Cop Put on Leave for Wearing Pro-Legalization Button

A police officer in Vermillion, Ohio has been placed on administrative leave because he wore a small button on his jacket supporting drug legalization during a police auction. Meanwhile, a huge number of cops routinely violate the rights of the people they're supposed to protect, break the law, extort people, plant evidence on them, beat them and even kill them without ever being punished for it. … [Read more...]

Another Massive Injustice in the Courts


I've been writing about the incredible injustices in our criminal "justice" system for a long time, but here's something I did not know: Most states charge poor people for their public defenders. They can't afford to pay, of course, and they plead guilty 95% of the time whether they're guilty or not, and then in many states if they can't pay that bill, they can then be sent to jail for that as well. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Lets Cop Get Away With Murder. Again.


In a per curiam decision (which means it's unsigned), the Supreme Court has dismissed a case against a police officer in Texas who violated a direct order from his superior officer and opened fire the vehicle of a suspect who had been fleeing the police, killing the suspect. They did so on the basis of qualified immunity, the doctrine that says you can't sue a police officer unless they violate a clear right that has been long-established and spelled out. … [Read more...]

CSI is Very Bad for America


The approximately 27 different CSI spinoffs are very, very bad for this country. I know, some people find them entertaining. The problem is that they make forensic work look a whole lot more certain and scientific than it often actually is. Many of the techniques used in criminal investigations have no backing from science at all and innocent people are convicted because of them. Conor Friedersdorf's article is a few months old, but worth reading. Forty years ago, Bob Dylan reacted to the … [Read more...]

No, Fox News, Violence Against Cops is Not Increasing


Eric Bolling, the third dumbest man on television (behind Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade from Fox and Friends, who allegedly do manage to mostly dress themselves every morning), is furiously pushing the right-wing narrative that violence against police officers is on the rise and that it's all because Obama and the Muslim atheist satanist Black Lives Matter movement is trying to kill them off by inciting racial hatred. … [Read more...]

Thousands — At Least — of Cops Fired for Sexual Misconduct


The Associated Press has a bombshell new report that shows that more than a thousand police officers have been fired for sexual misconduct -- groping or raping women in their custody, possession of child porn, etc -- and that number is far lower than the actual number because the biggest states don't even report such things. And even that is probably understated due to lack of reporting and other factors. … [Read more...]

Nugent Goes Full-On Fascist to Slam Teen Girl

For once, Ted Nugent is slamming a teenage girl and it doesn't involve underage sex. In his weekly Worldnetdaily column, Nugent gives a full-throated and, of course, utterly moronic defense of the cop in South Carolina who assaulted a student. The cop, who apparently has a long history of abuse and misconduct, has now been fired, but Nugent thinks he was right to commit serious violence against the "brat." … [Read more...]

Another Study Confirms Racial Profiling in Police Stops


As if we needed it, we now have another study that confirms that black drivers are significantly more likely to be pulled over than white drivers, but that white drivers are more likely to be found breaking the law with contraband (usually drugs or guns) in the car. This time the study is of a bunch of different cities around the country, not just one department or one geographical area. … [Read more...]

Girl Who Filmed Abusive Cop Arrested


I would guess that by now you've seen the horrible footage of a deputy sheriff in South Carolina throwing a high school girl across the room while sitting at her desk. That was bad enough, but now the girl who pulled out her cell phone and filmed the abusive cop has been arrested and held on a $1000 bond for "disturbing the school." Like she was the one who caused the disturbance. … [Read more...]

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke: Professional Liar


Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is the right wing's go-to guy when it comes to police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, for obvious reasons. First, he's black, so that provides them cover for advocating blatantly racist policies (if ever anyone deserved to be called an Uncle Tom, it's Clarke). And second, and perhaps most importantly, he has no problem blatantly lying on national television. Or advocating fascist policies. First, the fascism: … [Read more...]

Right Wing Flips Out Over Tarantino’s Comments About Cops


There was a rally against police brutality in New York City over the weekend and Quentin Tarantino spoke at it. He recited the names of many of the victims of police killings in recent years and called the cops who killed them murderers. Which, in many cases, they are. Before we see how the right wing takes them out of context and turns them into vile propaganda, here's what he actually said: … [Read more...]

Obama Perfectly Explains Why Black Lives Matter

President Obama participated in a panel discussion on criminal justice last week and was asked about the Black Lives Matter movement and why it wasn't All Lives Matter. He answered it perfectly, pointing out that saying black lives matter does not mean they're the only lives that matter, but that black people have a specific problem with law enforcement that other groups do not have and that must be addressed. … [Read more...]