Anne Graham Lotz is Confused About History

Billy Graham's daughter Anne Graham Lotz is confused about a lot of things, but let's start with American history. In an interview to discuss her leading of the National Day of Prayer, she delivered the usual litany of fake Christian nation history that has been debunked again and again. … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets a Non-Threatening but Inane Email

My friend Mikey Weinstein gets a lot of nasty emails containing threats and anti-Semitic bigotry, but this one is a bit different. The person went to a debate that he participated in and writes a polite but highly illogical email preaching at Mikey to convert to Christianity. I'm going to actually respond to this one. … [Read more...]

TX School Removes Crosses from Classroom

The Appignani Humanist Legal Center successfully got crosses removed from an elementary school classroom in Texas without having to file a lawsuit. After sending a letter to the school, they apparently realized that they had no legal case and removed the crosses. … [Read more...]

Kentucky Christians Peeing on Their Territory

The Christian righters in the Kentucky legislature want to make sure that no one who isn't a Christian ever forgets that we are merely tolerated by them. They've passed a resolution calling for all documents to be dated "in the year of our Lord." … [Read more...]

Fischer Triples Down on Contradictory First Amendment Meaning

Bryan Fischer has a long history of contradicting himself on the meaning of the First Amendment religion clauses. If it involves an establishment clause claim, the First Amendment applies only to Congress; when it involves a free exercise claim, it applies to the states. Shall we see what's behind door #3? … [Read more...]

Staver and Barber Lie About Franklin and Prayer

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, and his little buddy Matt "Gilligan" Barber, told a whopper of a lie on their radio show, a lie that has been debunked time and time and time again regarding Ben Franklin and prayers at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Warren Throckmorton has the relevant transcript: … [Read more...]

Hice: God Gave America to Christians

David Barton hosted another of his "Congressional Pastor's Briefings" on Capitol Hill (they take place every month) and Rep. Jody Hice from Georgia told the group that God gave the United States to Christians and it's their "turf." … [Read more...]

Christians in OK House Still Marking Their Territory

They put up a Ten Commandments statue on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol. The OK Supreme Court struck it down. They appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which turned them down. They tried many ways to get around the ruling. And now they're trying again. … [Read more...]

Jackson Wants to Teach Christianity in Schools

E.W. Jackson, preacher and former candidate for lt. governor of Virginia, has a radio show. He frequently says really, really stupid things on that radio show. The latest example is this ignorant, inane screed on why public schools should teach Christianity, in response to those After School Satan clubs. … [Read more...]

Barry Lynn is Retiring

For all of my adult life as an activist, one of the best and most effective leaders has been Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Barry is now stepping down and into a life of well-deserved retirement. … [Read more...]

AHA Wins Lawsuit on Religious Field Trips

The American Humanist Association's Appignani Humanist Legal Center won a major victory in Joplin, Missouri, where the public schools regularly took students on field trips to a Christian sports ministry. The court granted summary judgment in favor of the plaintiffs. … [Read more...]

Starnes Has a Sad Over Ten Commandments Settlement

Todd Starnes, Fox News' professional hysteric, is upset that a public school in Pennsylvania has settled a suit and agreed to take down a Ten Commandments monument. And he's spouting his usual ridiculous rhetoric over the whole thing while putting his hypocrisy on display. … [Read more...]