DeLay: I’m Not a Racist, the Anti-Racists are the Racists

Tom DeLay went on a Newsmax show and said what every clueless, racist, privileged white conservative seems to think, that there is no racism in America except for the racism of those who oppose racism. They're the real racists, you know. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Blames Heroin Problem on Obama

Bill O'Reilly strains mightily to find a way to blame President Obama for the growing heroin problem in the United States, including just making shit up off the top of his head. See if you can make any sense at all of this gibberish: … [Read more...]

MI Trump Supporter Convicted of Election Fraud

Brandon Hall, a massive douchebag here in West Michigan with a long history of supporting Republican candidates including Donald Trump this year, has been convicted of ten counts of election fraud for faking names on a petition to get a candidate on the ballot. … [Read more...]

David Clarke is Constitutionally Clueless

David Clarke, the ridiculous cowboy hat-wearing sheriff of Milwaukee County who is one of Trump's potential picks to run the Department of Homeland Security, has some rather bizarre and extremist views that show he is constitutionally clueless. … [Read more...]

Roy Moore’s Son Arrested for 8th Time in Recent Years

The son of Christian fascist Roy Moore, Caleb, has been arrested for the 8th time in recent years. His tally includes three arrests for DUIs and three for drug offenses, which explains why he works for his father's Foundation for Moral Law in "ministry." … [Read more...]

Trump Backs Down on ‘Lock Her Up’ and Right is Furious

After spending the last several months whipping his crowds of mindless authoritarians into a frenzy with chants of "lock her up," Donald Trump has suddenly decided he has no interest in doing so even if he had the power to (which he doesn't, and never did). And some of those supporters feel betrayed by it. … [Read more...]

Prosecutor Fakes Confession, Gets a One Year Suspension

An assistant district attorney in California added a fake confession into an interrogation transcript in a child molestation case, which he then claimed was a joke. A court found that he did it to influence plea negotiations, so he's facing a whopping one-year suspension of his law license. … [Read more...]

Just Say No to Giuliani as Attorney General

With Rudy Giuliani up for either attorney general, secretary of state or DHS secretary in Trump's cabinet, with the former being more likely, old friend Radley Balko reviews his appalling history on civil liberties. He basically doesn't believe privacy exists and would happily sell out every freedom for the illusion of security. … [Read more...]

MI Police Officer Shows Confederate Flag to Anti-Trump Rally

A police officer in Traverse City, Michigan drove up to an anti-Trump protest drinking a beer (Bud Light, of course) in a truck with a confederate flag flying from the back and got into a confrontation with the protesters. He's now been suspended. … [Read more...]

Kaepernick Launches Camps to Educate Youth About Police Brutality

One of the absurd complaints by those mad at Colin Kaepernick for not standing for the national anthem was that it was just symbolic. Why doesn't he use his wealth to actually do something good instead? So much for that inane excuse for hating on him out of pure hyper-nationalism. … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Police Still Using Drug Tests They Admit are Inaccurate

My old friend Radley Balko flagged this story from ProPublica that shows that the Las Vegas Police Department is still using cheap drug testing kits to secure convictions that they admitted two years ago routinely return false positives. … [Read more...]

More Arrests for Drug Possession Than All Violent Crimes Combined

The ACLU and Human Rights Watch have released a new report about the war on drugs and the numbers are shocking. Even while states liberalize their marijuana laws, the number of people arrested for simple drug possession exceeds arrests for all violent crimes combined. … [Read more...]