Head of Ethics Office Steps Down

Walter Schaub, the director of the Office of Government Ethics who was outspoken against Trump's non-divestment, non-blind trust and all the attendant conflicts of interest it allows, has resigned from that position. Though he didn't talk about Trump in his resignation letter, he did so separately. … [Read more...]

DOJ Official on Corporate Crime Resigns, Blasts Trump

Hui Chen, a former high-ranking official at the Department of Justice who was in charge of monitoring corporate compliance with the nation's fraud laws, resigned last month and said it was because the Trump administration was allowing things that would be criminal under her jurisdiction. … [Read more...]

Mueller Also Looking at Possible Financial Crimes

Buried at the bottom of a New York Times report on Special Counsel Robert Mueller seeking to interview Adm. Mike Rogers and Dan Coats about obstruction of justice by Donald Trump is a note that he is also looking at possible financial crimes by close Trump associates. … [Read more...]

FBI Nominee Represents Russian Oil Industry

As I've noted before, Donald Trump seems absolutely intent on making the Russia story look as bad possible for him. The latest example is nominating Christopher Wray to be the new FBI Director. Wray is a partner in a law firm that represents Russian oil interests. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Top Staff All Got Ethics Waivers

Donald Trump said during the campaign that if elected he would "drain the swamp" and he railed against lobbyists. "I only work for the American people," he would declare at rallies, unlike all those lobbyists who work for big corporations. But his top aides all had to get ethics waivers to get their jobs. … [Read more...]

Pruitt’s Gutting of EPA Helps His Political Paymaster

Scott Pruitt, the anti-environmentalist head of the Environmental Protection Agency -- aka the arsonist who got to be Fire Marshal -- is gutting one regulation after another, to the delight of rich and powerful polluters. And that includes one of his own benefactors from Oklahoma, where he was Attorney General. … [Read more...]

OK Passes Clearly Unconstitutional Law on Protests

The Republicans who run the state of Oklahoma are very upset about environmentalists protesting against old pipelines, so upset that they just passed, and the governor signed into law, a bill that punishes those who "conspire" to foster such protests. … [Read more...]

Lewandowski Ousted from His Own Lobbying Firm

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who was in so over his head he might as well have been standing in the Marianas Trench, has been ousted from the lobbying firm he co-founded after reports that he was selling access to his former boss to clients. He claims he's the victim. … [Read more...]

Lewandowski Selling Access to Trump

Corey Lewandowski, the fired yet somehow still incredibly loyal former campaign manager for Donald Trump, has been essentially selling access to him, including face to face meetings, to contacts in Eastern Europe and around the world. Politico has the information: … [Read more...]

Trump Goes Big on Tax ‘Reform.’ Kinda.

That big announcement that Trump promised about tax "reform" came out on Wednesday and, in fewer than 200 words, laid out a massive overhaul of both corporate and individual taxes without providing almost any detail at all other than marginal tax brackets. … [Read more...]

Ivanka Trump Gets Chinese Trademarks Too

shortly after becoming president, Donald Trump was suddenly awarded multiple trademarks in China, which are worth potentially massive amounts of money (those trademarks had been tied up for 10 years prior to that). Now Ivanka Trump has also been awarded trademarks for her own name and products -- on the same day she had dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping. … [Read more...]

Trump Restocks the Swamp

After promising to "drain the swamp" in Washington of "special interests" (most meaningless phrase in politics) using the government for personal gain. Since then, he's done the bidding of big business at every turn and is bringing lobbyists into the government in large numbers. … [Read more...]