David Vitter: Tool of the Oil Industry

In Louisiana, where oil refineries rule the day, it's difficult to get elected without being in the pocket of the oil industry, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat. So it's not surprising that David Vitter's interest in that industry goes beyond its usefulness as lube or to make the plastic for the diapers he likes prostitutes to put him in. He's doing their bidding by attacking alternative energy: … [Read more...]

Charles Koch Leaves My Flabber Completely Gasted

Every once in a while I will read something that someone said and it will leave me so gobsmacked that I spent the next few minutes just staring at the screen in disbelief while a bit of drool emerges and slides down my chin. Charles Koch of the infamous Koch Brothers managed to do just that in an interview with the CBS Sunday morning talk show. This is simply a staggering bit of self-delusion: … [Read more...]

Major Corporations Join to Fight Anti-Gay Bigotry Around the World

This is a very encouraging bit of news. A coalition of major corporations are joining together with the Human Rights Campaign to push for LGBT equality around the world, not just in the United States and Europe. This is being done in response to the spread of virulent anti-gay bigotry in much of Africa and Asia, where laws often prescribe the death penalty for homosexuality and forbid even advocacy of equal rights. … [Read more...]

Barton to Run Ted Cruz’ Super PAC

From the Birds of a Feather Department: Professional liar and fake historian David Barton has been named the new leader of the Keep the Promise PAC, the Super PAC set up to support Ted Cruz' presidential campaign (which can't coordinate at all with his actual campaign *wink, wink*). It's actually a collection of PACs operating under the Keep the Promise Super PAC. I'm sure the job pays quite handsomely. … [Read more...]

Cruz Has a Huge Vested Interest in Oil and Gas Industry

As a Republican from Texas, it should not come as a surprise to find out that Sen. Ted Cruz has huge investments in the oil and gas industry. But it should certainly be a concern that as much as 25% of his net worth is tied up in those investments, which gives him a clear vested interest in eliminating government regulation of those industries that might impede corporate profits, and therefore shareholder dividends and net worth. … [Read more...]

Koch Brothers Political Ads Highly Dishonest

PolitiFact has done an analysis of more than a dozen ads put out in various campaigns by Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers' third-party organization that spends tens of millions of dollars to influence elections all over the country. Surprise, surprise, they conclude that those ads are highly dishonest. … [Read more...]

Gov. Scott Walker Under Criminal Investigation

Well this is a very interesting development, but hardly surprising. Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is under investigation for a "criminal scheme" to get around campaign finance laws by coordinating his campaign with third-party groups pouring dark money into his race. … [Read more...]

RGA Illegally Sends Adelson Money to Corbett

The Republican Governors Association illegally sent nearly a million dollars from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to a PAC for Gov. Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, who is floundering in his bid for reelection. It's illegal because Adelson is an owner in a casino in that state. … [Read more...]

Scott Brown’s Mysterious Corporate Benefactor

The Boston Globe has a fascinating article about Global Digital Solutions Inc. (GDSI), a mysterious company that named Scott Brown to their board of advisers last year and gave him more than a million dollars in stock options in the company. But the company doesn't actually seem to do anything. … [Read more...]

A Bigger Dinesh D’Souza Crime

Dinesh D'Souza pleaded guilty recently to charges that he violated federal campaign finance laws by having other people launder his donations to a Senate candidate. Now there's an even bigger instance of this same thing, a Utah businessman who says he gave $50,000 to others to donate to Sen. Mike Lee's campaign. … [Read more...]

Perkins Links Citizens United to Sudanese Barbarism

Tony Perkins had Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas on his radio show this week and he made the absolutely bizarre argument that the death sentence of a Christian Sudanese woman is related to the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United. See if you can follow this logic: … [Read more...]

Chamber of Commerce Demands Immigration Reform

There are many divisions within the Republican party right now, but one of the biggest is the division between the pro-business types and those trying to appeal to their largely xenophobic, anti-immigrant base. The Chamber of Commerce seems to be throwing down the gauntlet on the issue. … [Read more...]