Wiles Wishes America Would Ban JWs Too

Rick Wiles, who sees everything as a sign that the government is going to throw Christians into concentration camps and destroy their religious liberty, is all for doing exactly that with Jehovah's Witnesses. He's glad Russia banned them and wants to do the same here. … [Read more...]

Wingnuts Blame Ariana Grande for Terror Attack

No matter how many times wingnuts claim that Muslim terrorists and the American left are in cohoots, they show time and time again that it's the two religious ideologies that are in alignment. Now the Christian right is blaming Ariana Grande for the terror attack on her concert. Here's David Whitney: … [Read more...]

Shoebat Attacks Manchester Bombing Victims

Theodore Shoebat, who is virulently anti-Muslim but sounds exactly like those Islamist terrorists he rails against, attacked the victims of the horrible attack in Manchester, England on Monday night as "sluts" and "whores" who obviously had it coming. … [Read more...]

Montana Candidate Supports Pro-Slavery Christian Reconstructionist

Greg Gianforte is a Republican candidate for the House from Montana and he's a big supporter of Douglas Wilson, a Christian Reconstructionist who thinks slavery was just dandy for black people. Oh, and rape is really the fault of feminism. … [Read more...]

Barton’s Inane Argument on the Christian Origin of the Constitution

It is often said that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but only David Barton could turn the absence of evidence into positive evidence for the conclusion he wants people to believe. He says the lack of mention of God in the Constitution only proves that it's a Christian document. … [Read more...]

WND Upset that Republican Party Opposes Roy Moore

Former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, who is a genuine Christian Reconstructionist who wants the state to murder gay people in the name of God, is running for the Senate. The Republican party doesn't want him to win, which is really upsetting the authoritarian bigots at the Worldnetdaily. … [Read more...]

Poor, Persecuted Roy Moore

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is running for a Senate seat and his primary talking point seems to be how terribly oppressed and persecuted he is for refusing to follow valid federal court orders. You know, just like Jesus said he would be. … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Killing Gay People Is Not a Hate Crime

Barbaric Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat has a new video in which he says that it should not be considered a hate crime when people kill "fags" because they kill one another anyway. Of course, straight people kill one another too, but that's totally different. … [Read more...]

Roy Moore to Run for the Senate

Since he's now lost his job as chief justice in Alabama twice, theocrat Roy Moore has decided to run for the Senate. He'll challenge Luther Strange, also a Republican, who was appointed to fill in for Jeff Sessions when he became Attorney General, along with several other candidates. … [Read more...]

AL Supreme Court Upholds Suspension of Roy Moore

Another day, another loss for Judge Roy Moore. A panel of judges sitting in for the Alabama Supreme Court have upheld his suspension as chief justice (for the second time) after he challenged that decision from the Alabama Court of the Judiciary. … [Read more...]

Swanson: Pastors with Gay Kids Should Resign

Kevin Swanson, the deranged right-wing pastor and radio talk show host who thinks gay people should be put to death (and still gets major Republican figures to appear with him on stage) says that any pastors who have gay children should resign because there's something wrong with them too. … [Read more...]

Wallnau Reveals Secret Plan for Dominionist Takeover

Professional con man, self-declared "prophet" and dominionist Lance Wallnau went on the radio show of David Barton, another professional con man and dominionist, and revealed a secret "underground" movement with "ninja sheep" in the White House to complete their agenda of theocratic control of society. … [Read more...]