Giuliani: I Lied About Commission to Write Muslim Ban

The ACLU is suing Trump over his Muslim ban and the judge in the case ordered Rudy Giuliani and the White House to turn over documents concerning a commission that helped write the executive order to make it look like it wasn't a Muslim ban. Now Giuliani says he was lying about all that stuff. What he said last a few months ago: … [Read more...]

Trump Refuses to Turn Over Giuliani Memo on Muslim Ban

A federal judge ordered the White House to turn over a memo and other documents related to Trump asking Rudy Giuliani to help him create a Muslim ban that wouldn't sound like a Muslim ban, but Trump is apparently refusing to show those documents to the court. … [Read more...]

FBI, ICE Using Anti-Terrorism Tool in Immigration Cases

The Detroit News reports that the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are using a tool that was supposed to be used for anti-terrorism cases -- a machine that mimics cell phone towers to capture phone calls and text messages -- in routine immigration cases. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Denies Cert in NC Voting Rights Case

The Supreme Court on Monday denied cert in an appeal from the state of North Carolina over a voter ID bill that lower courts ruled had intentionally targeted racial minorities for discrimination to prevent them from voting. That appeals court ruling will stay in place and the law cannot be enforced. … [Read more...]

There’s a Reason He Isn’t the Christian Legal Scholar

Jonathan Dowty, who calls himself the Christian Fighter Pilot, demonstrates for all to see why he isn't the Christian Legal Scholar by taking a brave leap in the dark in an attempt to dispute me on something and landing on his face with a resounding thud. … [Read more...]

Judge: Giuliani Must Turn Over Documents in Travel Ban Case

One of the problems Trump has trying to defend his travel ban in court is that he repeatedly said that it was a ban on Muslims specifically, which would be unconstitutional. Rudy Giuliani then said publicly that he helped him draft an order to do just that and a judge has now ordered him to turn over documents related to the case. … [Read more...]

Barton’s Inane Argument on the Christian Origin of the Constitution

It is often said that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but only David Barton could turn the absence of evidence into positive evidence for the conclusion he wants people to believe. He says the lack of mention of God in the Constitution only proves that it's a Christian document. … [Read more...]

Trump Considering Mike Rogers to Replace Comey

Bloomberg News reports that one of the people under consideration to replace James Comey permanently as FBI Director is Mike Rogers, a former congressman from Michigan and former FBI agent. Problem: He was also part of Trump's presidential transition team. … [Read more...]

Yates Schools Cornyn During Questioning

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was repeatedly attacked by Republicans on the Senate committee questioning her about her refusal to defend Trump's Muslim travel ban in court. She absolutely schooled Jon Cornyn when he tried to go after her on it. … [Read more...]

4th Circuit Hears Arguments on Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

On Monday, a panel of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument on whether Trump's now-infamous Muslim travel ban executive order is constitutional or not. And it doesn't sound like it went well for Trump's acting solicitor general, who had to deal with questions about Trump's repeated statements about banning Muslims. … [Read more...]

OK Passes Clearly Unconstitutional Law on Protests

The Republicans who run the state of Oklahoma are very upset about environmentalists protesting against old pipelines, so upset that they just passed, and the governor signed into law, a bill that punishes those who "conspire" to foster such protests. … [Read more...]

Trump Using State Secrets Privilege to Protect CIA Appointee

When Trump nominated Gina Haspel as the Deputy Director of the CIA, it raised eyebrows because of her long history of running some of the agency's most notorious black sites where torture was used. Now the Trump administration is using the State Secrets Privilege to keep her from testifying in a civil suit about those sites. … [Read more...]