Huckabee, Cruz, Jindal Refuse to Repudiate Swanson


Rekha Basu of the Des Moines Register has been trying to get Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal to go on the record about their presence at a "religious liberty" conference put on by Kevin Swanson, who openly advocates that gay people should be put to death (by stoning, specifically, as Leviticus demands). They seem to want to do anything but address the matter. … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Victims of Paris Terrorist Attack Had it Coming


Deranged Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat says that God allowed Muslim terrorists to attack Paris because the French deserve it for "sucking up" to "secular trash." And the people who were at the concert at the Bataclan, they really had it coming because they were listening to evil heavy metal and were thus devil worshipers. "Don’t Pray For France, France Is A Godless Nation That Deserved To Be Attacked. France Supports Terrorists And Kills Christians, And Needs To Be Punished," says the h … [Read more...]

Michael Brown Downplays Anti-Gay Extremism


In the wake of three Republican presidential candidates appearing at a conference with several Christian extremists who want to murder gay people because the Bible commands it, Michael Brown, himself a very hardcore anti-gay bigot, says that we're making much too big a deal about this because only .1% of Christians believe that. He offers no evidence for that claim, of course. He's addressing Rachel Maddow, who did a segment on Kevin Swanson. … [Read more...]

Dominionist: God Has Anointed Trump for President


Among the gaggle of Christian leaders at that ridiculous meeting with Donald Trump where they laid hands on him and prayed over him as he tried not to look too bored was Lance Wallnau, an advocate of Seven Mountains Dominionism. Wallnau has since then gone all-in for Trump, declaring that God has "given this man an anointing for the mantle of government in the United States." … [Read more...]

Man Who Wants Gays Put to Death Goes on AFA Radio Show


The American Family Association flies into a rage at the notion that anyone would call them a hate group, even while engaging in daily demonization of gay people. And then they prove it by inviting a guy like Kevin Swanson, who has repeatedly called for the death penalty for gay people as the Bible demands, on to one of their radio shows to talk to the leader of the organization. … [Read more...]

Michael Peroutka Writes Songs


Politics can be kinda weird sometimes, but this is just bizarre. Michael Peroutka, the Christian Reconstructionist and former Constitution Party presidential candidate, writes songs. Really bad songs. About the Supreme Court. And then he makes videos with those songs over the top of footage of Bjork dancing in a courtroom. I don't know if he sang this song or not, but he apparently wrote it. It's called Courts Cannot Make Law. Baffling. … [Read more...]

Barber: Islam and Liberalism the ‘Twin Beasts of the Apocalypse’


I'm always amused when wingnuts claim that reactionary Islam and liberalism are in some sort of secret pact to destroy Christianity, especially since the Christian right and the Muslim right have far more in common with one another than with liberalism. Matt Barber trots out this inane trope yet again, quoting an African Catholic cardinal who says Islam and liberalism are the "twin beasts of the apocalypse." … [Read more...]

Cruz, Carson Appear in Film Promoting Pro-Slavery, Dominionist Pastor


Many of my readers are no doubt familiar with Douglas Wilson, the incredibly far-right, pro-slavery, dominionist preacher from Idaho. This is a guy who claims that slavery in the south was an idyllic society based on "mutual affection" between slave and master. He's also a dyed-in-the-wool theocrat, demanding a Bible-based society where adulterers would be put to death. So why are Ted Cruz and Ben Carson in a documentary about him? … [Read more...]

Theodore Shoebat: Christian, Fascist, Moron


Theodore Shoebat's father Walid may be a fake "ex-terrorist," but his son is the genuine article. No, he hasn't actually killed anyone that we know of, but he continually advocates for the wholesale slaughter of...well, pretty much everyone. He's called repeatedly for the murder of all gay people, now he says that in the theocratic fascist state he wants to create, anyone who expresses "explicitly anti-Christian sentiment" would be killed as well. … [Read more...]

Dumbest Christian Meme Ever


I have found what just might be the dumbest Christian meme ever shared on Facebook. I know, there's a lot of competition for that one, but when you see it, I think you might agree. This was put out by the group American Vision in response to the removal of a Ten Commandments monument from the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol this week, which they compare to ISIS destroying precious archaeological sites. … [Read more...]

Christian Reconstructionist Group Swaps One Fascist for Another


The Christian Reconstructionist group American Vision is changing leaders. Christian Fascist Gary DeMar is stepping down and being replaced by fellow Christian fascist Joel McDurmon. These are the people who want to "restore America to its biblical foundations" by implementing the Mosaic law as the civil and criminal law of the land. Of course, America was never a theocracy, so they aren't actually "restoring" anything. … [Read more...]

Fischer Again Demands All Immigrants Convert to Christianity

Screenshot from Youtube clip

Bryan Fischer is once again showing that he is a dyed-in-the-wool Christian fascist, saying that America should welcome immigrants to this country -- but only if they agree to convert to Christianity. And stop being gay, I imagine. And not just any Christianity, of course, but to his own totalitarian, right-wing version of Christianity. None of those weak-kneed non-fundamentalist types allowed. … [Read more...]