The Hypocrisy of Father Jonathan Morris

Father Jonathan Morris is a Catholic priest and Fox News contributor. He recently freaked out about a "black mass" in Oklahoma City and demanded that the government prevent it from happening "in the name of free speech." But like so many Christian righters, he claims to be an advocate of religious freedom. … [Read more...]

Allen West, WND Blow Up a Straw Man

The Worldnetdaily and Allen West have built up a lovely strawman and then slaughtered it to take a shot at Mikey Weinstein, the FFRF and anyone who wants to keep church and state separate. They've shared a video of Marines at a worship service on base and declare that it's going to make us all lose our minds. … [Read more...]

An Incredibly Incoherent Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor of a newspaper can be notoriously inane and incoherent, but this is one of the most ridiculous ones I've ever read. Every paragraph is just a combination of words that makes no sense whatsoever and leaves you tilting your head to the side like your dog does when he's confused. … [Read more...]

That Damn ‘Gaystapo’ and Their ‘Special Rights’

Bill Muehlenberg of BarbWire gives us that familiar old rhetoric about gay people wanting "special rights" for demanding exactly the same anti-discrimination protections that people like him already have. Oh, and it's the "gaystapo," thank you very much. … [Read more...]

Warren Mayor Compares Atheists to Nazis, KKK

Jim Fouts, the mayor of Warren, Michigan, which is currently being sued because he refuses to allow a reason station along with a Christian prayer station at city hall, responded to that lawsuit by comparing atheists to Nazis and the KKK. … [Read more...]

Another Church/State Lawsuit in Warren, Michigan

The last few years have seen several battles over church/state separation in Warren, Michigan, where the mayor could hardly be more obvious in wanting his office to give official endorsement to Christianity and keep atheists from having equal access to the public square. AU, the ACLU and FFRF have filed another lawsuit. … [Read more...]

Charisma Mag Loves Ban on Atheists Holding Office

Gina Meeks, the assistant editor of Charisma magazine, has an article noting that 8 states currently have bans on atheists holding public office. In promoting the story, the magazine calls those laws "good news for a Judeo-Christian America." … [Read more...]

Hobby Lobby Bible Curriculum Delayed

Here's a bit of good news on the Hobby Lobby front. The Bible curriculum that the Green family has spent a fortune developing, which was supposed to debut in one Oklahoma school district this fall, is being delayed due to "unforeseen delays" of some very vague type. … [Read more...]

Hewett Church/State Case Will Continue

A lawsuit filed by Americans United for Separation of Church and State on behalf of Army veteran Steven Hewett against his home town of King, North Carolina, over the flying of a Christian flag over a war memorial will go to trial. The judge in the case rejected motions for summary judgment because of genuine questions of both fact and law. … [Read more...]

Billionaire Brothers Want a Theocracy

Peter Montgomery has a story about Farris and Dan Wilks, a sort of theocratic version of the Koch brothers (who aren't all that interested in religious matters), who made their fortune in fracking and are using it to support a broadly dominionist agenda. … [Read more...]

Michael Egnor Doesn’t Understand Analogy

This is a few months old but I just happened across it. It comes from Michael Egnor, the creationist neurosurgeon prone to saying monumentally stupid things. And it appears that he has no idea what irony means or how analogies work as he attempts to respond to a post I wrote about Poland prosecuting a singer for offending religious sensibilities. He begins: … [Read more...]

Consent Decree Approved in Appalling Church/State Case

You may remember a few months ago the story of a young student in the Sabine Parish School District in Louisiana who was ridiculed by a teacher for being a Buddhist. The family filed suit with the help of the ACLU and they have now reached a consent decree to settle the case that forbids the school from allowing such obvious violations. … [Read more...]