Liberty Law School Dean Goes Full-On Theocrat

Church and State

Rena Lindevaldsen, the interim dean of the Liberty University Law School (replacing Mat Staver, who stepped down a few months ago), has gone full-on theocrat. In a speech to students at that university, she bluntly declared that the government has no authority to pass any law or enforce any decision that goes against (her own interpretation of) the Bible. RJ Rushdoony would be so proud of her. … [Read more...]

Tired of Democrats and Republicans? Vote for the Christian Party

Church and State

A Tennessee man, apparently thinking that the Republican Party, or even the Constitution Party, just aren't quite Christian enough for him, has formed the Christian Party and declared himself a candidate for president. Darrell Trigg is running on a plainly theocratic platform, though not as extreme as the Constitution Party, which is made up mostly of Christian Reconstructionists. … [Read more...]

Titus: We Should Only Allow Christian Immigration

Many years ago, a couple friends of mine put me in touch with Herb Titus, former dean of Pat Robertson's Regent School of Law, after I had written a blog post referring to him as a Christian Reconstructionist. Turns out he's not, but only for technical theological reasons. There is no question that the man is a genuine theocrat, he's made no bones about that. And now he says that we should only allow Christians to emigrate to the United States. … [Read more...]

The Hypocrisy of Father Jonathan Morris

Father Jonathan Morris is a Catholic priest and Fox News contributor. He recently freaked out about a "black mass" in Oklahoma City and demanded that the government prevent it from happening "in the name of free speech." But like so many Christian righters, he claims to be an advocate of religious freedom. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Force Immigrants to Become Christians

Bryan Fischer burnished his credentials as a Christian fascist by demanding that the United States do immigration "God's way" and force all immigrants to convert to Christianity before entering the country. Remember, when ISIS forces people to convert or die, it's an outrage. When Christians do it, it's just God's way. … [Read more...]

Anti-Choice Group Launches With Speech from Christian Reconstructionist

Personhood Iowa is the new anti-choice group affiliated with the National Personhood Alliance, a group so far out on the fringe that they think the National Right to Life Committee is a bunch of liberal appeasers. So naturally they launched the group with a speech from Christian Reconstructionist and neo-Confederate secessionist Michael Peroutka. … [Read more...]

Maryland GOP Running From Peroutka

Now that Christian Reconstructionist, secessionist and neo-Confederate Michael Peroutka has won the Republican primary for the Anne Arundel County commission in Maryland, that state's GOP is having to distance itself from him and his absolutely unhinged views. … [Read more...]

America’s ‘Open Rebellion Against God’

Like many other bigots, Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission is seizing on a single poll that shows only about 3% of Americans identify as gay, lesbian or bi to claim that we should be catering to such a tiny minority. Because they'd totally change their mind if it were 10% or 20%. There some serious stupid in this column. … [Read more...]

Peroutka’s Equally Fascist Campaign Spokesman

As I've noted, Christian Reconstructionist Michael Peroutka is now the Republican nominee for the Anne Arundel County Council in Maryland. And his spokesman is none other than fellow fascist John Lofton, another Reconstructionist, with whom I've had some amusing exchanges before. … [Read more...]

MD County Republicans Elect Reconstructionist Peroutka

Republican voters in Anne Arundel County, Maryland have officially nominated a Christian Reconstructionist, secessionist and neo-Confederate as their candidate for the county council. It was a narrow victory, only 38 votes, which is why it wasn't certified until now even though the vote was taken a couple weeks ago. The Annapolis Capital Gazette is not impressed. … [Read more...]

Peroutka: Maryland Legislature Illegit Because Theocracy

Michael Peroutka, the Christian reconstructionist and white supremacist, has a video in which he argues that the Maryland state legislature and every law they now pass is illegitimate because they haven't behaved like a proper theocracy and followed "God's laws" by recognizing same-sex marriages. … [Read more...]

Morecraft: Non-Christians Should Be Slaves to Christians

Christian Reconstructionist minister Joe Morecraft of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church in Georgia gave a sermon recently bluntly saying that non-Christians should be slaves to Christians, based on a passage in Proverbs. Vyckie Garrison has the details: … [Read more...]