Reefer Madness in Maryland

The state legislature in Maryland is considering a couple bills that would either decriminalize or legalize marijuana in that state. The police chief of Annapolis went to testify against those bills and offered up a fake story from a satire site in his testimony: … [Read more...]

The Mythical Meth Epidemic

A new report finds that the massive media hype about the horrible meth epidemic was exactly that, mostly hyperbole. This is, in fact, a repeat from every other vastly exaggerated drug crisis over the last hundred years, from reefer madness to crack babies. … [Read more...]

Awww. The Narcs Don’t Like Obama Telling the Truth

President Obama came out recently and made the entirely accurate statement that smoking pot is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol and the people who spend their lives trying to destroy the lives of people who smoke pot are very upset about it, including the head of the DEA: … [Read more...]

Nancy Grace’s Reefer Madness

Nancy Grace had Mason Tvert, Director of Communications for the Marijuana Policy Project, on her show and had her usual hysterical and melodramatic overreaction. Marijuana must remain illegal, she declared, because it causes people to "kill whole families." … [Read more...]

The Racist Nature of Marijuana Arrests

Surveys have long shown that black and white people use, buy and sell marijuana at pretty much identical levels, but the numbers of arrests, convictions and incarceration has long been wildly disparate. Adam Serwer published this chart that demonstrates this for the last few years: … [Read more...]

Seriously, This Must Stop

Here's another absolutely repulsive case of the government essentially committing sexual assault on someone on the suspicion that they have drugs in a bodily orifice. And all based on an "alert" from a drug-sniffing dog, which are wrong about 80% of the time. … [Read more...]

Columbia, SC Should Fire Their Police Chief

I suppose I should be accustomed to being routinely appalled by the thinking and behavior of law enforcement officials by now, but I find myself in a bit of shock over statements from Ruben Santiago, the Interim Police Chief in Columbia, South Carolina, on the agency's Facebook page. After taking criticism for a big pot bust, Santiago had this exchange with an advocate of legalization: … [Read more...]

Krokodil? Call It Reefer Madness 2: Electric Bugaloo

A couple weeks ago my Facebook news feed, like yours I imagine, exploded with dire warnings complete with horrifying pictures about the dangerous epidemic of krokodil, a cheap version of heroin that was supposedly sweeping the nation. My response was one big eye roll. Here we go again, I thought. And the Chicago Tribune reports what I assumed was the case: … [Read more...]

ALEC Goes Public With Opposition to Mandatory Minimums

The American Legislative Exchange Council, which has been responsible for pushing some of the most appalling legislation in the country, is at least getting it right when it comes to mandatory minimum sentences. After quietly supporting reform behind the scenes (which is how the group nearly always operates), the group's Cara Sullivan has gone public with an op-ed in the Moonie Times: … [Read more...]

Drug Possession Most Common Cause of Arrest

The FBI has released the 2012 Uniform Crime Report and it shows that drug law violations were the single most common cause for arrest in the United States, with the overwhelming majority of those arrests being for possession only. The numbers are quite ridiculous. … [Read more...]

Another State Drug Testing Failure

We've already seen that drug testing for welfare recipients has cost more than it saved in other states and now Utah has found the same thing. Their system was quite different from Florida's, involving a written test that was supposed to tell who needs to be given a drug test. … [Read more...]

Obama vs Bush on Medical Marijuana

During his 2008 presidential campaign, President Obama repeatedly said that if elected he would make sure the DEA shifted its focus away from those states were marijuana is legal. In reality, the opposite has happened. He's actually spent more in 4 1/2 years fighting medical marijuana than Bush did in 8 years. … [Read more...]