Trump Has No Idea What Asset Forfeiture Is

I wrote last week about the meeting Trump had with a bunch of county sheriffs in Texas where civil asset forfeiture came up and Trump simply couldn't believe that anyone would want it curtailed. But a look at the full conversation shows that Trump has absolutely no idea what it is or how it works. … [Read more...]

Sessions Echoes Trump on Crime

Upon being sworn in as Attorney General, Jeff Sessions immediately started in with the fear-mongering over violent crime, cherry picking statistics and stating in absolutist terms what he cannot possibly know to be true (or false, for that matter). … [Read more...]

Santorum: Trump Isn’t ‘Bound by All the Facts’

Rick Santorum, who just snagged a juicy CNN contributor contract to defend Donald Trump, is doing a pretty lousy job of it. Asked about Trump's claim about the murder rate being the highest in 47 years, which is the exact opposite of reality, Santorum made this frothy admission: … [Read more...]

Trump Again Lies About the Murder Rate

As I've said many times, no lie that is convenient ever dies. That goes double for Donald Trump, who lies as often and as casually as he breathes. He's still claiming, as he did during the campaign, that the murder rate now is at its highest in 47 years. … [Read more...]

Shocker! Trump Likes Asset Forfeiture

Donald Trump held a meeting with sheriffs from Louisiana the other day and -- surprise, surprise -- he's a fan of civil asset forfeiture. In fact, he expressed disbelief that a state legislator wanted to rein in that unconstitutional nightmare, "joking" that he would destroy him. … [Read more...]

FCC to Reverse Policy on Exploitative Prison Phone Call Rates

One of the biggest areas where Trump's election is having an immediate and dangerous impact is at the FCC, which is now led by a man in the pocket of the telecoms. He's an opponent of net neutrality and is now also reversing the previous position of limiting the outrageous rates inmates and their families must pay to speak on the phone. … [Read more...]

Sanctuary Cities Have Lower Crime Rates

Donald Trump signed an executive order going after so-called sanctuary cities, doing so on the grounds that those cities have higher crime because of undocumented immigrants causing mayhem. The truth? They have significantly less crime than similarly situation non-sanctuary cities. … [Read more...]

Trump Orders Publishing of Crimes by Immigrants

As part of his executive order about immigration the other day, Donald Trump ordered the DHS to “make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens." That includes all immigrants, legal or otherwise. If you're hearing Hitler's theme music right now, it's entirely justified. … [Read more...]

Trump Wanted to Build Hotel in What He Now Calls a Crime-infested Hellhole

So we've all heard by now that Donald Trump told civil rights icon John Lewis he should pay more attention to his own district, which includes the city of Atlanta, because it was in “horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested)." Funny, he didn't think that when he wanted to put up a tower there. … [Read more...]

Connecticut Republican Models Trump’s Sexual Assault Behavior

A Republican local official in Greenwich, Connecticut apparently thinks that now that Donald Trump is in office, it's perfectly acceptable to sexually assault women. After a brief argument with a woman, he followed her into her office and grabbed her by the crotch. … [Read more...]

Russian Duma Votes to Decriminalize Domestic Violence

The Russian Duma voted 368-1 to decriminalize domestic violence. Instead of a criminal act, it's now an administrative one with a much lower punishment. And why did they do this? Because it will "support the family tradition." … [Read more...]

Trump and Sessions Strongly Support Private Prisons

One of the aspects of the upcoming Trump administration that has received little attention is that he, and his attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, are both big fans of privatizing prisons and jails. That idea has proven disastrous and ineffective throughout the states. … [Read more...]