Michigan, Flint Reach Settlement to Replace Lead Pipes

The state of Michigan and the city of Flint have reached a settlement in the dispute over lead in the drinking water. The settlement requires the state to pay $100 million to replace thousands of lead pipes throughout the city and keep distributing bottled water until that job is finished. … [Read more...]

Trump Wants to Eliminate Chemical Safety Board

Another appalling item in Trump's proposed budget is the elimination of the Chemical Safety Board, a federal commission that investigates chemical spills and accidents of toxic chemicals. Because why worry about things that endanger public health, amirite? … [Read more...]

Trump Wants to Slash Great Lakes Protection Funding

We have more specifics on the cuts Trump wants to make to the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency and it includes the near-elimination of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a crucial program for protecting the world's largest source of fresh water. … [Read more...]

What Trump Wants to Cut from EPA

CNN reports from sources at the EPA the list of programs Donald Trump wants to eliminate as part of his plan to cut funding for the Environmental Protection Agency by a whopping 25%. It's just the usual stuff. You know, clean air and water and other silly stuff like that. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Reckless and Dangerous Attack on the EPA

How do you destroy one of the most important federal agencies? By appointing one of its enemies to lead it and by undermining its ability to do its job. That's what Trump is doing to the EPA, promising to do away with 75% of its regulations. The results will be bad. … [Read more...]

Trump and Those Non-Existent Environmental Awards

Today's example that Donald Trump lives in a fantasy world of his own creation. He has repeatedly claimed that he has "won many, many environmental awards." He's never actually named one of them, of course. That's because they simply do not exist. … [Read more...]

Trump Wants to Defund NASA’s Climate Science Research

In an entirely unsurprising development, Donald Trump's adviser on NASA says he wants to gut the funding for the Earth Science division, the one that deals with climate science and global warming, and put the money into deep space research instead. … [Read more...]

Court Again Rejects Michigan’s Attempt to Stop Delivering Clean Water

A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling that rejected a request from the Michigan state government to not comply with an order that they deliver bottled water to all homes in Flint that do not have working filters to get the lead out of their drinking water. … [Read more...]

Snyder: It’s Such a Burden to Send Clean Water to Flint!

Andrew Sullivan used to title posts like this one "from the annals of chutzpah." Gov. Snyder's administration has asked a court not to make them keep sending bottled water to people in Flint who don't have filters to get the lead out of their water because it's an "unnecessary burden." … [Read more...]

Trump Supporter Asked About Flint Water; Hilarity Ensues

Right wing radio host and Trump supporter Andy Dean was asked a simple question: What would Donald Trump do to fix the water problem in Flint, a city he just visited yesterday. His answer was a rambling, babbling mess that included saying that Trump would build the wall on the Mexican border. Because that's totally relevant. … [Read more...]

Irish Pol Rejects Climate Change Because of Noah’s Ark

Turns out America isn't the only country with ignorant creationists in public office. An Irish legislator named Danny Healy-Rae says that global warming has to be wrong because Noah's Ark proves that only God controls the weather. … [Read more...]

Global Warming and the Flooding in Louisiana

My friend Samantha Montano, a PhD student in disasterology and the person who helped create the Humanist Disaster Recovery Teams for the Foundation Beyond Belief, has a column at Vox about the role of global warming in extreme weather events like the flooding in Louisiana. … [Read more...]