Hillary Was Going to Turn Every Church Into a Mosque!

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire has managed to find someone as paranoid and ridiculous as he is, the so-called "firefighter prophet" Mark Taylor, who claims God told him Trump was going to become president back in 2011. Listen to this raving bit of inanity: … [Read more...]

The Dumbest Thing You’ll Read Today, Confederacy Edition

Corey Stewart was Donald Trump's state campaign chairman in Virginia and is now running for governor of that state. He also has a deep and abiding love of the Confederacy and he's so upset about New Orleans removing statues of Confederate heroes that he said this: … [Read more...]

Meeting of the Mind at the White House

Art Schlesinger famously said that JFK's cabinet was the single greatest collection of brainpower in the White House since Jefferson dined alone. I would submit that Wednesday night's meeting between Trump, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock was an intellectual void that dwarfs the Grand Canyon. … [Read more...]

Cain: Democrats Trying to ‘Steal’ the Georgia 6th Seat

With all the attention paid to Jon Ossoff narrowly missing the 50%+1 needed to avoid a runoff and flip a longtime Republican seat Democratic, Herman Cain seems to think that the seat belongs to Republicans and that Ossoff is trying to "steal" it. … [Read more...]

E.W. Jackson Makes the Dumbest Argument Ever

There is no statement that annoys me as much as when Christians claim that religion is a bad thing, but Christianity isn't a religion, it's a relationship. Here's wingnut pastor and failed VA gubernatorial candidate E.W. Jackson with his version: … [Read more...]

Lord: Trump is the Martin Luther King of Health Care

There has to be some unannounced competition going on this week where the person who can say the single dumbest thing gets a $1 billion award or something. Jeffrey Lord's entry into the sweepstakes: "Donald Trump is the Martin Luther King of health care." … [Read more...]

Okay, Spicer Has to Have Hit Peak Stupid, Right?

Since getting the job as White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer's daily press briefings have been like a volcano of stupidity. But he set the bar so high during his Tuesday press briefing that no one can ever top it, claiming that Assad is worse than Hitler because Hitler didn't use chemical weapons. … [Read more...]

PA Republican Thinks We’re Moving Closer to the Sun

Scott Wagner, a Republican (of course) state legislator from Pennsylvania who is also running for governor, is in serious need of some basic science classes. During a keynote address to a group of county officials, he had some spectacularly stupid things to say about global warming. … [Read more...]

Doocy: Obama ‘Trapped’ Trump by Wiretapping Russian Ambassador

Steve Doocy, the dumbest man on television, and his co-dolts from Fox and Friends are defending Rep. Devin Nunes' ridiculous behavior in the Trump/Russia investigation and Doocy is claiming that Obama set a trap for Trump by wiretapping the Russian ambassador. … [Read more...]

Joyner Doesn’t Understand How Government Works

Professional con man Rick Joyner clearly has no idea how our government works. Okay, so the list of things he has no idea about is pretty much endless. But his latest ignorant screed, this time about the courts issuing injunctions against Trump's travel ban, shows that he's totally clueless about the government. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave Ain’t Never Had No Need for Book Learnin’

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire, like most ignorant pseudo-macho men with violent fantasies, has no use for intelligence or thoughtfulness. And like most of them, he has constructed an elaborate scaffolding of idiocy to allow him to pretend that he's better than those fancy schmancy "thinkers." … [Read more...]

Barber, Staver Think Obama is Organizing Anarchists Against Trump

Matt Barber and Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, do the Liberty Counsel radio show together and it's the greatest collection of brainpower in Virginia since Jefferson's dog dined alone. Here's their latest ridiculous theory: … [Read more...]