Appallingly Racist AP History Handouts in Washington

An archaeologist whose daughter is taking AP history at a school in Washington state was horrified when she saw a supplemental handout the teacher had given out, one that is 55 pages of racist, sexist right wing polemics. She's been posting excerpts to Twitter. … [Read more...]

Principal: Boys Get Bad Grades Because of Girls’ Clothes

It's the start of a new school year, so that means welcome back assemblies. An assistant principal in Texas decided that was the right time to tell the girls in the school that it's their fault that boys get bad grades because their clothing distracts them. … [Read more...]

IPads Will Save Christian College Students from ‘Secular Roommates’

A group of Christian schools in California are equipping students with iPads that contain "proven evidence" to help them maintain their faith against the scourge of "secular roommates" when they go to college. Their explanation of why that's necessary speaks volumes. … [Read more...]

Michigan Gets a Bathroom Bill

As expected, Michigan now has its own "bathroom bill," thanks to Sen. Tom Casperson. SB993 is very different from the North Carolina bill that has gotten so much attention, though. The bathroom part of the North Carolina bill was not close to the worst part. This one actually mandates an accommodation for trans students: … [Read more...]

Holy Crap! Bruner Defeated for Texas SBOE

Color me shocked. Texas voters actually defeated Mary Lou Bruner, the utterly deranged wingnut who thinks President Obama used to be a gay prostitute and about a hundred other bizarre things, in the primary runoff for a seat on the Texas Board of Education. … [Read more...]

School Won’t Let Valedictorian Walk for Graduation Over a Goatee

The Tangipahoa School District in Louisiana is one of the worst school districts in the country. They have been caught forcing Christianity on students in about a dozen different ways, losing multiple court cases, and now they won't let the best student in the class walk for graduation...because he has a goatee. … [Read more...]

They’re Smearing Me by Quoting What I Said!

Mary Lou Bruner, the utterly deranged candidate for the Texas State Board of Education, says she is tired of the media "smearing" her by quoting the unbelievably stupid things she has said about...well, practically everything. It's just not fair! … [Read more...]

Teacher Fired for Using the Word Vagina

Here in West Michigan, things can be a bit...prudish. I know, I grew up here. A substitute art teacher in a Battle Creek suburb has now been fired because she used the word 'vagina' in a lesson about the paintings of Georgia O'Keefe to 8th grade students. … [Read more...]

MI Republican Plans Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill

It looks like Michigan will be getting its own "bathroom bill" to prevent trans people from using the public restroom that fits their gender identity. The State Board of Education was preparing some guidelines for schools on the matter and a Republican legislator sees an opportunity to pander to bigots. … [Read more...]

The Arkansas Teacher Story Gets Even Worse

Man, the story of that Arkansas teacher who shows The Passion of the Christ to his students was even worse than I thought. He accompanied that with a right-wing political rant and a quiz about the movie that was pure proselytization. It could have come from a Sunday school class. And that teacher has a history: … [Read more...]

Ark. Teacher Shows ‘Passion of the Christ’ to Class

A totally clueless history teacher in Arkansas, who was teaching history after 1890, decided that it was a good idea to show the gruesome movie The Passion of the Christ, which has nothing remotely to do with that topic, to his class. He got suspended for it, as he should. … [Read more...]

Idaho Legislator Has ‘Little Supreme Court in My Head’

The Idaho legislature just passed a bill allowing the Bible to be taught in public schools and the lead sponsor and advocate for the bill says that he knows it's constitutional because the "little Supreme Court in my head" has approved it. I'm sure that will stand up in court. … [Read more...]