. Virtually every single thing he said was blatantly false and he drew some truly bizarre connections. … [Read more...]

Fischer Still Contradicting Himself on First Amendment

If there's a less self-aware person in the known universe than Donald Trump, it would have to be Bryan Fischer. He just keeps contradicting himself on the application of the First Amendment and seems totally oblivious to it. Or he simply doesn't care. The latest example. … [Read more...]

Bob Barr Wigs Out About Satanist Clubs

The Satanic Temple is planning to start student clubs in public schools, on the same exact basis that Christian clubs exist, and the Christian right is kind of flipping out over it. Remember Bob Barr, former Republican congressman and 2008 Libertarian Party presidential candidate? He's quite verkelmpt over it. … [Read more...]