Wingnut: Dallas Shooting a False Flag. Or Caused by Evolution.

David Whitney, a dominionist minister who teaches a fake version of American history for the Christian Reconstructionist Institute on the Constitution, says that the shooting of police officers in Dallas was a false flag operation. Or they were caused by evolution, take your pick. … [Read more...]

Dean Publishes Shoebat Column Wanting Murder of Gay People

Bradlee Dean threw a major tantrum when we quoted him in 2010 saying that Muslims are more moral than Christians because they actually put gay people to death as the Bible commands. But here he is republishing a Theodore Shoebat commentary calling for exactly that: … [Read more...]

Wiles: Rid the Nation of Muslims or We’re All Going to Die

Rick Wiles can always be counted on to take the already vile and bigoted positions of others and make them infinitely worse. He says that we have to round up every Muslim in the country and deport them, then amend the Constitution to declare America a Christian nation, or "we're all going to die." … [Read more...]

Hard and Soft Dominionism in Texas

David Brockman has a long article in the Texas Observer about the influence of Christian dominionists in Texas politics. I was happy to see that he made a distinction between what he terms "hard" and "soft" dominionism because I think there's an important distinction there. … [Read more...]

Leader of American Pastors Network Comes Out as Theocrat

Sam Rohrer, founder and president of the American Pastors Network, has gone full-on theocrat with his pronouncement that “God’s law must always reign supreme” over man's law. Wanna bet he also swears that he reveres the Constitution on a regular basis? … [Read more...]

Eidsmoe Defends Roy Moore

John Eidsmoe, a dominionist attorney who was Michele Bachmann's mentor at Oral Roberts University, was on Jerry Newcombe's radio show and zealously defended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Like Moore, he believes that "God's law" trumps the Constitution. … [Read more...]

Lively’s Warped Notions About Fascism

Scott Lively's connection to reality has always been more than a bit tenuous. In a column on his website, he suggests that when Donald Trump is elected president, he should join forces with Vladimir Putin to put down the "fascism" of gay rights just like our two countries fought Nazi fascism in WW2. … [Read more...]

Theocrats Again Want Officials to Ignore the Supreme Court

Not content with telling state officials that it's okay to ignore the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage, now the theocrats -- and I don't mean routine Christian right folks, I mean actual theocrats -- are demanding that they ignore Roe v Wade and endorse old anti-abortion laws. … [Read more...]

Shoebat Again Calls for Murder of Gay People

The utterly irrational and deranged Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat is once again calling for the mass murder of all gay people. His excuse? One gay rape in England. But as always for marginalized groups, the actions of every individual automatically represents the entire group. … [Read more...]

Jonathan Cahn Preaches Theocracy to Members of Congress

For the last few years the usual suspects have hosted an event called "Washington - Man of Prayer" at the U.S. Capitol and dozens of members of Congress have shown up. For two years in a row now they've invited messianic Jewish end-times preacher Jonathan Cahn to speak. This year he went full-on theocrat: … [Read more...]

Barton Repeats Dominionist Roots of Christian Government School

Professional liar and fake historian David Barton is starting a school of government at Charis Bible College in Colorado and he has yet again stated that it will be based on Seven Mountains Dominionism, which teaches that Christians must take over every aspect of society, including the government, to create a theocracy. … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Cruz Is an ‘Evil Heretic and Psychopath’

Okay, Theodore Shoebat is now my favorite KKKristian. I've had endless amounts of fun over the years with Bryan Fischer, Louis Gohmert and many others, but no one brings the stupid as consistently as Shoebat does. And he even tops Fischer when it comes to displaying a breathtaking lack of self-awareness. … [Read more...]