The Trump Surrogates Provoke Laughter Again

The collection of halfwits and idiots known as the Trump media surrogates are unintentionally some of the most hilarious people alive. Listen to what Kayleigh McEnany said to defend Trump's donation to Pamela Bondi while she was considering whether to join a lawsuit against Trump "University." … [Read more...]

Pleas Fails to Get Kochs to Back Trump

I wrote last week about the plan by several high-profile Republican donors to try to convince the Koch brothers to support Trump at the annual meeting of their political network contributors held this weekend. Those efforts failed as Charles Koch said on Friday they would not do so. … [Read more...]

Big GOP Donors Begging Kochs to Pony Up

After initially saying they would spend up to a billion dollars in this year's campaign, the Koch brothers have refused to support Donald Trump and been harshly critical of him. But a number of other big Republican donors are trying to get them to change their minds. … [Read more...]

Kochs Will Not Fund RNC Convention

The Koch brothers will not donate money to put on the Republican National Convention this year, as they have done in most previous presidential elections. This comes as their representatives are set to meet with representatives of the Trump campaign. … [Read more...]

Florida AG Solicited Donation Before Dropping Trump Investigation

We've known for a long time that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi had investigated Trump "University" and dropped the probe after getting a political contribution from him. Now we know that this contribution was one that she directly solicited from him. … [Read more...]

Trump Bought Off by Adelson’s Money

Sheldon Adelson has decided to support Donald Trump because the alternative -- Hillary Clinton -- is "frightening." He's going to spend up to $100 million on Trump's behalf in the election. Guess what Donald Trump said about Trump said about Adelson buying off his opponents? … [Read more...]

Adelson Opens the Bank Account for Trump

I wrote a couple weeks ago about a report that many of the top Republican money men were planning to sit out the presidential election this time around because they could not stomach Donald Trump and didn't think he had a chance to win. One of them, the vile Sheldon Adelson, has apparently changed his mind. … [Read more...]

Trump Now Taking Big Donor Contributions

Throughout the primaries, Donald Trump claimed to be incorruptible. I'm rich, I'm funding my own campaign, he said, so no one can buy me and I'm not taking big money donations. But now that he's the presumptive nominee, he's reversed himself and is setting up a joint committee to raise huge contributions with the RNC. … [Read more...]

Big Republican Donors Refusing to Back Trump

Someone on Facebook the other day said something about the Koch brothers supporting Donald Trump and I had to correct him. In reality, very few of the really big Republican donors are willing to contribute to Trump's presidential campaign, as Politico found out by talking to a bunch of them or their representatives. … [Read more...]

Stick a Fork in Bernie Sanders, He’s Done. Or Is He?

It appears that Bernie Sanders may get a small victory in Indiana, though as I'm writing this it hasn't been called yet. I'm sure the wildly unrealistic Sanders fans will be furiously telling each other that this proves he can still win, but I'm sorry to inform you that this simply is not the case. He's done. Stick a fork in him. … [Read more...]

Koch Brother Hammers Trump, Cruz

In an interview on ABC, Charles Koch of the infamous Koch Brothers went pretty hard after both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on the subject of Muslims and foreign policy. He went hardest after Trump's idea of banning all Muslim travel and immigration and forcing Muslims to register with the government: … [Read more...]

Political Scientists Ask: Can Sanders Win the General Election?

Vox asked a handful of prominent political scientists whether Bernie Sanders would have a serious chance to win the general election if he were to beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries. The consensus was a fairly resounding no, though the level of certainty varied by individual. Some of their arguments: … [Read more...]