Bad Strategy by the Anti-SSM Crowd


The anti-gay Christian right is doing anything and everything it can think of to undermine the Supreme Court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide and the public doesn't seem to be buying it one bit. The polls show that Americans overwhelmingly think Kim Davis should either do her job or quit. But her strategy of refusing to issue any marriage licenses at all, not just same-sex ones, is being tried in other places as well. … [Read more...]

Santorum: Martin Luther King Would Support Kim Davis


There are few things more ridiculous and reality-defying than the constant invocation of Martin Luther King by right-wingers who stand for everything King fought against. The latest is Rick Santorum, who told a Christian television show that Martin Luther King would support Kim Davis and tell her to keep defying the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling because it violates "God's law." … [Read more...]

Bigots Raise Half a Million, Refuse to Pay Damages


Remember Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of a bakery in Oregon who refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple, then published their home address on Facebook so they could be harassed by their fellow bigots? They were ordered to pay $135,000 to the couple for their discriminatory and retaliatory actions and raised more than half a million dollars to pay it, but now are apparently refusing to do so. … [Read more...]

White People Claim More Hardships After White Privilege is Shown

From the Department of Totally Unsurprising Results comes a study that shows that white people respond to being shown that white privilege is real by conjuring up more examples of their own terrible hardships. They do this, of course, in order to deny that their skin color has ever helped them and to show that they are the ones who are truly oppressed and downtrodden. … [Read more...]

Rafael Cruz Finds It ‘Appalling’ That Houston Has Lesbian Mayor


Ted Cruz' even whackier father, Rafael, gave a talk to the group in Houston trying to repeal a human rights ordinance that protects against anti-gay discrimination recently and said it was "appalling" that the city had a lesbian mayor. And most bizarrely, he blamed the election of a lesbian mayor on separation of church and state, which he said doesn't exist. But nah, he's not a theocrat or anything. … [Read more...]

Davis Goes on Fox News


Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis made a pilgrimage to Fox News to be interviewed by Megyn Kelly and offered up the same old excuses and rationalizations for why she should be allowed to discriminate against gay people. She also said that she would not resign her position because if she resigns she would lose her voice. No, you could keep speaking out all you want. After all you're a Christian right celebrity now. You just wouldn't be allowed to discriminate anymore. … [Read more...]

Buchanan: Davis’ Stand Just Like When He Tried to Stop Desegregation


Unvarnished racist Pat Buchanan provided something of an own goal when he told Newsmax TV that Kim Davis and those who are demanding that government officials defy the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell and refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay couples are just like those, like him, who wanted to defy the Supreme Court's rulings requiring desegregation of public schools. … [Read more...]

Davis Loses Another Court Motion


Kim Davis and Liberty Counsel have lost another round in court, this time over an emergency motion to suspend Judge David Bunning's expanded injunction requiring her to issue marriage licenses to all eligible couples who apply for one in Rowan County. I know it seems like that was already settled, but let me explain why this motion was filed and what specifically led to their motion in the first place. … [Read more...]

Plaintiffs Want Davis Found in Contempt Again


The ACLU has now filed a motion with Judge Bunning asking that he hold Kim Davis in violation of his previous order than she not interfere, directly or indirectly, with the issuing of marriage licenses. They argue that the new forms she required be used cast doubt on the legitimacy of the licenses that could lead to future problems. One interesting item from that filing is that Davis had testified under oath that she did not have the ability to change those licenses: … [Read more...]

Guy Tries to Marry Jesus in Rowan County, Kentucky

Youtube screenshot

The situation with Kim Davis and marriage licenses in Rowan County, Kentucky may have finally reached the level of a total circus. Judge Bunning ordered the deputy clerks to send him reports about the status of marriage license requests in that county when they agreed to issue those licenses and they have filed their first reports with the court. It includes this one amusing incident: … [Read more...]

Kim Davis Goes on TV, Babbles Incoherently


Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis made her national television debut Tuesday in an interview on Good Morning America. I'm sure it will come as a shock to absolutely no one that the things she said made no sense whatsoever. It was the usual babble about how she can't do anything that God would disapprove of, and that includes issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. … [Read more...]

Is Davis in Violation of Judge Bunning’s Order?


As you well know by now, Kim Davis returned to her job last Monday under the condition that she "not interfere in any way, directly or indirectly, with the efforts of her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples." But she demanded that her deputies issue marriage licenses that include neither her name, the name of the county, or any of her deputies. One of those deputies told the court what happened: … [Read more...]