Trump Makes Reasonable Statement, Police Union Destroys Every Irony Meter in Existence

Last week the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Donald Trump. This week a Tulsa police officer shot and killed an unarmed black man doing nothing wrong and Trump, to my astonishment, actually made an almost rational statement about it. And the FOP is not happy. … [Read more...]

Trump Would Bring Back Stop and Frisk Nationwide

Sean Hannity hosted a townhall meeting for Donald Trump that Fox News described as a "meeting on African-American concerns." And to show just how much he understands those concerns, he actually said that he would reinstate the NYPD's unconstitutional Stop and Frisk program nationwide. … [Read more...]

I’m Sure Glad Islamophobia Isn’t a Thing

For those who claim that Islamophobia is a term invented to shut down all criticism of Islam, let me present a couple stories. In Georgia, a far-right militia group threatened violence against a mosque being constructed, canceling, for now at least, the project. … [Read more...]

Cost of Mass Incarceration Higher Than You Think

It's easy to calculate the cost of mass incarceration in terms of government spending. That's around $80 billion a year. But add in all of the lost economic benefits and other factors and the true cost, according to a new study, is over $1 trillion. … [Read more...]

Trump Lies About Inner City Crime

As Donald Trump has been on his charm offensive to win over black voters by wildly exaggerating how bad their lives are, he's told some real whoppers. His claim that violent crime in the inner cities is at or near record levels is so far from reality that PolitiFact calls it a pants-on-fire lie. … [Read more...]

The Astonishing Chutzpah of the San Francisco Police Union

The San Francisco Police Officer's Association, which is their union, sent a scathing letter to the owner of the San Francisco 49ers full of howls of hypocritical outrage over Colin Kaepernick's protest against police brutality and racism. … [Read more...]

Hannity’s Predictably Stupid Reaction to Kaepernick

Sean Hannity is nothing if not consistent. He's consistently wrong, if not utterly ridiculous and mind-numbingly stupid, of course, as demonstrated by his reaction to Colin Kaepernick's protest against police brutality and racism. … [Read more...]

Court: You Can’t Search a Car Because of the State It Comes From

In states that border states that have legal marijuana, either recreational or medicinal, the police often focus their attention on cars coming out of those states because it's more likely they're transporting pot. But an appeals court just ruled that you can't do a search merely because of that. … [Read more...]

DOJ Brief: No Pretrial Detention for Inability to Pay Bond

The Obama administration filed a brief in an important case arguing that judges should not be able to order defendants held in jail pending trial merely because they are too poor to afford to pay a bond. The DOJ has been on a nice roll lately. … [Read more...]

Judge Refers Arpaio for Criminal Contempt Charges

Here's some good news. The judge in Joe Arpaio's trial over his refusal to comply with federal court orders in the lawsuit filed over racial profiling has said that he is going to refer the near-fascist Maricopa County Sheriff to prosecutors for criminal contempt charges. … [Read more...]

Racist Stabs Black Man, Tells Cops He Did It for Them

A white supremacist in Washington stabbed a black man and injured his girlfriend as well in an attack motivated by his hatred of Black Lives Matter. In fact, he actually told the police that he did it in order to protect them from black activists. … [Read more...]

DOJ to End Private Federal Prisons

In what is an important first step, the Department of Justice announced on Thursday that it will end the use of private prisons at the federal level. This follows a DOJ investigation and report that found them to be less safe and more dysfunctional than government-run prisons. … [Read more...]