Cal Thomas: Cut Out the God Talk

USA Today columnist Cal Thomas is fed up with all the religion talk by the Republican candidates and thinks they should stop talking about God and start talking more about about public policy. Wait, Cal Thomas? Co-founder of the Moral Majority Cal Thomas? Yep. That Cal Thomas. … [Read more...]

FFRF Fights Noise Pollution, Religious Privilege

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is working to get the city of Hamtramck, Michigan to stop allowing churches and mosques from violating the city's noise ordinance. The specific problem is the mosques broadcast very loud calls to prayer across the city, as early as 4 am. … [Read more...]

Phil Robertson and Ted Cruz, Meet James Madison

One of the truly weird elements of this presidential campaign has been the endorsement of Ted Cruz by Duck Dynasty douchebag Phil Robertson. And one of the weird things that involves is Robertson's continual claims that Cruz is inspired by James Madison, a man neither of them knows a thing about, quite clearly. Cue the stupid: … [Read more...]

Judge Orders CA School Board to Stop Proselytizing

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has won a suit against the Chino Valley, CA Unified School District Board of Education, filed in response to rampant proselytizing by the board members during pre-meeting prayers and during meetings as well. The judge granted a motion for summary judgment on behalf of the plaintiffs. … [Read more...]

Cruz Evangelical Leader: No Such Thing as Separation of Church and State

While Ted Cruz and the other Republican candidates are campaigning in South Carolina, the "evangelical chairman" of Cruz' campaign in that state, Mike Gonzalez, is out giving interviews on his behalf. And he told Joy Reid of MSNBC that there is no such thing as the separation of church and state. That's comforting, don't you think? … [Read more...]

Is the Coverup Worse Than the Constitutional Violation?

This is a guest post by my friend Eric Grimm, an attorney here in Michigan who is considering running for a position on the state judicial bench. It's the story of a clear violation of the Establishment Clause not far from where I live and the resulting attempt to cover it up. … [Read more...]

City Council Removes Rabbi to Pray in Jesus’ Name

We've grown accustomed to ignorant local officials defying the First Amendment by peeing all over their territory with Christian prayers, but the city council in Chino Valley, Arizona is taking it to the extreme. They had a rabbi ejected from a meeting so they could give a prayer in Jesus' name. … [Read more...]

Fischer Still Totally Incoherent on the First Amendment

Bryan Fischer's views of the First Amendment have always been contradictory and absurd, but I don't recall him contradicting himself so blatantly in the same rant before. He claims that NASA is violating the Free Exercise Clause by banning mentions of Jesus in their newsletter. So let's look at what he says: … [Read more...]

CFI Decides Not to Appeal FL Religious Rehab Case

CFI's legal team has decided not to appeal the Florida case they lost last week involving public money being used for religious substance abuse programs. The reason is because they think it's doubtful that they'll get a positive result in the appeals court and are afraid that ruling would go even further than the lower court did. … [Read more...]

‘Why Don’t You Atheists Complain About Muslims?’

Fox News' resident hysterical prevaricator Todd Starnes gives us the usual "why do you atheist groups only care about separation of church and state when it involves Christians, not Muslims" narrative. My buddy Andrew Seidel, chief counsel for the FFRF, provides the perfect answer: … [Read more...]

Court: Housing Commission Can’t Refuse to Rent to Religious Group

A federal court here in Michigan ruled this week that the Lansing Housing Commission had engaged in illegal viewpoint discrimination when it refused to allow a church to use a community room for a worship service. The LHC's policy is to allow community groups to use the facilities, but not for religious programs. … [Read more...]

Barton’s Bizarre Lie About Justice Breyer

We're used to David Barton lying about virtually everything, including his own past, but in his latest video series he tells a lie that is blatant and easily checked. It's a lie he's told before, but now he's put an actual citation on it that can be read to show that he's lying. I'll reprint the entire thing below. … [Read more...]