This West Virginia County Clerk Needs to Be Fired


A lesbian couple went to the county courthouse to get married in West Virginia only to be confronted by a deputy clerk who decided that she needed to berate them and tell them that they were committing an abomination. That deputy clerk should be fired. Immediately. With extreme prejudice. … [Read more...]

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Another Court Orders Redistricting Due to Gerrymandering


A judge in Florida has already ordered the redrawing of heavily gerrymandered congressional districts in Florida and now a judge in North Carolina has done the same thing after the Republican-controlled legislature drew districts that minimized the electoral influence of racial minorities. … [Read more...]

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Court: Housing Commission Can’t Refuse to Rent to Religious Group


A federal court here in Michigan ruled this week that the Lansing Housing Commission had engaged in illegal viewpoint discrimination when it refused to allow a church to use a community room for a worship service. The LHC's policy is to allow community groups to use the facilities, but not for religious programs. … [Read more...]

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Atheist Discrimination Suit Against Christian Business Goes Forward

Scales of Justice550x290

Here's an interesting case out of Pennsylvania, where a judge has ruled against a Christian plumbing and heating company's motion for summary judgment in a suit filed by an atheist former employee who says he was fired for taping over an explicitly Christian message on his nametag. That message said: … [Read more...]

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Tennessee to Consider Nullification Law


Not learning the lessons of the civil rights era, the state of Tennessee will consider a bill that would attempt -- and fail -- to nullify the Supreme Court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide in Obergefell. And the sponsors of the bill openly say that their purpose is to "speak to the unsaved" who are "wicked." If it passes, it's going to be ugly. … [Read more...]

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Staver: Kim Davis is Just Like Martin Luther King


And the constant attempts by the Christian right to claim the mantle of Martin Luther King continues apace. In a fundraising email, Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, says that his client Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who tried to deny marriage licenses to gay couples, is just like the great civil rights leader. … [Read more...]

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Poor Marco Rubio Has Been Called a Bigot


Marco Rubio's new campaign strategy is to appeal to those anti-gay bigots who are upset at being called bigots merely because they want to deny equality to gay people (you know, that quibbling little detail). He has a new campaign ad about it and then got downright prickly when asked about it by John Dickinson on CBS' Face the Nation. … [Read more...]

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A Potentially Huge Court Ruling on Gender and Sexual Orientation


There's a very interesting lawsuit going on in California, where a lesbian couple were apparently discriminated against by Pepperdine University. What makes the case interesting is that the plaintiffs are arguing that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation IS gender-based discrimination and is thus already forbidden by federal law. And the judge in the case agreed: … [Read more...]

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Awww, the Bigots Don’t Wanna ‘Come Out’ Now


You might want to have some tissues on hand before you read this. The Heritage Foundation's resident anti-gay bigot is crying crocodile tears because, he says, Christians who oppose gay marriage are having a harder time "coming out" than gay people are. *sniff* It's just so sad, you know? *sniff* It's just horrible that society is becoming more accepting of the people they want to discriminate against. Won't someone think of the bigots? … [Read more...]

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Federal Lawsuit Challenges NC Marriage Opt-Out Law


After the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell, the state of North Carolina passed a law allowing public officials to opt out of having to perform same-sex weddings. That law is now being challenged by a group of plaintiffs, gay couples who have had a difficult time getting married as a result. This will be an interesting test of one of the peripheral issues surrounding gay marriage. … [Read more...]

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Cruz: Totally Not a ‘Gay Basher’


Ted Cruz has steadfastly refused to condemn Kevin Swanson's at whose "religious liberties" conference he appeared despite Swanson being a Christian totalitarian who wants gay people put to death (in fact, the entire Old Testament law enforced). One of his aides, on condition of anonymity, explained to a right-wing outlet why the campaign made that choice: … [Read more...]

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Vitter Gets All Homo-Erotic on Same-Sex Marriage


Serial adulterer, prostitute client and diaper afficianado David Vitter is, of course, opposed to same-sex marriage. Something about the sanctity of marriage or something, I couldn't hear him above the sound of his wife claiming she would cut off his penis if he cheated on her. And wouldn't you know it, he thinks it's being shoved down the throats of straight people. … [Read more...]

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