Trump’s Endless Conflicts of Interest

The New York Times has an article looking at some of the virtually endless number of potential conflicts of interest in being president and having his children run his business while he (wink, wink) doesn't know anything about it. This story speaks volumes: … [Read more...]

Krauthammer: Only Complete Divestment Can Stop Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

First the Wall Street Journal, now conservative icon Charles Krauthammer is calling on Donald Trump to completely divest himself of his assets and put the money in a blind trust in order to avoid the inevitable conflicts of interest that will arise. … [Read more...]

Wall St. Journal: Trump Must Liquidate His Assets

The Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal, a stalwart of the conservative media, has published an editorial calling on Donald Trump to sell off all of his assets and put the money into a true blind trust to avoid serious conflicts of interest. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Government Employees Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote

Bryan Fischer is making the utterly vile and ridiculous argument that anyone who works for the government should not be allowed to vote because they have a conflict of interest. I'm sure the soldiers fighting overseas will be happy to hear they can't vote. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Huge Conflicts of Interest — And He Admitted To It

Donald Trump's refusal to put his business interests under the control of a trustee who does not report to him but to have his children run the businesses instead raises some huge conflicts of interest, especially since he also plans to have them be unpaid advisers to his administration. … [Read more...]

Trump Already Trying to Pull Out of Paris Climate Agreement

He isn't even president yet, but Donald Trump, who bizarrely believes that global warming is a hoax invented by China to destroy the American economy, is already looking for ways to void this country's involvement in the Paris climate accords. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Fake Anti-Establishment Con

Most of the people who voted for Trump did so largely because they believed he was truly anti-establishment, that he would go to Washington and "drain the swamp" or corrupt politicians taking payoffs from lobbyists and be a new and totally different kind of Republican president. They got punked. … [Read more...]

Guess What? Trump Lied About Locking Out Lobbyists

Well here's a shock. It took about 48 hours for Donald Trump to prove that his claim that "the only special interest I have is you" was total bullshit. His transition team is loaded with lobbyists and industry consultants, the same people he spent the whole campaign slamming as the cause of corruption. … [Read more...]

The Empty Promise of Term Limits

Donald Trump is now proposing term limits for Congress, something that would require a constitutional amendment. It's an appeal to superficial anti-government cynicism that simply does not work in reality the way the uninformed average American thinks. In fact, term limits are a very bad idea. … [Read more...]

And Yet Another Trump Lie is Revealed

Here's a shocker: Donald Trump lied about something. And this time, he either lied on national television during one of the primary debates or he lied under oath in a deposition in a lawsuit. It involves the question of whether he tried to buy off Jeb Bush to get casino gambling legalized in Florida. … [Read more...]

Another SCOTUS Case on When Judges Must Recuse

One of the cases the Supreme Court will hear this fall is Chisholm v. Two Unnamed Petitioners, a Wisconsin case that returns to the Supreme Court the question of when state judges must recuse in cases involving groups that spent large amounts of money to help get them elected. … [Read more...]

Breitbart’s Ridiculous Comey Conspiracy Theory has "exposed" FBI Director James Comey's ties to the Clinton Foundation, proving...well, something. They don't even try to make an argument for an actual conflict of interest, believing, I'm sure, that merely pointing out any connection will be enough to get their audience salivating. … [Read more...]