Starnes Has a Sad Over Ten Commandments Settlement

Todd Starnes, Fox News' professional hysteric, is upset that a public school in Pennsylvania has settled a suit and agreed to take down a Ten Commandments monument. And he's spouting his usual ridiculous rhetoric over the whole thing while putting his hypocrisy on display. … [Read more...]

PA Ten Commandments Case Settles

One of the two major cases involving Ten Commandments monuments at public schools in Pennsylvania that have led to FFRF lawsuits in recent years has been settled, with the plaintiffs getting what they want, including their legal fees paid. … [Read more...]

6th Circuit: Christian-only Legislative Prayer is Unconstitutional

Here's a church/state case from right here in Michigan that I wasn't aware of. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Jackson County Commission's prayers to open meetings, done by commissioners and always Christian, were a violation of the Establishment Clause. … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt Calls Former Navy Boss His ‘Spiritual Rapist’

Gordon Klingenschmitt ran for the office of vice chairman of the El Paso County GOP in Colorado. He was soundly defeated. But he heard a rumor that his former superior officer in the Navy, Chaplain Norm Holcomb, was going to speak against him so he went on the attack. … [Read more...]

No, Public Facilities Cannot Refuse to Allow Use by Religious Groups

Here's another case where a government facility that offers its property for use by community groups doesn't get that they can't then say "but no religious groups." This issue was settled, unanimously, by the Supreme Court nearly three decades ago. And this case is here in Michigan. … [Read more...]

Some Southern Baptists Think Only Christians Get Religious Freedom

Two groups within the Southern Baptist Convention, the International Mission Board and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, joined other religious groups in supporting the right of Muslims to build mosques. That has led some high profile Baptists to fly into a rage. … [Read more...]

Court Says No to Pregame Prayers Over Loudspeaker

A case in Florida has been going on for a while now, where a Christian school taking part in the football playoffs was denied the use of the loudspeakers at the game to deliver a prayer. They filed suit and a magistrate judge is now recommending that their suit be denied. … [Read more...]

Meet the American Center for Law and Justice

I have been dealing with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), Pat Robertson's response to the ACLU, for something like 25 years. The group, led by Jay Sekulow, is astonishingly hypocritical in its support of religious freedom, financially corrupt and dangerously theocratic. … [Read more...]

FFRF Sues Over Bible Classes in WV Public Schools

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit against the Mercer County schools in West Virginia over weekly Bible classes taught by outside people from a Christian organization, something that is clearly unconstitutional. … [Read more...]

Peter Palumbo Arrested for Embezzlement

The name Peter Palumbo doesn't ring much of a bell for most people, but it sure does for me. He was the state rep. for Cranston, Rhode Island who called Jessica Ahlquist an "evil little thing" the morning after she won her church/state lawsuit against the school system. And now he's headed to the pokey. … [Read more...]

AHA Letter Stops Christian Book Giveaways in South Carolina

All it took was a single letter from the American Humanist Association's Appignani Legal Center to convince the state of South Carolina's police to stop sending out Christian books to the families of people who die in car accidents. … [Read more...]

South Carolina Sends Christian Booklet to Atheist

The American Humanist Association's Appignani Humanist Legal Center has sent a letter to the state of North Carolina after it send a Christian proselytizing booklet to a man whose father was recently killed in a car accident, supposedly to help him grieve. From the AHA's press release: … [Read more...]