A Very Interesting RLUIPA Case

The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) was a law passed after RFRA that applies the same strict scrutiny standard to zoning and prison policy. A Unitarian church in Massachusetts has filed a very interesting RLUIPA case involving solar panels. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Anti-American Conception of Rights

Bryan Fischer is well-known as a Christian theocrat with very confused views about the Constitution, so it's no surprise that he makes the ridiculous claim that since rights are "God-given," anything that God says not to do in the Bible can't be a right in this country. … [Read more...]

Forced Birthers Convene an ‘Ecclesiastical Court’ in Kansas

Operation Save America, one of the most extreme of all the forced birth groups, convened an "ecclesiastical court" in Wichita, Kansas, where they declared all the Supreme Court rulings they didn't like to be "null and void." Because that totally makes them unenforceable. … [Read more...]

CFI Files Suit Over Secular Celebrants in Illinois

The Center for Inquiry has filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Illinois over its refusal to allow humanist secular celebrants to solemnize weddings. And the plaintiff in the case is none other than fellow Patheos Atheist blogger Galen Broaddus. … [Read more...]

Qualified Immunity Overruled in Blatant Establishment Clause Case

Police in this country are given "qualified immunity" from civil suits, which means that in the vast majority of cases they can't be sued in their personal capacity for their actions. But in a Puerto Rico case where they blatantly violated the Establishment Clause, a judge has thrown out that immunity. … [Read more...]

Frank Ravitch Has a Blog

Frank Ravitch, a law professor at Michigan State University who specializes in First Amendment and Separation of Church and State Issues, and who is also a fellow board member of Michigan Citizens for Science with me, has a new blog called Freedom's Edge, which is also part of the title of his upcoming book. … [Read more...]

Ken Ham Sets Himself Up for a Butt Kicking

A few days ago, the FFRF sent a letter to about a thousand school districts in the region telling them that if they hold field trips to go to Ken Ham's Ark Park, they will be violating the First Amendment. Ham responded by making it essentially free for schools to do so. … [Read more...]

A Quick (or Not) Look at the Republican Platform

I've been perusing the 2016 Republican platform and thought I'd point out some of its most terrible ideas. A lot of them come on education, where they call for nothing but abstinence-only sex education and want the Bible taught in public schools. … [Read more...]

KY Judge Refuses to Do Secular Wedding Ceremony

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is getting involved in a case in Kentucky, where a county judge refused to do a wedding ceremony for a couple because they requested that it be a secular ceremony. That's pretty clearly illegal. … [Read more...]

Churches as Polling Places? Fine. Mosques? OMG Terrorists!

There are literally thousands of polling places located in churches around the country and virtually no one bats an eye about it. Put one in a mosque, however, and people who undoubtedly don't see a problem with having them in churches freak the hell out. … [Read more...]

Robertson: Satan is Behind Church-State Separation Groups

Dottering old con man Pat Robertson was asked by a reader why groups like Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Freedom From Religion Foundation never fight against Islam, only Christianity. His answer: Satan is pulling the strings. … [Read more...]

John Fea Debunks Metaxas Now Too

Evangelical Christian historian John Fee has joined Warren Throckmorton and a couple others in strongly criticizing the lies and distortions in Eric Metaxas' new book, which is pretty much straight out of the David Barton propaganda playbook. He points out some of Metaxas' rather obvious contradictions. … [Read more...]