The Bill for Arpaio’s Misconduct Continues to Grow

The taxpayers of Maricopa County, Arizona have already paid out more than $120 million defending fascist Sheriff Joe Arpaio in court and paying out victims of his racism and misconduct. Now with the finding of civil contempt for refusing to follow court orders, that bill is going to get even bigger. … [Read more...]

NYPD Commish Blames Cell Phone Video for Violent Cops

With one of his officers on leave pending an investigation into him pointing his gun at bystanders, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is blaming the "epidemic" of cell phone videos of police officers committing misconduct and abuse for that misconduct. … [Read more...]

Pseudo-Macho Former Cop Running for Congress

In the long tradition of jerks like Joe Arpaio and David Clarke, Fox News favorites, meet Clay Higgins. The former cop resigned when his boss told him to tone down his incendiary rhetoric in official department Crime Stoppers videos, with the usual "I will now bow to political correctness" stupidity. … [Read more...]

Cotton: We Need to Imprison More People

Since joining the Senate a year and a half ago, Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas has distinguished himself as quite possibly the most vile and ridiculous member of that body -- and imagine the competition for that title when we have James Inhofe bringing snowballs into the chambers to disprove global warming, for crying out loud. Cotton's latest pile of stupid: … [Read more...]

Arpaio: It’s Not My Fault I Cost the County Tens of Millions

Fascist Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio still refuses to accept any responsibility for the money he has cost the county defending his blatant misconduct and racist policing, which now amounts to well over $100 million. But it's not his fault, he says, it's the government and those pesky people who sue him over it. … [Read more...]

Suit Filed Over Vicious Police Attack on Teen Girl

I've seen some disturbing videos of police brutality in my life, but here's one that there is no possible way anyone could argue was justified. It happened in 2014 when an off-duty cop working mall security viciously assaulted a 14 year old girl for riding her bike through the mall parking lot on her way home. … [Read more...]

Arpaio Found Guilty of Civil Contempt

In what should be the least surprising news of the day, a federal judge has found fascist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio guilty of multiple counts of civil contempt of court for consistently doing whatever it took not to comply with court orders to change his racial profiling patterns and stop policing in a racist manner. … [Read more...]

FBI Director Thinks Cops Restrained by Viral Videos

FBI Director James Comey is once again lamenting the fact that so many police officers have been caught committing horrific abuses of authority and police brutality on video, claiming that this is causing cops to not do their jobs out of fear. He blames (alleged) rising murder rates at least partly on that absurd premise. … [Read more...]

VA Cops Beat Handcuffed Man, Threaten Witnesses

Two officers from the Portsmouth, VA police department beat a man after he was handcuffed, then threatened to have any of the witnesses evicted from their apartments if they didn't leave. And another officer deleted a cell phone video showing the beating, but another video of the eviction threats and lies has been released. … [Read more...]

Andrew McCarthy’s Fantasy World of White Privilege

Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor who usually rants about the evils of civilian trials for those accused of terrorism, has decided to lend his unbelievably inane views to the subject of federal sentencing reform. Not only is the criminal justice system not racist, he says, it's the least racist institution in all of society! … [Read more...]

Why We Need Federal Funding for Indigent Defense

John Pfaff, a law professor at Fordham University, has an op-ed in the New York Times about the deplorable state of our indigent defense system in the United States, which is left entirely up to state and local governments and is vastly underfunded and lacking in resources. … [Read more...]

VA Man Exonerated by DNA Evidence After 33 Years in Prison

A man in Virginia has become the 341st person to be exonerated by DNA evidence after spending 33 years in prison for a rape and murder he did not commit. He was convicted largely on the testimony of two "experts" on bite marks, a forensic "science" that has no validity at all. … [Read more...]