U.S. Attorneys Warn Alabama Probate Judges on Moore Order


In the wake of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's reissuing of a previous order that probate judges in that state ignore the Supreme Court and continue to enforce the ban on same-sex marriage that the court struck down, the two U.S. Attorneys for Alabama are warning those judges that they are not free to ignore those rulings and may face consequences if they do. … [Read more...]

Roy Moore Leaves Probate Judges Out to Dry. Again.


Christian totalitarian and Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has reignited the controversy over same-sex marriage and legal authority in that state by issuing an order that probate court judges may not issue same-sex marriage licenses, in direct violation of court orders from a federal district court and the Supreme Court. How'd you like to be a probate court judge in Alabama right now? … [Read more...]

Scalia Promotes Christian Nation Nonsense


When I saw several headlines about Justice Scalia telling students at a Catholic school in Louisiana that the Constitution does not require religious neutrality, I ignored them because there was nothing new there. He's said this many, many times. But then I took a look at what he actually said, and it goes beyond his usual claims. He advocates fully for this silly Christian Nation nonsense: … [Read more...]

Another Federal Judge Rubber Stamps Illegal Police Behavior


My friend Radley Balko does his usual brilliant job of dissecting a terrible court ruling that, as is so often the case, allows the police to justify behavior that clearly violates the 4th Amendment with the most flimsy and ridiculous of excuses. The case involves a SWAT raid on a couple because they were believed to be growing pot. They were actually growing tomatoes. … [Read more...]

A Potentially Huge Court Ruling on Gender and Sexual Orientation


There's a very interesting lawsuit going on in California, where a lesbian couple were apparently discriminated against by Pepperdine University. What makes the case interesting is that the plaintiffs are arguing that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation IS gender-based discrimination and is thus already forbidden by federal law. And the judge in the case agreed: … [Read more...]

Trump Declare Thomas his Favorite Supreme Court Justice


If the prospect of a Donald Trump administration doesn't scare you enough already, try this on for size. In a campaign event, he decided to turn his stream-of-consciousness to the subject of the Supreme Court, a subject on which his opinions are, as on most issues, entirely substance-free. He declared Chief Justice Roberts to be a "disgrace" and Clarence Thomas to be his favorite justice. … [Read more...]

Janine Turner: Darth Vader’s Color is in the Bible


Remember the show Northern Exposure? It was a great show, very quirky and entertaining. But the female lead on the show, Janine Turner, has since become a Victoria Jackson-level simpleton. She tours Tea Party rallies gibbering endlessly about things she knows nothing about. In an interview on Fox, she took issue with an analysis of the racial undertones of Darth Vader, saying it's in the Bible and that even discussing it is responsible for "killing more Americans." … [Read more...]

Colorado Clerk Preaches to Gay People at His Office

Church and State

Looks like we have another Kim Davis on our hands, though a slightly different story. The clerk of Elbert County, Colorado has a poster on the wall of the clerk's office quoting a Bible verse saying marriage is only between a man and a woman. But he is apparently not refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, he just thinks that gay people need to see that message. … [Read more...]

Federal Lawsuit Challenges NC Marriage Opt-Out Law


After the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell, the state of North Carolina passed a law allowing public officials to opt out of having to perform same-sex weddings. That law is now being challenged by a group of plaintiffs, gay couples who have had a difficult time getting married as a result. This will be an interesting test of one of the peripheral issues surrounding gay marriage. … [Read more...]

Huckabee and Robert George, Together at Last

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Robert George, probably the most prominent real legal scholar who opposes same-sex marriage (he's a law professor at Princeton), did an interview with Mike Huckabee on a Catholic TV show about same-sex marriage and his position that the president can simply ignore any ruling from the Supreme Court that he doesn't like. George actually did challenge him on how he could not then challenge the authority of a liberal president to ignore, say, the ruling in Citizens United. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Lets Assault Weapon Ban Continue


This is a rather interesting development. The Supreme Court on Monday denied cert and let a lower court ruling that upheld a ban on assault weapons in place in Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. But two of the justices, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, predictably, filed a dissent saying the court should have taken the case and overturned the ordinance. … [Read more...]

Defining the Supreme Court’s Conservatives


I got into a conversation on Facebook with a longtime reader about Clarence Thomas after I debunked, yet again, someone else claiming that Justice Thomas is just a lapdog for Justice Scalia. I really wish that inane myth would die, but liberals seem very strongly wedded to it. In the process of the discussion, I wrote a long post explaining the various approaches of the five conservatives on the court and I decided to just paste it here. … [Read more...]