Neil Carter on God’s Not Dead 2: Electric Boogaloo

Neil Carter went to see God's Not Dead 2: Electric Boogaloo and has a long, detailed review of the movie. It's everything we could have expected after watching the first one, loaded with ridiculous caricatures and wildly unlikely elements to form a giant lie about the faux persecution Christians allegedly suffer. … [Read more...]

The Arkansas Teacher Story Gets Even Worse

Man, the story of that Arkansas teacher who shows The Passion of the Christ to his students was even worse than I thought. He accompanied that with a right-wing political rant and a quiz about the movie that was pure proselytization. It could have come from a Sunday school class. And that teacher has a history: … [Read more...]

Ark. Teacher Shows ‘Passion of the Christ’ to Class

A totally clueless history teacher in Arkansas, who was teaching history after 1890, decided that it was a good idea to show the gruesome movie The Passion of the Christ, which has nothing remotely to do with that topic, to his class. He got suspended for it, as he should. … [Read more...]

Ed Whelan Gets Lie Into Oral Argument in Contraception Case

I've been on Eugene Volokh's ReligionLaw listserv for several years now. It's a list made up of some of the top church/state legal scholars in the country and the discussions are often very fascinating. But I was a bit surprised when one person on the list, Ed Whelan, not only lied about what another list member said, but managed to get that lie inserted into the oral argument during the contraception case heard last week. … [Read more...]

CO School District Forced to Distribute Atheist, Satanic Books

In a repeat of similar situations in Florida and elsewhere, a Colorado school district has suddenly discovered that the open forum it established to be able to distribute Bibles to children is a bad idea when atheist and satanic groups decide to use that same policy to distribute their own books. … [Read more...]

Idaho Legislator Has ‘Little Supreme Court in My Head’

The Idaho legislature just passed a bill allowing the Bible to be taught in public schools and the lead sponsor and advocate for the bill says that he knows it's constitutional because the "little Supreme Court in my head" has approved it. I'm sure that will stand up in court. … [Read more...]

Duigon Lies to Promote Paranoia

Christian Reconstructionist Lee Duigon is doing the usual faux persecution schtick, trying to claim that laws that protect pastors from having to perform same-sex weddings are necessary. In order to make that case, he offers a single example -- and has to lie through his teeth to make it seem relevant at all. … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt: Judge in Church/State Case Possessed by ‘Demonic Spirit’

Our old pal Gordon Klingenschmitt is back to "discerning" all the demons in the world, which apparently outnumber actual people. There's a simple rule to all of this: Anyone who says or does anything he disagrees with is obviously possessed by demons, including the judge in a church/state case in California. … [Read more...]

Christian Teachers Group Sees Schools as ‘Mission Fields’

The Washington Post reports on the Christian Educators Association, a group that encourages public school teachers to view their job as missionaries and their classrooms as "mission fields." They say they're showing those teachers how to push Christianity on students in a way that is not unconstitutional. … [Read more...]

Rob Boston Interviews Chris Rodda

I was thrilled to see that my friend Rob Boston did an interview with my friend Chris Rodda about her new book, the second volume of Liars of Jesus, for which I wrote the foreword. It's in Church and State magazine, published by Americans United, but it's also available online. … [Read more...]

Graham: Secularism and Communism Are the Same Thing

Franklin Graham is still on his 50-state "Decision America" tour but he took time to make a video to open a Christian right conference sponsored by Liberty Counsel called The Awakening. In that video, he claimed that secularism and communism are the same thing because they're both godless. … [Read more...]

Barton: Judges Should ‘Render Judgment for God’

David Barton may run a Super PAC supporting Ted Cruz and therefore at least pretends to be in favor of democracy, he's really a Christian theocrat who thinks the Bible should be the law of the land. He makes that clear yet again when he declares that judges in this country must "render judgment for God." … [Read more...]