Vitter Gets All Homo-Erotic on Same-Sex Marriage


Serial adulterer, prostitute client and diaper afficianado David Vitter is, of course, opposed to same-sex marriage. Something about the sanctity of marriage or something, I couldn't hear him above the sound of his wife claiming she would cut off his penis if he cheated on her. And wouldn't you know it, he thinks it's being shoved down the throats of straight people. … [Read more...]

The Mother of All Ironies

As I'm sure you know by now, voters in Houston repealed an anti-discrimination ordinance passed by the city council this month on the specious grounds that men would dress up like women so they could peep at your daughters in the bathroom. One of the leaders pushing for that ordinance to be repealed, using that very argument, is now defending a man who admits to having -- wait for it -- peeped on women in the bathroom without their knowledge. … [Read more...]

Utah Judge Kinda Reverses Himself on Foster Child


So the judge in that Utah case who ordered a one-year old child removed from its foster parents because they're lesbian, causing a firestorm of controversy, has kinda sort of reversed himself. He rescinded that order, but perhaps only temporarily. He's set a hearing for early December to further consider the matter, so there's still a chance he could follow through on it. … [Read more...]

Bigots Try to Overturn AR Non-Discrimination Ordinance


Last week, voters in Fayetteville, Arkansas passed a referendum that adds protection for LGBT people to the city's non-discrimination ordinance and the anti-gay bigots immediately filed suit to have it overturned. A state judge, however, denied them a preliminary injunction in the case because they could not show that they would suffer irreparable harm or had a likelihood of winning the case. … [Read more...]

NOM Imagines Victories for ‘Traditional’ Marriage


The National Organization for Marriage is so utterly desperate to find any good news to pitch to their followers to keep the money flowing in that they're falsely claiming that two election results from Tuesday's votes that had nothing to do with that subject at all were "big victories for marriage!" And this somehow proves that the American people are on their side. … [Read more...]

Brave High Schooler Tells His Story


Earlier this year, the American Humanist Association’s Humanist Pioneer Award was awarded to Isaiah Smith. You probably don't remember the name, but you may well remember the incident in which he ripped up a Bible and carried it around his high school in Dallas to make a point about anti-gay bullying and harassment from Christians students there. In The Humanist, he tells his story: … [Read more...]

Why Anti-Discrimination Law Matters


A case out of Missouri provides a perfect example of why anti-discrimination laws that include protections for LGBT people are important and must be passed at the federal level. A gay man was harassed and insulted at his job for seven years before they fired him. He tried to sue the company, but an appeals court reluctantly said that Missouri law does not forbid discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. … [Read more...]

WND Continues Its Hysterical Campaign for Discrimination


The Worldnetdaily is known for its thoughtful and nuanced approach to important public policy issues. Okay, not really. They're known for making hysterical, wildly exaggerated and outright dishonest claims in an attempt to justify their deep-seated desire to discriminate against people they think God doesn't take kindly to. They continue that approach with this thoroughly ridiculous article about the Equality Act. … [Read more...]

Teresa’s Bigots Worried About Moral Upbringing


I've already reported that more than a dozen orphanages run by Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity organization have decided to stop performing adoptions because of new rules that would require them to allow single parents to adopt children (in a country with 30 million orphans and only a few thousand adoptions each year, this is a necessity). Get a load of this quote from the nun who runs one of the orphanages: … [Read more...]

Cruz to Hold Rally at Bob Jones University


The Christian right today loves to pretend that their opposition to same-sex marriage is not at all like opposition to interracial marriage, despite the arguments being virtually identical. The Bible does not condemn interracial marriage, they say, so bringing that up is just a red herring. So why is Ted Cruz holding an event focused on "religious liberty" (his warped version of it) at Bob Jones University? … [Read more...]

Liberty Counsel Lies Its Way Through the Davis Case


Buzzfeed has an article that looks at the many lies that attorneys from Liberty Counsel have told during the Kim Davis ordeal, documenting them in some detail. You've probably already heard about the non-existent rally where they claimed 100,000 people showed up at a soccer stadium in Peru to show their support for Davis. It did not happen and the picture they provided was from an entirely different event. But that's just the beginning: … [Read more...]

Bad Strategy by the Anti-SSM Crowd


The anti-gay Christian right is doing anything and everything it can think of to undermine the Supreme Court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide and the public doesn't seem to be buying it one bit. The polls show that Americans overwhelmingly think Kim Davis should either do her job or quit. But her strategy of refusing to issue any marriage licenses at all, not just same-sex ones, is being tried in other places as well. … [Read more...]