Judge Gives Blatantly Illegal Order to Force Marriage

I've written about similar situations like this for a long time, but this is one of the most blatant and appalling abuses of judicial power I've ever seen. A judge in Texas has ordered a man to marry his girlfriend and write out Bible verses to avoid jail time for a fight. … [Read more...]

Rand Paul Advisers Indicted for Campaign Violations

Three officials from Rand Paul's Super PAC have been indicted by federal prosecutors for falsifying campaign records and bribing a state official in Iowa to get his endorsement for Rand's father Ron during the 2012 election. This is closely related to the investigation of Michele Bachmann's 2012 campaign as well. … [Read more...]

Cop Threatens to Kill and Cover It Up. Keeps His Job.

A police officer in Alabama will keep his job, for the time being at least, after being caught on tape threatening to kill a man he refers to as "that nigger" and to cover it up so it looks like he acted in self-defense. Because the chief of police says it's totally okay since he didn't mean it. … [Read more...]

Cops Want Surveillance Video Showing Their Misconduct Squashed

As Andrew Sullivan used to say: From the annals of chutzpah. A trio of police officers from Santa Ana, California that were caught on surveillance video eating pot edibles after raiding a medical marijuana dispensary want that video evidence declared inadmissible in an internal investigation because they had a reasonable expectation of privacy. … [Read more...]

Investigation Finds Forensic Flaws in Every FBI Case Reviewed

In a finding that anyone who has been paying attention to the issue should find entirely unsurprising, an FBI review of criminal cases found flawed forensic evidence in every single case reviewed. So naturally, they stopped reviewing cases because that bothered them. … [Read more...]

FBI Investigating Mike Adams’ Threats

I keep meaning to write about the appalling post by Mike Adams, the "health ranger," telling his followers to kill supports of Monsanto and GMOs just like they would have killed the Nazis. He even apparently put up a Monsanto Collaborators site to tell them specifically who to kill, while claiming he wasn't the one behind it. Now he's caught the attention of the FBI: … [Read more...]

Kent Hovind Facing New Charges

Only a year or so away from being released from what, quite frankly, I thought was a too-long sentence, Kent Hovind is facing new charges for criminal contempt of court for filing a lien on the property that the government seized in order to pay off his bill for back taxes he refused to pay: … [Read more...]

Paul, Booker Push Criminal Justice Reform

I've complained for years that Congress never tries to do anything to fix our unbelievably broken criminal justice system, mostly because there's no moneyed constituency to pay them to do it. Rand Paul and Corey Booker are teaming up in the Senate with legislation that would at least be a tiny step in the right direction. … [Read more...]

Racist Defendant Refuses Black Public Defender

A racist asshole who is charged with stabbing an elderly man several times told a judge at his arraignment that he didn't want a "negro" public defender. In fact, he doesn't want any attorney at all because attorneys are apparently evil. Especially black ones. … [Read more...]

Durham Police Lie to Violate 4th Amendment

In Durham, North Carolina several police officers have been caught lying to people in order to gain illegal entry to search their homes. They've been telling people that they got a 911 call that never took place in order to get consent to search their homes. … [Read more...]

Florida Town Had KKK Members on Police Force

This story is frightening. The town of Fruitland Park, Florida had two KKK members as part of their 13-member police department, including the deputy chief of police. The FBI identified them and notified the city and both of them very quickly resigned their positions. … [Read more...]

Utah Man Wanted to Spark a Civil War

There are many on the far right fringe who rant about the inevitable civil war to come (or the inevitable "race war" in some formulations) and more than a few of them are keen to light the fuse themselves. A Utah man has been arrested for trying to do exactly that. … [Read more...]