Prosecutors Charge Arpaio With Criminal Contempt of Court

Oh yeah. The judge in the lawsuit charging fascist Sheriff Joe Arpaio with refusing to comply with a court order has already filed civil contempt charges against. Criminal contempt charges require the approval of federal prosecutors, which has now been given. … [Read more...]

TX Wedding Business Rejects Same-Sex Couples

A couple that runs a for-profit wedding business took out an ad in a Christian magazine telling same-sex couples not to bother trying to hold their weddings there because they will refuse them. And what they're doing is perfectly legal in that state. … [Read more...]

TN Official Refuses to Perform Gay Weddings

A country trustee in Tennessee, who is empowered under state law to perform weddings and solemnize them, initially stopped doing weddings so he didn't have to do any for gay couples, but now he has resumed them again but is still refusing to do them for gay couples. … [Read more...]

AR Bigot Tells Couple Not to Hold Hands in Store

A rank bigot who owns a store in Arkansas told a lesbian couple that they can't hold hands in his store because -- GASP -- kids might see it. And he's all about "family." Unless those families include gay people, of course. But don't worry, he was "polite" about it. … [Read more...]

AFA Pulls Support for First Amendment Defense Act

The American Family Association is the latest anti-gay group to withdraw support for the completely unnecessary First Amendment Defense Act because the language was expanded to provide exactly the same protections against discrimination for Christians and non-Christians. … [Read more...]

Public Opinion on BLM the Same as to the Civil Rights Movement

Whenever a civil rights movement of any kind begins, the public responds with alarm. They're pushing for change too fast! They're disrupting things! They're hurting their own cause! Vox points out that the polls showed the same response to the Black Lives Matter movement as for the black civil rights movement in the 60s. … [Read more...]

KY Judge Refuses to Do Secular Wedding Ceremony

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is getting involved in a case in Kentucky, where a county judge refused to do a wedding ceremony for a couple because they requested that it be a secular ceremony. That's pretty clearly illegal. … [Read more...]

Family Research Council Demands Special Rights

The Christian right has been pushing a bill called the First Amendment Defense Act, which would forbid any government action against someone for their "sincerely held religious belief" that marriage is between a man and a woman. But the FRC has now pulled its support because it was amended to cover their opponents as well: … [Read more...]

God Doesn’t Want Gay People to Have Birthday Cakes Either

We've witnessed several cases around the country where bakeries have refused to make wedding cakes for gay couples, but here's a new one: A baker that refuses to bake a birthday cake because they looked at the customer's Facebook page and found out she's lesbian. … [Read more...]

Landlord Wants to Evict Pastor Who Praised Orlando Killer

The company that owns the property where Verity Baptist Church is located in California, whose pastor Roger Jimenez praised the man who murdered 49 people at a gay club in Orlando and said we should all be happy he did it, wants to evict the church when their lease is up in March. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Virulently Anti-Gay Advisory Board

While Donald Trump absurdly proclaims himself to be more of a friend to the LGBT community than Hillary Clinton (who admittedly has always lagged behind popular opinion on such matters), he's about to appoint an advisory board of Christian right leaders who are virulently anti-gay. … [Read more...]

MS Gov. Bryant Goes Full-On Fake Martyr

Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi recently was given an award at the Watchmen on the Wall conference, a gathering of Christian right bigots, for his courageous stand in favor of anti-gay discrimination. And he said that Christians would be crucified before giving up their right to oppress gay people! … [Read more...]