Why Disbanding the Forensic Science Panel Has Consequences

Two days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions disbanded a scientific advisory panel on forensic science and put any reforms in the hands of police and prosecutors, NYU law professor Erin Murphy explains why this is a very bad idea that will have serious consequences. … [Read more...]

Cop Smashes Head of Suspect in Handcuffs on the Ground

An police officer from Columbus, Ohio was caught on video stomping the head of a suspect who was handcuffed and on the ground with another officer on top of him. The police department has taken him off the streets, but he's probably still being paid. … [Read more...]

Anti-Gay Pastor Convicted of Child Molestation

An anti-gay pastor in Florida who said that the victims of the shootings at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando "got what they deserved" has been convicted of molesting two children, one male and one female, who attended his church. … [Read more...]

Sessions Gets Rid of Scientific Advisory Panel on Forensic Science

This is a story that infuriates me. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has disbanded an advisory panel of scientists set up to help the DOJ reform the use and often abuse of forensic science in our courts and police departments. Because why would we want scientists to advise us on science, amirite? … [Read more...]

Judge Approves Baltimore PD Consent Decree

While Jeff Sessions is in the process of reviewing all of the agreements the DOJ made with local police departments to keep them in compliance with the law, a federal judge has approved the consent decree with the Baltimore PD that may finally rein in the horrible record of police brutality and misconduct there. … [Read more...]

The Inane Argument that Abortion Leads to Violence

Here's another use of an argument I've heard wingnuts make time and time again, that we have violence in our culture because we allow women to have abortions. This is somehow supposed to push people to think murdering people is perfectly okay. … [Read more...]

Arpaio’s Tent City to Shut Down. He Blames Soros, of Course.

Fascist former Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's infamous tent city jail is being shut down by his successor after a commission recommended that it be closed. Arpaio, of course, blames it all on George Soros, presumably because Saul Alinsky is dead and Karl Marx isn't returning his calls. … [Read more...]

Sessions May Reverse Obama Era Policing Agreements

With a serious problem of civil rights violations and police brutality, particularly aimed at African-Americans and other minority groups, the Obama administration entered into agreements with many police departments requiring them to improve their procedures. The Trump administration may well cancel some of those agreements. … [Read more...]

Michael Flynn’s Immunity Request and the Law

Zack Beauchamp has a very informative article at Vox about Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's request for immunity in exchange for his testimony about Trump and the various aspects of the Russia investigations being carried out by the FBI and Congress. First, he notes that he isn't likely to get it granted. … [Read more...]

Flynn’s Lawyer Really, Really Dislikes Donald Trump

The attorney representing former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn and negotiating an immunity deal that would pave the way for his testimony before House and Senate committees and the FBI investigation really, really dislikes Donald Trump. I mean really. … [Read more...]

Michael Flynn Willing to Testify in Russia Probe, With Immunity

Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has notified the FBI and the leaders of the House and Senate committees investigating Trump's Russia ties and possible collusion during the campaign that he is willing to testify in exchange for immunity. … [Read more...]

DEA Seizes $3.2 Billion in Last Ten Years Without Filing Charges

The Inspector General of the Department of Justice just released a report on the use of civil asset forfeiture by the DEA and the results are both horrifying and entirely unsurprising. In the last ten years, the DEA has seized $3.2 billion from people without even charging them with a crime, much less convicting them. … [Read more...]