Hastert Gets Light Sentence

Former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert got an incredibly light 15-month sentence even after admitting in court that he had molested multiple teenage boys while he was a wrestling coach decades ago. The judge cited his age and failing health as the reason for the leniency. … [Read more...]

Christian Republican Defends Child Molesting Denny Hastert

Former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is about to be sentenced after being caught paying hush money to cover up the fact that he molested several underage boys when he was a wrestling coach and his fellow God-fearing Christians want the judge to know what a swell guy he is. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly, Bolling Ignore Racist Drug Enforcement

Bill O'Reilly and Eric Bolling offer up the usual right-wing inanity on the drug war and our criminal justice system in order to claim that black people are incarcerated at many times the rate of white people because they do and sell more drugs than white people. … [Read more...]

BYU Jeopardizing Rape Trial of Student

Brigham Young University is apparently more concerned about whether a female student may have broken the school's "honor code" than about making sure she gets her day in court against a man who allegedly raped her. The local prosecutor is publicly chastising the university over it. … [Read more...]

Greta on the Argument About Atheists in Prison

One of the very common and highly annoying arguments I hear from my fellow atheists is that something like 99% of prison inmates are religious and atheists are underrepresented, therefore atheists are more moral. The argument is utter nonsense and Greta Christina does a nice job of explaining one of the reasons why: … [Read more...]

Guess What? The Criminal Justice System is Racist

Longtime readers of my blog will certainly not be surprised to hear that the criminal justice system is racist, but let's put more evidence onto the pile anyway. A new study shows that white people are more likely -- far more likely in some cases -- to use hard drugs than black people. Guess who gets arrested, charged, convicted and imprisoned more? … [Read more...]

Delaware May Reform Civil Asset Forfeitures

A couple other states have reined in the outrageously unconstitutional practice of civil asset forfeiture and now Delaware may be looking to partially reform their system. A bill has been submitted with bipartisan support that would do away with what is essentially a slush fund from such forfeitures, but it doesn't really go far enough. … [Read more...]

Another Way the Courts Deny Justice

I've long written about our criminal injustice system and the many ways it makes it easy for wrongful convictions and difficult to secure justice. Here's another way, which involves making it all but impossible for federal judges to overturn state convictions even if they were clearly wrong. … [Read more...]

Coal CEO Gets a Year in Prison for 29 Deaths

In a very rare instance when a corporate CEO was held criminally responsible for negligence that caused the deaths of his employees, former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship was sentenced to a year in prison for a mine accident that killed 29 miners. Even that short sentence is highly unusual. … [Read more...]

Sovereign Citizen Stupidity on Display

This video is from 2014, but it's so worth watching. It's the case of a "sovereign citizen" named David Hall and the judge hearing his case for DUI and not having a license or insurance found him rather amusing and exasperating. Listen to the ridiculous shenanigans Hall goes through and how the judge responds to it. … [Read more...]

Trump Campaign Manager Arrested, Charged with Battery

The police in Jupiter, Florida have arrested Donald Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and charged him with battery for (allegedly) roughing up Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. Trump, of course, is appalled by the "disgusting" (he loves that word) media and police who are mistreating his manager so terribly. … [Read more...]

DOJ Restarts Unconstitutional Asset Forfeiture Program

A few months ago I cheered when the Obama Department of Justice announced that it was suspending the program whereby it shared the plunder from blatantly unconstitutional civil asset forfeitures with local police department. So much for that. They've now restarted the program: … [Read more...]