Football Coach Says His Real Job is to Bring Kids to Christ

Church and State

Hemant already reported on the football coach from Mosley High School in Florida, Jeremy Brown, who told a local TV station that he doesn't really care if the team wins or not, his real job is to lead his players to Jesus. To that end, he prays with the team before and after every practice and game and proselytizes them at every opportunity. It's kind of an amazing admission: … [Read more...]

Texas SBOE: Experts? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Experts.


From the Department of Totally Unsurprising News: The Texas State Board of Education voted down a proposal by one of its members that would have established panels of experts from universities in the state to review the accuracy of textbooks in their specialty areas before the board votes on whether to adopt them. Because why in the world would you want knowledgeable people rather than right-wing cranks deciding what's in the textbooks? … [Read more...]

NC School Bans All Clubs to Prevent GSA from Forming

Church and State

The board of a charter school in North Carolina has tentatively decided to eliminate all student clubs so they can prevent an LGBT club from forming, with the bigoted local yokels spewing all sorts of stupid statement. Some even want the teacher who was to be the club's adviser to be punished. For what, exactly? Who the hell knows. These people are just plain unhinged in their anti-gay zeal. … [Read more...]

An Appalling Attack on Academic Freedom in Missouri

No, I'm not talking about the situation with racism on the University of Missouri campus, though that situation is plenty appalling. I'm talking about a Republican state senator in that state who is interfering and trying to stop a grad student from doing her grad thesis on the effect of the 72-hour waiting period for abortions on women. This is just staggeringly over the line: … [Read more...]

Rampant Proselytizing at Louisiana Public School

Church and State

You may recall that the ACLU sent a letter to Airline High School in Bossier Parish, Louisiana about a pattern of Christian proselytizing by teachers, coaches and administrators. That has brought out the usual cries of Christian persecution and strained denials that anyone has done anything illegal. But Zach Kopplin actually went to the school and interviewed current and former students and found out exactly what is going on: … [Read more...]

School Official Upset That Students are Informed of Their Rights


In Florida, state law requires schools to lead students in reciting the pledge of allegiance every day but also requires them to inform students that they have a right not to do so. The superintendent of the Santa Rosa County school district doesn't like that posting requirement and is publicly making it clear that if he had his way, he would keep students ignorant of their First Amendment rights. … [Read more...]

Another Teacher Doesn’t Understand the Law


The American Humanist Association's Appignani Humanist Legal Center has sent a letter to the East Syracuse Minoa School District in New York after a teacher there berated and bullied a student for not standing and reciting the pledge of allegiance. The teacher reportedly told the student "I don’t care about the law" when she told him she had a legal right not to say the pledge. … [Read more...]

Michigan School Pulls Book With Gay Character

A school in Monroe, Michigan has pulled a very popular children's book series from a school book fair because one of the characters in the most recent book in the series is gay. And if they keep the book there, it might give kids and parents gay cooties or something. The school principal and the PTO made the decision and the superintendent is supporting that decision. … [Read more...]

Girl Who Filmed Abusive Cop Arrested


I would guess that by now you've seen the horrible footage of a deputy sheriff in South Carolina throwing a high school girl across the room while sitting at her desk. That was bad enough, but now the girl who pulled out her cell phone and filmed the abusive cop has been arrested and held on a $1000 bond for "disturbing the school." Like she was the one who caused the disturbance. … [Read more...]

Even Conservatives Wary of Carson’s College Censorship Plan

Credit: Michael Vadon

Showing once again that he either doesn't understand the First Amendment or doesn't give a damn about it, Ben Carson last week came up with the idea of having the federal government monitor and cut off federal aid to any university that shows "extreme political bias." It's a plan that even his fellow conservatives seem to be rather wary of, for rather obvious reasons. Dana Loesch challenged him on it on her show: … [Read more...]

Christians Take Over School Board Meeting

Church and State

The Okaloosa County School District in Florida is already in some legal trouble after a 2nd grade teacher allegedly led her students in prayer during class time, but they seem intent on doubling down and making it worse. The school board there just voted to hold Christian prayers before school board meetings, something that the courts have uniformly said is illegal (yes, even after Greece v Galloway, which involved city council meetings, not school board meetings). And they're being spurred on … [Read more...]

This is What Happens When Conservatives Run State School Boards


The Texas State Board of Education has long been a disaster, a haven for right-wing know-nothings who continually try to get their views into textbooks and curricula. Those views are almost always reject by actual scholars in the relevant fields, but that matters not at all to them. God, after all, is on their side. And now we see a perfect example -- might I say a textbook example? -- of what happens when we let conservatives write the textbook standards: … [Read more...]