Falwell Jr. to Lead Trump Commission on Higher Education

In yet another example of Trump appointing a wolf to guard the hen house, he has chosen Jerry Falwell, Jr. to lead a commission on higher education reform. The commission, no doubt, will conclude that higher ed just needs a big ol' does of Jesus. … [Read more...]

Betsy DeVos and ‘Critical Thinking’

During her confirmation hearings to be the next secretary of education, Betsy DeVos was asked if she supporting teaching creationism in public schools, something her family has been pushing for decades. Her answer used all the old, dishonest buzzwords and catchphrases. … [Read more...]

Devos Didn’t Know She Was VP of Family Foundation. For 13 years.

Trump's Secretary of Education Nominee Betsy Devos is so busy trying to tear down public schools that she has no idea what foundations she has a seat on the board for. She now claims that she "never consented" to be a VP of her parents' controversial foundation. For 13 years. … [Read more...]

Charles Pierce on the DeVos Confirmation Hearing

There are few commentators who can use humor to break down political events. He's approaching being a modern day Mencken. And when it came to the Betsy DeVos confirmation hearings to be the next education secretary, he captures it perfectly. … [Read more...]

Another Unhinged Teacher in Our Schools

So here's a real peach of a guy, a teacher from Oklahoma who has called for all Muslims to be "butchered," said that Michelle Obama is really a man, and many other horrible things on his Facebook page. He made his page private when local residents complained, but you can read some of them here. … [Read more...]

WI Legislator Now Flipping Out Over Course on Masculinity

The same right-wing Wisconsin legislator who last week was clutching his pearls over a university course on "the problem of whiteness" is now losing his shit over a course that challenges views on his sacred and inviolable masculinity, whatever he imagines that to be. … [Read more...]

Falwell, Jr: Trump Offered Me Sec of Education Job First

As appalling as the nomination of Betsy DeVos to be the next secretary of education is, it apparently could have been even worse. Jerry Falwell, Jr. says that Trump offered him that position first but he turned it down for "personal reasons." … [Read more...]

The Betsy Devos Nomination. Egads.

So Donald Trump is nominating Betsy DeVos, someone whose political activities I have been following for a very long time, to be the secretary of education. To call this irresponsible is to seriously understate the dangers of putting her in charge of that department. … [Read more...]

Falwell Says He’ll Be in Trump Administration

Jerry Falwell, Jr. visited Donald Trump at that bad impersonation of Versailles that he calls an apartment in Manhattan and emerged saying that he is confident that he'll have a role in the new administration. Secretary of Education appears to be a possibility, though how likely is unclear. … [Read more...]

Appallingly Racist AP History Handouts in Washington

An archaeologist whose daughter is taking AP history at a school in Washington state was horrified when she saw a supplemental handout the teacher had given out, one that is 55 pages of racist, sexist right wing polemics. She's been posting excerpts to Twitter. … [Read more...]

Principal: Boys Get Bad Grades Because of Girls’ Clothes

It's the start of a new school year, so that means welcome back assemblies. An assistant principal in Texas decided that was the right time to tell the girls in the school that it's their fault that boys get bad grades because their clothing distracts them. … [Read more...]

IPads Will Save Christian College Students from ‘Secular Roommates’

A group of Christian schools in California are equipping students with iPads that contain "proven evidence" to help them maintain their faith against the scourge of "secular roommates" when they go to college. Their explanation of why that's necessary speaks volumes. … [Read more...]