Ken Starr Concluded that the President Could Be Criminally Charged

It has long been believed that the Constitution prevents the president from being charged with a crime while in office. The Constitution does not address this directly, but the consensus opinion has long been that it is prevented by the structure of the Constitution's separation of powers. … [Read more...]

Sessions Lies About Study on Crime and Sanctuary Cities

Here's a shock: Jeff Sessions lied about something. No, not his meetings with Russia this time, but about a study that he claims showed that sanctuary cities have higher rates of violent crime than non-sanctuary cities. The authors of the study call him out for distorting their conclusions: … [Read more...]

Study: Military Equipment Makes Police Forces More Violent

Researchers from Stanford and the University of Cincinnati have produced a new study that concludes that police departments are more likely to use violence after receiving surplus military equipment from the federal government, something the Obama administration restricted but Trump and Sessions are now building back up. … [Read more...]

Why Hobby Lobby’s Illegal Smuggling of Artifacts Matters

Candida Moss and Joel Baden have an op-ed in the New York Times about Hobby Lobby and their smuggling of illegal and stolen artifacts from Iraq. They were the ones who originally caught what was going on, which led to a DOJ investigation, a $3 million fine and the forfeiting of those artifacts. Why that's really bad: … [Read more...]

DOJ Official on Corporate Crime Resigns, Blasts Trump

Hui Chen, a former high-ranking official at the Department of Justice who was in charge of monitoring corporate compliance with the nation's fraud laws, resigned last month and said it was because the Trump administration was allowing things that would be criminal under her jurisdiction. … [Read more...]

Trump, Sessions Destroying Progress in Forensic Science

Rush Holt, head of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Federal Judge Jed Rakoff have an op-ed in the Washington Post rightly hammering the Trump administration, led by Jeff Sessions, for eliminating efforts to improve forensic science to make it more reliable. … [Read more...]

Jerk Destroys Another Ten Commandments Monument

Remember three years ago when a guy destroyed the Ten Commandments monument that was put up on the Oklahoma state capitol grounds by driving his car into it? Well the same guy has now done it again, this time in his home state of Arkansas. … [Read more...]

FL Cop Tickets Man for Walking While Black Without ID

A police officer in Jacksonville, Florida ticketed a black man for jaywalking and also cited him for breaking a non-existent law requiring everyone to carry ID with them at all times. Apparently he thinks you can only walk while black if you have your papers. … [Read more...]

Louisiana AG Had Illegal Police Force

Attorney General Jeff Landry of Louisiana has now apparently disbanded an illegal police force that he had going around arresting people in New Orleans. He called it the Violent Crime Task Force, but it was arresting people on petty, non-violent drug crimes, and without any legal authority. … [Read more...]

Mother Arrested for Violent ‘Exorcism’ of Daughter

Here's yet another story about a deranged Christian committing felony violence in an "exorcism," this time involving a mother allegedly biting and choking her own young daughter on a California beach. The mother has been arrested. … [Read more...]

Is Flynn Cooperating With the FBI?

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse was on CNN being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer and said he believes former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn is cooperating with the FBI's investigation into Trump and Russia and likely has been doing so for a while now. … [Read more...]

Castile Shooter Acquittal Shocking, Totally Expected

The acquittal of a Minnesota police officer who killed Philando Castile during a routine traffic stop last year was simultaneously shocking and completely predictable and expected. It is a sad reminder that we allow cops to get away with murder routinely in this society. … [Read more...]