‘Why Don’t You Atheists Complain About Muslims?’


Fox News' resident hysterical prevaricator Todd Starnes gives us the usual "why do you atheist groups only care about separation of church and state when it involves Christians, not Muslims" narrative. My buddy Andrew Seidel, chief counsel for the FFRF, provides the perfect answer: … [Read more...]

Court: Housing Commission Can’t Refuse to Rent to Religious Group


A federal court here in Michigan ruled this week that the Lansing Housing Commission had engaged in illegal viewpoint discrimination when it refused to allow a church to use a community room for a worship service. The LHC's policy is to allow community groups to use the facilities, but not for religious programs. … [Read more...]

Barton’s Bizarre Lie About Justice Breyer


We're used to David Barton lying about virtually everything, including his own past, but in his latest video series he tells a lie that is blatant and easily checked. It's a lie he's told before, but now he's put an actual citation on it that can be read to show that he's lying. I'll reprint the entire thing below. … [Read more...]

Phil Robertson Spews Stupid for Ted Cruz


Duck Dynasty douchebag, bigot and noted historical scholar Phil Robertson was out stumping for Ted Cruz in Iowa over the weekend and, predictably, saying some incredibly stupid things. Good strategy, really, when you're trying to reach Republican voters in Iowa, who aren't exactly a bunch of Rhodes scholars, to say the least. … [Read more...]

American Atheists Get Standing to Sue Over Ten Commandments Monument


Some good news out of Florida, where a federal district judge has ruled that American Atheists and one of their members in Florida have legal standing to sue over a Ten Commandments monument on courthouse grounds in Levy County. Overcoming the court's standing doctrine is one of the most difficult parts of such a suit. … [Read more...]

De Dora Represents Secularism in Iowa Media


The Iowa Free Press did an interview with my friend Michael De Dora, head of CFI's Office of Public Policy and representative at the UN. As always, he did an excellent job of explaining why secularism is vital in a free society and the difference between atheism and secularism. … [Read more...]

Answers in Genesis Wins Battle Over Tax Credits


Answers in Genesis has won its lawsuit against the state of Kentucky for refusing to give them tax credits for their Ark Encounter theme park, the first theme park in the world to celebrate and commemorate mass genocide. They argued that not giving such tax credits that are available to non-religious tourist attractions is religious discrimination and the district court judge agreed with them: … [Read more...]

Florida Judge Upholds Publicly Funded Christian Rehab


A Florida lower court judge has upheld the use of taxpayer money to fund explicitly Christian rehabilitation programs for prison inmates in a case brought by the Center for Inquiry. This highly incoherent ruling allows the state to continue paying two organizations, Prisoners of Christ and Lamb of God, for substance abuse rehab in clear violation of the Florida constitution. CFI responds: … [Read more...]

TN School Board Removes Christian Flag

Church and State

Here's a bit of good news. The school board in Unicoi County, Tennessee has come to its senses and voted to remove a Christian flag from its meeting room. The Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote them a letter asking for it to be removed and explaining that it's quite obviously illegal a couple months ago and they said at the time their attorney was reviewing it. … [Read more...]

AU Helps Track Faux ‘Religious Freedom’ Legislation


Americans United for Separation of Church and State have rolled out a page that lets you track all of the faux "religious freedom" legislation, like RFRA laws and similar things, at both the state and federal level. There will be updates on where the bills are in the legislative process, what they say and what they really mean. And I trust AU to avoid the absurd hyperbole we've seen in the past. … [Read more...]

The Latest Michael Newdow Lawsuit

Church and State

I have very mixed feelings about Michael Newdow, the atheist gadfly who continually files lawsuits that end up being dismissed. On the one hand, I think he's right on most things and I admire his dedication; on the other hand, I think it's a dangerous strategy to file suits you have no chance of winning, for reasons I'll explain below. And he's just filed another such lawsuit, over "In God We Trust" being on the money. … [Read more...]

Cynthia Dunbar: Still Dumb as a Stump After All These Years

Church and State

I'm sure you remember Cynthia Dunbar, former chair of the Texas State Board of Education. Well she's now a professor at Liberty University (shocker!) and co-chair of Ted Cruz' presidential campaign in Virginia. And she's still astonishingly dumb (that's a prerequisite for being a professor at Liberty, of course). Let's look at some of the things she's said recently: … [Read more...]