DeVos Wants Voucher Money for Schools that Discriminate

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos testified before a House subcommittee on Wednesday and said that the question of whether parents could use federally funded vouchers to send their kids to a school that discriminates against other students would be up to the states. … [Read more...]

FFRF Files Suit Over Trump’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order

My friends at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have already filed a federal lawsuit challenging Trump's executive order pretending to support "religious freedom" by ostensibly, but not really, loosening the restrictions on politicking known as the Johnson Amendment. … [Read more...]

Funeral Home Sued for Anti-Gay Discrimination

A funeral home in Mississippi apparently decided to announce to the world that it is owned by horrible human beings when it refused to provide services to a man they found out was gay and that his husband would be handling the arrangements. Lambda Legal has filed a discrimination suit: … [Read more...]

Trump to Sign ‘Religious Freedom’ Order

Donald Trump is apparently going to sign a new executive order on "religious freedom" that, if the reports of what it is to contain are correct, he simply does not have the authority to do. This isn't just RFRA-style stuff, he evidently thinks he can overturn the Johnson Amendment by himself. … [Read more...]

Russia Arrests Activists Protesting Chechnyan Anti-Gay Persecution

Trump BFF and sudden Christian right hero Vladimir Putin continues his authoritarian ways by having police arrest LGBT activists who were protesting against the rounding up, torturing and killing of gay men in neighboring Chechnya. … [Read more...]

KY Judge Recuses Himself from All Gay Adoption Cases

Here's an interesting situation. A state judge in Kentucky has announced that he will recuse himself from any and all cases involving gay couples and adoption because he cannot impartially apply the law due to his belief that gay couples should never raise children. … [Read more...]

7th Circuit: Civil Rights Act Forbids Sexual Orientation Discrimination

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, in an en banc rehearing, again upheld the Obama administration's interpretation of the Civil Rights Act, agreeing that the ban on gender discrimination includes a ban on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. … [Read more...]

Study: Trans People Face Rampant Housing Discrimination

ThinkProgress reports on a new study from Suffolk University Law School that shows that trans people face serious discrimination when applying for rental homes and apartments. It was a standard "sting" style study where they sent trans people and cisgender people with identical qualifications and then catalog how differently they were treated. … [Read more...]

Trans People Get Peterson’s Toxic Masculinity All Upset

Vicious misogynist and confirmed moron Jesse Lee Peterson is very upset that North Carolina kinda sorta repealed its anti-trans law (while leaving in place the ban on local governments protecting trans people at all). And it has his toxic masculinity all aflutter. … [Read more...]

Trump Names Anti-LGBT Bigot to Head HHS Civil Rights Office

And we have yet another example of Trump putting someone in a position running part of an agency when they are entirely opposed to actually doing that job. This time it's anti-LGBT bigot Roger Severino to run the Civil Rights Office at the Department of Health and Human Services. … [Read more...]

Aww. Alito Doesn’t Like Being Called a Bigot

In the various Supreme Court cases involving same-sex marriage, Justice Alito has complained about the fact that those who oppose marriage equality are often labeled bigots. He continued that whining in a talk before a Catholic lawyers group. … [Read more...]

SD Allows Tax-funded Adoption Agencies to Discriminate

South Dakota just passed a law that allows taxpayer-funded adoption agencies to discriminate on the basis of religion, a law that goes beyond just discriminating against gay couples but against many others as well. … [Read more...]