Jonathan Cahn Preaches Theocracy to Members of Congress

For the last few years the usual suspects have hosted an event called "Washington - Man of Prayer" at the U.S. Capitol and dozens of members of Congress have shown up. For two years in a row now they've invited messianic Jewish end-times preacher Jonathan Cahn to speak. This year he went full-on theocrat: … [Read more...]

Barton Repeats Dominionist Roots of Christian Government School

Professional liar and fake historian David Barton is starting a school of government at Charis Bible College in Colorado and he has yet again stated that it will be based on Seven Mountains Dominionism, which teaches that Christians must take over every aspect of society, including the government, to create a theocracy. … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Cruz Is an ‘Evil Heretic and Psychopath’

Okay, Theodore Shoebat is now my favorite KKKristian. I've had endless amounts of fun over the years with Bryan Fischer, Louis Gohmert and many others, but no one brings the stupid as consistently as Shoebat does. And he even tops Fischer when it comes to displaying a breathtaking lack of self-awareness. … [Read more...]

Barton Admits Goal of PoliSci School is Dominionist

David Barton, who has made it quite clear that he is a theocrat, admitted on his radio program that the new David Barton School of Government at a Christian college in Arkansas is a tool to help Christians conquer the "mountain" of government, drawing on the teachings of Seven Mountains Dominionism. … [Read more...]

Yep, Walid Shoebat is a Murderous Christian Fascist Too

I've written a lot about Theodore Shoebat, who gleefully advocates a Christian theocracy that would "slaughter" all gay people, along with non-Christians and virtually everyone else. And I've wondered if his father, fake "ex-terrorist" Walid Shoebat, on whose website he publishes his noxious barbarism, agrees with him. Yep. He starts by lying: … [Read more...]

Cruz Defends Mike Bickle Endorsement

The Ted Cruz campaign is defending the endorsement of Mike Bickle, a far-right dominionist and self-declared "prophet" who says that God sent Hitler to hunt down the Jews, and refusing to repudiate those views. The excuse: He's just one of many Christian leaders who have endorsed Cruz. As if that was in any way relevant. … [Read more...]

Shoebat Demands an End to Religious Freedom

Theodore Shoebat continues to lay out his plan for a Christian fascist society. He's already demanded the "slaughter" of gay people over and over again. Now he says that only idiots and morons support freedom of religion and demands that atheist books be burned and atheists be arrested. … [Read more...]

Gohmert: Supreme Court Declared Itself God

Oh, Louis Gohmert. If you didn't exist, I might have to invent you just for the lulz. He guest hosted a Christian right radio show last week and said that the Supreme Court has now declared itself to be our god by allowing gay people to get married because they ignored Moses. The nerve of them! … [Read more...]

John Fea on Ted Cruz’ Dominionism

John Fea, a well-respected Christian historian from Master's College, has a new column at Religion News documenting that Ted Cruz is a genuine dominionism, specifically an advocate of Seven Mountains Dominionism. He also has a post on his blog introducing the column, in which he points out that we should not use that term as casually as we often do: … [Read more...]

Barton Goes Full-on Theocrat

We've all known for a long time that David Barton is a theocrat who thinks the Bible should determine the law of the land. In his Foundations of Freedom video series, he makes this explicit by saying that we can't hold a vote to legalize abortion or homosexuality because it violates God's "fixed moral law." … [Read more...]

Cruz: I’m a Christian First, American Second

Ted Cruz is upset that some old-school Republicans like Bob Dole have begun to openly oppose his nomination, so now he's claiming that the Republican "establishment" has chosen to support Donald Trump. That's a rather laughable claim, but we're used to those from Cruz. And along the way, he throws out this jaw-dropping claim that would sound so different if you just replaced one word: … [Read more...]

Shoebat Writer: MLK Was ‘Of the Antichrist’

While most wingnuts are trying everything they can to pretend that Martin Luther King was really just like them, the wingnut's wingnuts, the fringe of the fringe like our friends at, are making it clear that, to them, Martin Luther King was a heretic and was "of the Antichrist" because he had a more liberal interpretation of the Bible than their brand of Christian fascism. … [Read more...]