Roy Moore for Supreme Court Justice?

Okay, say it with me: Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore. And then throw up a little in your mouth at that horrifying thought. But Operation Rescue is urging Donald Trump to nominate Moore to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court. An email they sent out supporting a petition to do so: … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets Email

Here's a very special email sent to Mikey Weinstein by a blatant anti-Semite. It's the usual "Jews killed Christ" thing plus the almost ubiquitous use of MFFR to stand for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Are all bigoted theocrats dyslexic or something? … [Read more...]

Robison: God Wants Trump to Be America’s Daddy

TV evangelist con artist James Robison is still on his "Trump is a vessel of God" crusade, which gets battier by the moment. In his latest article about it, he says God wants Trump to be the "father to a fatherless nation," meaning the United States. … [Read more...]

Dominionist Repents for Not Begging for Money

Lance Wallnau, an advocate of Seven Mountains Dominionism and self-declared "prophet" who says God told him to support Donald Trump, took to Facebook to repent to his followers for the "sin" of not asking them to send him money. … [Read more...]

DeVos’ Education Goal is to ‘Advance God’s Kingdom’

Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump's nominee to be the new secretary of education, is, like her entire family, a staunch fundamentalist and near-theocrat. She proves that yet again by saying that her goal in working on education reform is to "advance God's kingdom." … [Read more...]

Rohrer: Force Immigrants to Become Christians

Sam Rohrer, head of the American Pastors Network, says that America should not accept any immigrants unless they first become Christians, like they (allegedly) did in ancient Israel (actually, they didn't). Because he thinks America is a Christian theocracy. … [Read more...]

Now Ted Cruz as Possible Attorney General Nominee?

It's difficult to know which leak from the Trump transition team to believe, so many names are being floated. The latest reporting is that Ted Cruz is being considered for the job of attorney general, a prospect that may be even more frightening than Rudy Giuliani. … [Read more...]

Secularism No More Threatened by Trump than by Any Other Republican

Religion News Service has an article about the dangerous threat that Donald Trump poses to the cause of secularism, and that's true. But I think something is missing from the analysis here, which is that he poses no more of a threat than any other Republican candidate would have if they'd won. … [Read more...]

Garlow: We Don’t Have to Follow Laws Other Than God’s

Megachurch pastor and theocrat Jim Garlow urged his followers to prepare for civil disobedience, though of course without ever being specific about what that would mean, and tells them that they they don't have to comply with any law that contradicts "God's law." … [Read more...]

Now Shoebat Wants Trump Executed

Add Donald Trump to the long list of people that Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat wants put to death. Though he has previously praised Trump during the campaign, he made the mistake of holding up an "LGBTs for Trump" flag at a rally and that's it, Shoebat wants him murdered. … [Read more...]

Moore Backer Peroutka Supports Justice Parker Too

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is hardly the only problem on that court. His protege, Justice Tom Parker, is nearly as bad, though not quite as brazen about it as Moore is. Turns out that the same guy, the infamous Michael Peroutka, has been a big financial supporter of both of them. … [Read more...]

Gingrich: Pastors Must Stand Up Against ‘Totalitarian Secularism’

Noted paragon of virtue and morality Newt Gingrich addressed David Lane's theocratic American Renewal Project and said that "Judeo-Christian values" (whatever that means) are under attack and that pastors must stand against the spooky specter of "totalitarian secularism" (whatever that means). … [Read more...]