Activists Want Pipeline Under Mackinac Bridge Shut Down

In July, 2010, Lakehead pipeline 6B leaked around a million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River. As editor of the Michigan Messenger at the time, my two reporters, Todd Heywood and Eartha Melzer, did almost all of the good investigative reporting on the matter, including reporting that there's a pipeline right beneath the Mackinac Bridge. Activists now want that pipeline shut down. … [Read more...]

Palin Praises Documentary She Can’t Possibly Understand

Variety has an "exclusive" story about Sarah Palin praising a documentary that denies the reality of climate change. That praise is, as you would expect, just chock full of ignorance and sentences so idiotic that they make you cringe. And she's going to take part in a panel discussion about it, which should be loads of fun. … [Read more...]

Union Plumbers Install Lead Filters in Flint. Free.

Amid the doom and gloom and horror that is the situation in Flint, Michigan, a bit of good news. A plumbing industry trade group donated a bunch of water filters and a group of 300 union plumbers went to Flint over the weekend to install them for free. … [Read more...]

Snyder Admin. Provided Bottled Water to State Employees in Flint

Another day, another revelation that makes the Michigan state government look even worse in the appalling situation in Flint, where tens of thousands of people have been exposed to dangerous levels of lead. A new document reveals that the state provided bottled water to state employees in Flint in January of last year, almost a full year before they admitted the water was dangerous. … [Read more...]

Snyder Overruled Emergency Manager on Flint Water

It seems like every day there's a new story that makes the tragic poisoning of tens of thousands of people in Flint, Michigan even worse. Now it's been revealed that the emergency manager for the city appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder rejected the use of water from the Flint river because it was so polluted, but the Snyder administration overruled him and did it anyway under a new emergency manager. … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush Gives Weird Defense of Rick Snyder

Jeb Bush offered up a bizarre defense of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder in the wake of the wholesale poisoning of tens of thousands of Flint residents, somehow managing to blame the problem on confusing regulations. Because obviously, Snyder and others in his administration could not have figured out on his own that high lead levels in drinking water was a bad thing without consulting regulations. … [Read more...]

Snyder Hires PR Firm Over Flint Poisoning

Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan has some serious chutzpah. He's now decided to hire a pair of public relations firms to put a smiley face on his total incompetence in allowing the people of Flint to be poisoned with lead, a situation he knew about and covered up months before being shamed into actually doing something about it. … [Read more...]

Cities, States Using Bad Protocols to Fake Tests for Lead in Water

It appears that what happened in Flint, Michigan may only be the tip of the iceberg. The Guardian reports that a great many documents show that cities and even states around the country are using bad protocols when testing for lead contamination in drinking water supplies in order to make the levels appear lower than they actually are. This is rather disturbing news. … [Read more...]

New Emails Make Flint Scandal Even Worse

The Snyder administration here in Michigan was forced to release a bunch of emails related to the poisoning of Flint's water supply and they make the situation even worse. It turns out that his administration knew about the water problem several months earlier than we previously knew and they belittled, even mocked, the complaints from local residents and officials. … [Read more...]

Snyder Lies About Responsibility for Flint Water Poisoning

The Center for Michigan is a non-profit news organization that does excellent work, especially with their "truth squad" that operates like the factcheck sites for the state. They debunk the claim from Gov. Rick Snyder and other Republicans that the decision to switch sources for the city's drinking water was made by Flint officials. In fact, they could not possibly have made that decision. … [Read more...]

A Fox News Guest’s Bizarre Take on the Flint Water Story

Fox News decided to do a segment looking at the appalling situation in Flint, Michigan, where the city's drinking water is now loaded with lead because the state government decided to switch the water supply to a highly polluted river. What resulted is one of the weirdest, most rambling takes on the situation you can imagine. See if you can make any sense of this at all: … [Read more...]

Muslim Group Donates 30,000 Bottles of Water in Flint

Showing just how devious and cunning those Muslims can be, a Muslim group in Dearborn, Michigan has donated 30,000 bottles of water to the people of Flint, where the state-appointed emergency manager managed to poison thousands of people by switching the water supply to one with a high lead content in order to save a few million dollars. … [Read more...]