Trump: I’ll Protect American-Made Products. Not Mine, of Course.

As he kicked off Made in America Week, Donald Trump hypocritically vowed to prevent other countries from "stealing" our jobs by manufacturing products for export to the United States. You know, like virtually everything he and his family has ever produced or sold. … [Read more...]

Hypocrisy: Made in America

This week the White House is hosting Made in America week, several days of blatant hypocrisy when the president and his daughter, also one of his closest advisers, will pretend to care about making products here while they make millions from products made somewhere else. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Budget and Growth Predictions Shot Down in Flames

Donald Trump claims that if his plans were passed, it would lead to 3% economic growth and the elimination of the deficit within 10 years. The Congressional Budget Office, after they stopped laughing, just shot down those claims like a North Korean missile. … [Read more...]

Why Single Payer Would Be Cheaper and Better

Robert Frank, an economics professor at Cornell, explains in a New York Times op-ed why a single payer health care system is ultimately cheaper and better than a system involving lots of private insurance companies. Every country that has a single payer system spends far less than we do on health care overall. … [Read more...]

But He’s Just Talking — Lying — to the People!

[Update]: Boy, did I blow this one. He was clearly talking about trade between North Korea and China, not the US and China. I totally misread it and went off on an irrelevant tangent as a result. Mea culpa. Totally my fault.The ridiculous defense of Trump's tweets that says he's just bypassing the media to talk directly to the people becomes more ridiculous with every tweet. On Wednesday, he tweeted out a message to and about China and trade that is both dishonest and inane. … [Read more...]

When Trump Said the Unemployment Rate Was Fake

Donald Trump continues to rail against the "fake news media" for not declaring the unemployment rate in America, which has continue to very slowly go down over the last few months just as it did for the last several years, an economic miracle of his doing. But during the campaign, he declared that rate to be completely fake. … [Read more...]

Trump: Why Won’t the Media Cover the Good News I Called Bad News?

One of the most ridiculous things Trump has done since taking office is to declare that the economy is now booming when the numbers are either the same or worse than they were when he was claiming that the Obama economy was terrible and America was crumbling. … [Read more...]

Study: Obamacare Replacement Would Cost a Million Jobs

A new study by the Commonwealth Fund concludes that if the Obamacare replacement bill, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) were to pass, it would result in the loss of almost $150 billion in economic output, almost $100 billion in state tax revenue, and almost a million jobs. … [Read more...]

Trump and Fox News Hype Jobs Record He Criticized Previously

During the campaign, Trump continually claimed that the jobs report was fake news, that the economy was in terrible shape and that the real unemployment rate was over 30%. But once taking office, suddenly every single job in that report was proof that he's turning the economy around. And here he is again, helped by Fox News: … [Read more...]

The False Choice Between Fighting Global Warming and Economic Growth

While announcing the formal withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate change accords, Donald Trump tried to frame it as a choice between fighting global warming and economic growth. As usual, he was completely distorting the reality of the situation. … [Read more...]

Trump Claims to Have Saved ‘Millions’ of Jobs on First Trip

Always eager to engage in wild exaggeration and self-aggrandizement, Donald Trump actually claimed on Twitter that his trip to Saudi Arabia and Israel had brought in billions of dollars (true, but the sale of weapons to the Saudis would have happened regardless, it was agreed to under Obama) and saved "millions" of jobs. … [Read more...]

Trump Pledges Trade War Over German Cars

Donald Trump's cringeworthy performance at the NATO summit was even worse than just his ignorance and/or dishonesty about the other nations owing us money. According to a report in Der Spiegel, he also went out of his way to insult Germany and pledge a trade war over their cars being sold in America. … [Read more...]