Ivanka Trump Gets Chinese Trademarks Too

shortly after becoming president, Donald Trump was suddenly awarded multiple trademarks in China, which are worth potentially massive amounts of money (those trademarks had been tied up for 10 years prior to that). Now Ivanka Trump has also been awarded trademarks for her own name and products -- on the same day she had dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Ties to Russian Organized Crime

Jeff Morley, a terrific investigative reporter who used to be my boss at the American Independent News Network, has an article at Alternet looking at the close ties between Donald Trump and Russian organized crime figures, relationships that go back long before he ever ran for president. … [Read more...]

Trump Restocks the Swamp

After promising to "drain the swamp" in Washington of "special interests" (most meaningless phrase in politics) using the government for personal gain. Since then, he's done the bidding of big business at every turn and is bringing lobbyists into the government in large numbers. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump and the Art of the Non Sequitur

Saturday saw nationwide protests demanding that Donald Trump release his tax returns, something he repeatedly promised to do and then, after being elected, said he wouldn't. Naturally, he took to Twitter to make two completely disconnected statements on the issue. … [Read more...]

Joyner Uses Fake Story to Claim Trump Uncovering Liberal Corruption

Professional "Christian" con man Rick Joyner has yet another completely unhinged video, this one attacking the LA Times for an editorial slamming Trump's dishonesty. Joyner, like his hero, used a completely fake story to justify his derangement. … [Read more...]

Trump, Jr’s Friend Met With Flynn About Venezuela Sanctions

Mic reports that before he resigned as National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn had a meeting with a businessman who is close friends with Donald Trump, Jr. about getting the sanctions lifted on Venezuela so he could expand his business into that country. … [Read more...]

Trump Can Cash Out Business Profits Under Trust Agreement

ProPublica, the Pulitzer Prize-winning non-profit news organization, reports that the trust agreement that Donald Trump signed putting his sons in charge of all his companies has been secretly amended to allow him to cash out the profits of his hundreds of businesses any time, without disclosure. … [Read more...]

Trump’s ‘Pact’ Not to Talk Business With Sons

Donald Trump's refusal to take the steps necessary to avoid obvious conflicts of interest is a perfect recipe for corruption. After putting his sons in charge of his companies, they swore that they wouldn't talk about business. That lasted all of a few weeks. … [Read more...]

The Bizarre Story of Trump, Woolsey and Turkey

Remember when former CIA Director James Woolsey was an adviser to Trump during the campaign and a member of the transition team? He suddenly quit the team after a brief stint and now he tells a story to the Wall Street Journal with all kinds of dark implications for Trump and Michael Flynn. … [Read more...]

Report: Bharara Was Investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price

ProPublica, the multiple Pulitzer prize winning non-profit news organization that does amazing work, reports that former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was investigating Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price when he was fired by Trump. The investigation focused on the shady stock deals he made in Congress. … [Read more...]

Netanyahu Likely to Face Criminal Charges for Corruption

It's looking more and more like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to face serious consequences for his attempt to gain better news coverage by hurting a rival newspaper and for accepting illegal gifts from donors. The police in Israel are likely to recommend criminal charges after their investigation. … [Read more...]

Conway Violates Ethics Law to Promote Ivanka Trump’s Products

Baghdad Kellyanne Conway quite blatantly violated federal ethics laws by going on national television with Fox and Friends and telling people to buy some of Ivanka Trump's clothing line and other products. This is as obviously illegal as it an be. … [Read more...]