Satan Clubs and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Jerry Newcombe is a minister who knows absolutely nothing about constitutional law, but in line with the Dunning-Kruger effect, that does not prevent him from spouting off on the subject as if he does. His latest column is pure nonsense about the constitutionality of satanist student clubs in public schools. … [Read more...]

AFA Official Argues for Theocracy

Rob Chambers, the national field director for the American Family Association, says that it's "unbiblical" to reject same-sex marriage but believe that others should be allowed to participate in one. Sounds a lot like theocracy to me. … [Read more...]

How Barton Teaches About the Government

You probably know by now that David Barton has launched his own schools of government at both Charis Bible College and Ecclesia College (both unaccredited, of course). Warren Throckmorton flags a video of Barton explaining his approach, which is full-on Seven Mountains Dominionism. … [Read more...]

Swanson Can’t Believe God’s Judgment Hasn’t Come Yet

Christian fascist Kevin Swanson just can't believe that God hasn't judged America yet. I mean, we have legal abortion, legal gay marriage, we let those black people get all uppity. Why hasn't God judged the nation yet and destroyed us all? But he's sure it's on the way. … [Read more...]

Shoebat Wants Hillary Clinton Killed for Witchcraft, Sodomy

Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat has another video demanding the murder of someone he doesn't like, this time Hillary Clinton. She's a witch, a devil worshiper and a lesbian, he proclaims without evidence, so he wants her put to death immediately. … [Read more...]

Benham Makes the Case for Theocracy

Charlotte, North Carolina passed a bill to protect against transgender discrimination, which resulted in the infamous state law forbidding such protections. But anti-choice extremist Flip Benham is still going to city council meetings to rant about it. In his latest appearance, he made a case for theocracy: … [Read more...]

Christian Totalitarian: Democrats Hate God!

Pastor David Whitney, a Christian Reconstructionist -- that is, Christian totalitarian or fascist -- who helps lead the Institute on the Constitution (as they imagine it to be), gives his theocratic interpretation of the Democratic platform's call for LGBT equality. … [Read more...]

Warzywak: Satan Behind the Never Trumpers

Rick Warzywak is the head of the Michigan chapter of the Oak Initiative, a Christian dominionist group with incredibly extreme views. He just sent out a message to all Oak Initiative members saying that Satan is behind those who refuse to support Donald Trump. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Anti-American Conception of Rights

Bryan Fischer is well-known as a Christian theocrat with very confused views about the Constitution, so it's no surprise that he makes the ridiculous claim that since rights are "God-given," anything that God says not to do in the Bible can't be a right in this country. … [Read more...]

Bachmann: Islam Wants to Dominate the World!

From the Department of Irony: Michele Bachmann says that Islam must be defeated because its goal is to dominate the world and institute Sharia law. Because that's totally different from the Christian dominionism that she has long advocated. … [Read more...]

Garlow: Hand Welfare to Churches Like a Theocracy

Self-declared "prophet" Jim Garlow says that we should eliminate all welfare, including Social Security and Medicare, over to the churches. You know, like they did during the theocracy in the Bible. Yes, he actually said that and used that very word. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Dallas Shooting a False Flag. Or Caused by Evolution.

David Whitney, a dominionist minister who teaches a fake version of American history for the Christian Reconstructionist Institute on the Constitution, says that the shooting of police officers in Dallas was a false flag operation. Or they were caused by evolution, take your pick. … [Read more...]