NOM Begs for Money Because They’re So Successful

The National Organization for Marriage is an abject failure on pretty much every level. They've been unable to accomplish their primary goal of preventing same-sex marriage from becoming legal. But now they're claiming in a fundraising email that they're flat broke because they've been so successful. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Anti-gay Bigots are Just Like Harriet Tubman

While all the other wingnuts are losing their minds over the decision to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill and calling it political correctness run amok, Bryan Fischer is claiming that anti-gay bigots like him are just like her because her cause was moral and so is theirs. … [Read more...]

Appeals Court Upholds Transgender Bathroom Use

In a very important case, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals -- which includes North Carolina, by the way -- upheld the Obama administration's interpretation of federal anti-discrimination law that the ban on gender discrimination includes a ban on gender identity discrimination. … [Read more...]

Perkins: Anti-Discrimination Laws are ‘Forced Servitude’

It's always amusing to hear conservatives rail against the evils of anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT people with arguments that are actually in opposition to all anti-discrimination laws, then try to find ways to wiggle out of the dilemma they create for themselves. Tony Perkins, for example: … [Read more...]

Kasich Takes Pathetic Middle Ground

John Kasich continues to act as the nice, moderate guy as a contrast to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. In reality, he's anything but that. But pretending to be one has forced him to try to take lame middle ground positions that make no sense. Like on anti-gay, pro-discrimination bills being passed in other states: … [Read more...]

Fischer: Adams and Springsteen are Bigots for Opposing Anti-Gay Laws

Bryan Fischer is like Old Faithful, he can be counted on to spray stupidity into the air at very regular intervals (pretty much every time he opens his mouth, in fact). His latest bit of dumbassery is to claim that Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen are racist and sexist for opposing anti-gay laws in Mississippi and North Carolina. … [Read more...]

Adams Wants More Discrimination Against Atheists

J. Christian Adams is a former DOJ attorney turned braying bigot. On Fox and Friends he was upset about an ordinance in Madison, Wisconsin that says you can't discriminate against atheists in housing, employment or public accommodations. Such discrimination is just fine, he says because the Bible demands it. … [Read more...]

Farah: Anti-Discrimination Laws are ‘Terrorism’

Joseph Farah is upping the rhetorical ante against attempts to add sexual orientation to the nation's anti-discrimination laws. Despite the fact that he is already protected against discrimination on the basis of his religion and race, he thinks giving LGBT people the same protections is "terrorism." … [Read more...]

Fischer Thinks ML King Would Love Discrimination Law

Mississippi just passed the worst right to discriminate law in the country and Bryan Fischer is very happy. And with his usual warped logic, he actually says that Martin Luther King, who spent his life fighting against discrimination, would be "ecstatic" at the passage of the law. … [Read more...]

MS Couple Evicted for being Interracial

In Mississippi, where it is apparently still 1952, a married couple was evicted from an RV park when the owner of the park discovered they were interracial. He admits this, it isn't a he said/she said situation. But he says it's only because his neighbors and his church are so against it. … [Read more...]

LA Governor to Rescind Jindal’s Anti-Gay Discrimination Order

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has announced that he is going to rescind an executive order issued by former Gov. Bobby Jindal that explicitly allowed businesses to discriminate against gay couples getting married. He's also going to issue an order prohibiting discrimination in state hiring and contracts. … [Read more...]

Brown Wants NFL Players to Boycott the League

Michael Brown thinks it's time for NFL players to boycott their own league and give up their livelihoods. Because of something serious like the NFL's cover up of concussions that lead to dementia and early death? Of course not. Over something really serious, like The Gay. … [Read more...]