Aramark Should Be Banned From Prisons

There are two forms of prison privatization. One is where the whole prison is run by a prison company, the other is where only certain aspects, like food service, are provided by a private company. Both have terrible consequences ranging from outright injustice to prison riots from terrible food. Michigan is getting fed up with Aramark, the company they hired to provide food service in our state prisons. … [Read more...]

British Judge Excuses Rapist

In an absolutely appalling case in England, a judge gave a convicted rapist a light sentence and said that he didn't consider him a "classic rapist" because he had merely "lost control of normal restraint" when his drunk victim passed out at his house. It's hard to not become enraged while reading this: … [Read more...]

Obama’s Terrible 4th Amendment Record

One could be forgiven for thinking, in 2008, that President Obama would be a marked improvement over President Bush when it comes to the privacy rights in the 4th Amendment. But one would be wrong. He may, in fact, be worse. He's certainly been no better. A perfect example is the recent Supreme Court ruling on cell phone searches, in which his administration was on the losing end of a 9-0 decision. … [Read more...]

MA SWAT Teams Claim to Be Private Entities

Friend of Dispatches Radley Balko found something rather disturbing in the ACLU's recent report on the militarization of law enforcement. SWAT teams in Massachusetts are claiming to be private entities rather than government ones in order to not comply with open records requests. … [Read more...]

Yes, Please Stop Using the Atheists in Prison Claim

Heina Dadabhoy, who will soon be joining Freethought Blogs, has a thoughtful and important essay at Skepchick explaining why atheists should stop using the "there are very few atheists in prison" argument as a response to claims that religion is morally superior. … [Read more...]

Arpaio Clone in GA Resigns After Racist Text Messages

The police chief of Grantville, Georgia has made no secret of his admiration for fascist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, even sending some of his officers to Maricopa County, AZ to learn from the Jedi master. That police chief has now resigned after it was revealed that he sent racist text messages to his officers: … [Read more...]

‘Next Elliot Rodger’ Arrested in Seattle

A man who declared himself to be the "next Elliot Rodger" and promised that he would do it even better by killing only women has been arrested in Seattle. Thankfully, in addition to being a misogynist and a sociopath, he's also an idiot and posted his plans online. … [Read more...]

Another Wealthy Heir Gets Away With Molesting Stepdaughter

A few months ago it was revealed that an heir to the DuPont fortune had been convicted of raping his toddler daughter but was given a suspended sentence by the judge because he "will not fare well" in prison. And now we have a similar case, an heir to the Johnson and Johnson fortune getting only 4 months in jail (likely only two) for molesting his 12 year old stepdaughter. … [Read more...]

A Bigger Dinesh D’Souza Crime

Dinesh D'Souza pleaded guilty recently to charges that he violated federal campaign finance laws by having other people launder his donations to a Senate candidate. Now there's an even bigger instance of this same thing, a Utah businessman who says he gave $50,000 to others to donate to Sen. Mike Lee's campaign. … [Read more...]

Stop and Frisk Comes to Florida

New York City is apparently not the only city in the country with a massive and racist stop and frisk program. Miami Gardens, Florida has a program that has stopped more than half that city's residents -- most of them young black men, of course -- and frisked them without arresting them. … [Read more...]

Appeals Court Upholds Right to Record Police

Another appeals court (I believe this is the third one) has ruled that there is a First Amendment right to video record the police when they're on duty. This case involves a woman who started to record a traffic stop, was told to stop (and did) but then they demanded the camera to delete it. … [Read more...]

Judge: Many Innocent People Plead Guilty

A federal judge in New York did an interview with the New York Daily News in which he said that tens of thousands of innocent people have pleaded guilty to crimes they didn't commit because the criminal justice system gives prosecutors enormous power to coerce such pleas. … [Read more...]