Trump Brags About Helping Wrongly Convict Central Park Killers


Back in 1989, a woman was raped and nearly killed in Central Park. Five teenage boys, four black and one Latino, were convicted of the crime and sent to prison. Before that happened, Donald Trump took out a full page ad in the New York Daily News demanding that the death penalty be brought back, pumping up the level of hatred already being spewed. All of them were later exonerated when the real rapist came forward and said he acted alone and DNA evidence proved that he was the rapist. So Ann … [Read more...]

Atheist Wins Big Award Over Forced Religious Rehab

Church and State

This is awesome news. An atheist in California who was sent to prison for violating his parole after complaining about being forced to attend a faith-based rehabilitation program as a condition of that parole has been awarded almost $2 million. A jury initially agreed that his rights were violated, but refused to grant him compensation for it, but the appeals court has overturned that verdict. … [Read more...]

Oh No! Obama Took Their Tanks Away!

The Obama administration has been recalling military-issue tanks that were given to some local law enforcement agencies, including one from Volusia County, Florida, and the sheriff of that county is furious about it. Turning the fear-mongering all the way up, Sheriff Ben Johnson says that this proves Obama doesn't care about police officers and that "people will die" without that tank. … [Read more...]

Appalling Plea Bargains in Philadelphia Gay-bashing Case


You probably remember the story last year out of Philadelphia where several privileged young white people on a drinking bender decided to beat the hell out of a gay couple, breaking their jaws and cheekbones. One of them, it turned out, was the daughter of a police chief with a long history of anti-gay bigotry. Two of them have now pleaded guilty and will face no jail time at all, while the young lady refused the plea deal and will go to trial. … [Read more...]

Bank Robber Says Law Against Bank Robbery is Illegitimate


The old saying is that a lawyer who represents himself has an idiot for a client. But what about non-lawyers who represent themselves? They usually have an even bigger idiot for a client. Case in point, Dale Lester Morris, who is charged with robbing two banks and is refusing a public defender so he can represent himself. His argument? The law against bank robbery is unconstitutional. I'm not kidding. … [Read more...]

Oregon Shooting Investigator is a Sandy Hook Truther


Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if the ranks of America's county sheriffs aren't jam packed with wingnuts completely out of touch with reality. More than a few of them seem to be Alex Jones-level conspiracy mongers, including the one who is now investigating the mass shooting at a community college in Oregon. Sheriff John Hanlin of Douglas County, Oregon is a Sandy Hook truther. From his Facebook page: … [Read more...]

Criminal Justice Reform Package Finally Unveiled in Senate


For several months, a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators have been working on a package of reforms to our criminal justice system and the bill, called the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, has finally been submitted. As one would expect, it doesn't go nearly far enough but it at least a strong step in the right direction. And after declaring such reform hopeless for years, I'll take it. … [Read more...]

Time to Clean House at the Secret Service


There have been many highly embarrassing incidents and scandals involving the Secret Service over the last few years, but a new report from the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security may be the worst yet. The assistant director of the Secret Service, Edward Lowery, was so upset by an inquiry into that string of scandals that he released confidential information about the congressman asking uncomfortable questions. … [Read more...]

Proselytizing Principal in Texas Faces More Trouble

The principal of a Texas high school who is the target of action by the Freedom From Religion Foundation for using his position to proselytize his students for Christianity may face much more trouble than that. A lawsuit has been filed against him for retaliating against a teacher who went to the police about another teacher sexually molesting a student. And she has him on a recording chastising her for going outside the school about the incident. … [Read more...]

Pedophile Rapist Doctor Gets House Arrest

Here's a perfect example of the massive inequities in our criminal "justice" system. Our prisons are full of young black and Latino men charged with nothing more than possession of drugs, but a doctor who admits to having raped multiple women while under anesthesia and possessing child pornography involving an 8 year old girl gets a suspended sentence and a year under house arrest. … [Read more...]

Michigan Jail Lets Man Die for 17 Days for Not Paying Ticket


This is an absolutely horrifying story, though not at all surprising for those of us who have covered Michigan news regarding the Macomb County Jail. Officers in that facility watched a man die a slow, painful death for 17 days while refusing to get him medical treatment or even provide him with prescribed medication for drug addiction treatment. And it was all caught on video from his cell. … [Read more...]

Arizona Wingnut Wants to Arrest Stabenow for Iran Deal Vote


Remember Jon Ritzheimer, the world class dumbass from Arizona who tried to organize that big anti-Muslim rally and then started a GoFundMe page trying to raise $10 million to "“protect his family or run against” John McCain? Well he's back and now he's planning to come here to Michigan and arrest Sen. Debbie Stabenow for treason for her vote in favor of the Iran nuclear deal. Seriously. … [Read more...]