Scalia Promotes Christian Nation Nonsense


When I saw several headlines about Justice Scalia telling students at a Catholic school in Louisiana that the Constitution does not require religious neutrality, I ignored them because there was nothing new there. He's said this many, many times. But then I took a look at what he actually said, and it goes beyond his usual claims. He advocates fully for this silly Christian Nation nonsense: … [Read more...]

David Lane Takes on John Fea, Loses Badly

Church and State

John Fea is a well-respected historian at Messiah College in Pennsylvania. He's an evangelical Christian, but an honest one and he has strongly criticized people like David Barton for their shoddy and dishonest revisionism about America being a "Christian nation." David Lane is political activist with no training in history at all and a blatant liar. When Lane tries to respond to Fea's criticism, he falls flat on his face. … [Read more...]

An Atheist Invocation Here in Grand Rapids

Church and State

An atheist I don't know gave the invocation before the city council meeting in Grandville, a suburb of Grand Rapids, on Monday evening. Steven Belstra offered an invocation that was religion-free and well-composed. Grandville is home to Dave Agema, the incredibly far-right Christian former legislator and now controversial member of the Republican National Committee. Here's what Belstra said: … [Read more...]

Abbott and the FFRF Holiday Display in Texas


As you likely have heard by now, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the removal of a holiday display put up at the state capitol by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, claiming that it's insulting toward Christians. Anyone who looks at it knows this is nonsense and is just a pretext for getting rid of it. The FFRF's Andrew Seidel writes about the letter Abbott wrote: … [Read more...]

Starnes: Christianity is Losing Power to Secular Humanism


Fox News' professional hysteric Todd Starnes went on the air with Stuart Varney and the two of them did the usual pearl-clutching about the entirely non-existent "war on Christmas." It seems that school officials in Maine initially told a teacher she couldn't put up a Hello Kitty Christmas tree, then reversed themselves and let her put it up. Cue the howls of outrage. … [Read more...]

Mark Creech Ducks Into the Punch on Christianity and the Constitution

Church and State

Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League in North Carolina, really knows how to duck into a punch and make himself look like an ignoramus. You see, he's upset because a humanist mayor in Franklin, NC, decided to be sworn in on a copy of the Constitution rather than the Bible. And the irony of his response is absolutely delicious. … [Read more...]

Anti-Gay Bible Poster in Clerk’s Office Removed

Church and State

I wrote the other day about a county clerk in Colorado who decided to be all passive-aggressive and put up a poster of a Bible verse saying that marriage is between a man and a woman on the wall of his office where the marriage licenses are handed out. After the Freedom From Religion Foundation got involved, the clerk wisely decided to remove that poster rather than lose a lawsuit. … [Read more...]

The Christian Right’s Hypocrisy on Religious Freedom

Church and State

All of the Republican candidates for president talk endlessly about "religious freedom," but as usual what they really mean is Christian privilege. John Fea, an evangelical Christian historian from Messiah College, points this out in a post at the History News Network about the obvious disconnect between their rhetoric about "religious freedom" and their proposals for banning Muslim immigration and closing mosques. … [Read more...]

Colorado Clerk Preaches to Gay People at His Office

Church and State

Looks like we have another Kim Davis on our hands, though a slightly different story. The clerk of Elbert County, Colorado has a poster on the wall of the clerk's office quoting a Bible verse saying marriage is only between a man and a woman. But he is apparently not refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, he just thinks that gay people need to see that message. … [Read more...]

FFRF Wins Preliminary Injunction in Live Nativity Suit

Church and State

I wrote yesterday about the lawsuit filed in Concord, Indiana over a live nativity scene put on every year at the local public school, a case in which the plaintiffs were granted anonymity. More good news in that case as the judge has issued a preliminary injunction forbidding the school from including that performance this year while the case proceeds to trial (if it does). … [Read more...]

Church/State Plaintiffs in Indiana Win Right to File Anonymously

Church and State

It is always very good news when a judge grants a motion allowing the plaintiffs in church/state cases to proceed anonymously rather than having to reveal their names. The plaintiffs in a case in Indiana who are challenging a nativity pageant at their public school were granted anonymity by the judge in their case due to the history of intimidation of similar plaintiffs and a torrent of fury from the community in this case. … [Read more...]

Fischer: America’s Purpose Is to Proselytize

Screenshot from Youtube clip

Bryan Fischer seems to have a very difficult time distinguishing between church and state. Since he's a theocrat who thinks they are the same thing, this is hardly a surprise. On a pre-Thanksgiving show, he declared that God created the United States for the sole purpose of spreading the gospel of Christ to the entire world. Apparently we do that by supporting dictators and raping and pillaging the resources of other countries. … [Read more...]