Football Coach Says His Real Job is to Bring Kids to Christ

Church and State

Hemant already reported on the football coach from Mosley High School in Florida, Jeremy Brown, who told a local TV station that he doesn't really care if the team wins or not, his real job is to lead his players to Jesus. To that end, he prays with the team before and after every practice and game and proselytizes them at every opportunity. It's kind of an amazing admission: … [Read more...]

Alveda King Goes Full-On Theocrat


Alveda King, the wingnut niece of Martin Luther King who continually reminds people of that to give herself credibility even though she stands for nearly everything he spent his life fighting against, works for Priests for Life, one of the groups whose lawsuit over the secondary accommodation in the ACA has been accepted for appeal by the Supreme Court. So she put out a press release basically calling for theocracy. … [Read more...]

TN School Has Christian Flag at School Board Meetings


The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent a letter to the Unicoi County Schools Board of Education demanding that they remove a Christian flag that sits in their board meeting room, which is a blatantly obvious violation of the Establishment Clause. The board says their attorney is looking into it, but they have no plans to remove the flag at this time. … [Read more...]

Kasich Wants Federal Agency to Promote ‘Judeo-Christian Values’


Putting his total ignorance of the Constitution on stark display, alleged Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is now proposing a new federal agency that would promote "Judeo-Christian values" around the world. He specifically says they should "beam messages" promoting those values into Iran, China, the Middle East and Russia. Wait, Russia? Russia is one of the most pervasively Christian nations in the world today. … [Read more...]

As Usual, City Officials Defiant in Defense of Establishment Clause Violation

Church and State

In the city of Port Neches, Texas, there is a large cross in a public park. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent them a letter challenging the constitutionality of having it there and the response has been quite predictable. The local Christians are holding prayer vigils (fine with me, waste your time praying all you want) and the city leaders are declaring their undying commitment to fight over it: … [Read more...]

Mayor Demands 10 Commandments Monument, Breaks a Big One

Back in 2001, the city council of Grand Junction, Colorado, took a strong public stand about the importance of having a Ten Commandments monument on public property in his city. Reford Theobold was the city council member who led the fight for the display because we need God, if we all followed the 10 commandments we wouldn't have all these problems, etc. Guess which one of the ten he just broke? … [Read more...]

Orrin Hatch Gets Separation of Church and State Completely Wrong

Church and State

Sen. Orrin Hatch, one of the original conservative good ol' boys in the Senate going back to the 80s, has been giving a series of long speeches on the Senate floor about religious liberty, or his curious version of it. In the latest one, he goes into the history of the idea of separation of church and state. Unfortunately, he gets that history almost completely wrong. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Grants Cert in Non-Profit Obamacare Case


As expected, the Supreme Court has decided to hear the appeal in several cases filed by religious non-profits against the Affordable Care Act, specifically the contraception mandate -- which they are explicitly exempted from. But that exemption isn't good enough for them, so a whole bunch of them have filed suit and almost all have lost in the lower courts. But one circuit split a few months ago, setting up this appeal. The court granted cert in seven cases. … [Read more...]

Why Mixing ANY Religion and State is Bad

Church and State

In the United States, we call it separation of church and state because Christianity is the only religion that has ever attempted to impose itself through the government. But that is certainly not true in other countries, which demonstrates the need to demand separation of religion and state, as these two stories demonstrate. The first is from Thailand, where there is a push going on to make Buddhism the official state religion. … [Read more...]

Rampant Proselytizing at Louisiana Public School

Church and State

You may recall that the ACLU sent a letter to Airline High School in Bossier Parish, Louisiana about a pattern of Christian proselytizing by teachers, coaches and administrators. That has brought out the usual cries of Christian persecution and strained denials that anyone has done anything illegal. But Zach Kopplin actually went to the school and interviewed current and former students and found out exactly what is going on: … [Read more...]

Anti-Westboro Baptist Protesters Challenge Topeka Ordinance


Well this is certainly a fascinating development. The Westboro Baptist Church has gone all the way to the Supreme Court to (successfully) defend their right to protest at funerals, and now a group that protests outside their church every week is challenging a Topeka ordinance that forbids "focused protests" outside churches. The protesters were charged with a misdemeanor for violating the ordinance. … [Read more...]

Beware the Atheist Gestapo!

Church and State

4 Winds Christian Athletics is upset, folks. Terribly upset. So upset that they're putting out press releases sputtering about the "atheist gestapo" that is "trying to eliminate the free speech of Christian athletes and coaches." It's the usual hyperbole and dishonesty, failing to make the rather obvious distinction between what a public school employee can do on the job and what a private individual can do. … [Read more...]