Michigan Senator Changes Mind on Hate Crimes Law

Sen. Rick Jones, a conservative Republican state legislator here in Michigan, has for years strongly opposed the passage of hate crimes legislation and helped block its passage. Now, at least partly due to an anti-gay hate crime on a friend of mine, he is sponsoring such legislation. … [Read more...]

Black Republican Senator Explains Police Bias to Colleagues

Sen. Tim Scott is a very conservative senator from from South Carolina. He's also black, one of only two black senators and only nine to have eve served in that chamber. And he took to the Senate floor to explain to his colleagues what it's like to be black and thus permanently suspicious. … [Read more...]

Man Pulls Gun on Guy He Thinks is Gay in Detroit

Here's an appalling video of a guy in Detroit pulling a gun on another man walking out of a liquor store while calling him anti-gay slurs. Police are now looking for both the perp and the victim, and the perp put up other videos justifying what he did with yet more slurs. … [Read more...]

Finally, a Federal Judge Says No to Warrantless ‘Stingray’ Searches

It's been known for many years that police departments and the federal government routinely use "stingray" devices to track and record cell phones without a warrant. Finally, one federal judge has ruled out evidence gathered in this clearly unconstitutional manner. … [Read more...]

Awww. The Police Officers Got Their Fee Fees Hurt.

A group of off-duty Minneapolis police officers working security at a Minnesota Lynx WNBA game walked off the job because the players were wearing warmup t-shirts that listed the names of black men killed for no reason by cops recently. … [Read more...]

Another Classic Sarah Palin Word Salad

Sarah Palin has fired up her handy dandy outrage machine and it spat out the kind absolutely classic word salad that she has become so famous for. It also made her an immediate expert on Martin Luther King, though I suspect she thinks he nailed some demands to church door somewhere. … [Read more...]

What Black Lives Matter is Demanding

As the right wing flips out and demonizes the Black Lives Matter movement, it's worth looking at the actual changes that the group is demanding in our criminal justice system. There's nothing the least bit radical about it. Here are the ten policy changes they want: … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization

I'd never heard of Brad Thor before he appeared on Glenn Beck's show last week blathering on about how the Black Lives Matter movement should be labeled a terrorist organization because they call for the killing of cops (actually, they say the exact opposite and have repeatedly). … [Read more...]

The Sordid History of the Baton Rouge Police Department

The Baton Rouge Police Department, the ones whose officers gunned down Alton Sterling last week, have a long and sordid history of racism and police brutality. My friend Alex Songe, who lived in Baton Rouge for many years, sent along this article. … [Read more...]

Whitest Man Alive Sees No Racism in Law Enforcement

Tucker Carlson, a man so white he's translucent, is very upset at those who say that there is racism in our criminal justice system. Sure, blacks are far more likely to be arrested and put in prison, but that's only because they commit more crimes. … [Read more...]

Mark Fuhrman on Police Brutality

Whenever there's an unjustified shooting by police in the news, almost always a young black man, Fox News turns to Mark Fuhrman for commentary. Wait, Mark Fuhrman? Yep, the deeply racist ex-cop from the OJ trial, who is on tape spewing racial slurs at blacks. Of course he agrees that it's all much ado about nothing: … [Read more...]

Giuliani Continues to Push ‘Black on Black Crime’ Nonsense

Ridiculous windbag Rudy Giuliani peddled the standard right wing line that black people have nothing to fear from the police as long as they're "respectful." In fact, he says, if black parents should teach their kids to fear other black people, not the police. … [Read more...]