AHA Wants an End to Religious Field Trips

The American Humanist Association has filed a motion for summary judgment in a lawsuit against a Missouri school district that regularly takes students on field trips to a Christian ministry and sports complex where they deliver Christian messages. … [Read more...]

Quick Win for AHA on Secular Rehab for California Parolees

It was only last week that the American Humanist Association's Apignani Humanist Legal Center sent a letter to California officials demanding that an atheist be offered a secular rehab program as a condition of his parole. They've already changed that state's policy on it. … [Read more...]

CA School District Quickly Caves to FFRF Suit

Remember the Antelope Valley Union High School District in California, which refused to include two FFRF scholarships on a list of scholarships available to students? Well they caved pretty fast once a lawsuit was filed and have now agreed to a settlement. … [Read more...]

Public Schools Using Focus on the Family Materials

The indefatigable Zack Kopplin is exposing yet another unconstitutional use of our tax dollars in public schools, this time the use of Christian proselytizing videos from Focus on the Family in many school systems around the country. … [Read more...]

Beck Guest: Israel Was a ‘Constitutional Republic’

Glenn Beck had Paul Blair, one of the most extreme of the wingnuts in Oklahoma, on his TV show and Blair made the absolutely bizarre declaration that ancient Israel in the Bible was a "constitutional republic." He clearly has no idea what that phrase means at all. … [Read more...]

AHA Demands Secular Rehab Program for Parolee

Here's yet another case of a state forcing someone to attend a religious rehabilitation program, a very clear violation of the First Amendment. This time it's a parolee in California, who was sentenced to a religious rehab program as part of his parole. The AHA has written a letter demanding that he be given a secular alternative. … [Read more...]

A Bunch of Lies, If You Can Keep Telling Them

Eric Metaxas has a new book out entitled If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty. The title, of course, is taken from Ben Franklin's famous reply that the Constitution had created "a republic, if you can keep it." But it looks like just another pack of Christian Nation lies. … [Read more...]

Newcombe Writes Spectacularly Dumb Column

Worldnetdaily columnist Jerry Newcombe has a column on Bradlee Dean's website with the clickbait headline 10 Reasons why Atheism is Jihad against God. There is not a single fact or argument in the column that even remotely supports that claim. It's really just a litany of standard Christian right claims about the founders. … [Read more...]

Please Sign My ‘Religious Freedom’ Petition

I've had a lot of fun mocking those petitions on the White House website, which are pretty much completely pointless. But I've now created one where the petition itself is the mockery and I'd like you all to go and sign it, if you would be so kind. It's a "religious freedom" petition. … [Read more...]

David Lane Still Utterly Ignorant of American History

David Lane of the American Renewal Project has a gift for saying the dumbest, most unsupportable claims with total confidence. It's a gift that most Christian right preachers have, the secret to their appeal and their success. And he continues to blather ignorantly about religion and American history. … [Read more...]

Steve King Wants to Reverse 60 Years of SCOTUS Rulings

Rep. Steve King, who is probably the second dumbest man in Congress behind Louis Gohmert, offers up the Christian right version of American history. He comes out not only against the rulings on prayer and Bible reading in schools (which he screws up in citing) but in favor of banning birth control too. … [Read more...]

Ohio Students Taught Muslim Creationism in Biology Class

Zack Copplin, the incredibly diligent young man who has been exposing the teaching of creationism in schools in Louisiana, has an article at the Daily Beast detailing how students in Youngstown, Ohio are being shown a creationism video put out by a Muslim sex cult in their biology classes. … [Read more...]