Poll Shows Support for Equality, Opposition to Discrimination

A new poll by the First Amendment Center finds that a majority of Americans not only support marriage equality, they also support non-discrimination laws for businesses that provide marriage services and reject the idea that religious beliefs can justify such discrimination. … [Read more...]

South Carolina Town Reinstates Lesbian Police Chief

You may remember a few weeks ago when the mayor of Latta, South Carolina fired the town's police chief because she's a lesbian and he's a bigot. Well the people of that town just stripped the mayor of much of his power and the chief is going to get her job back. … [Read more...]

Washington Times Fudges March for Marriage Numbers

The Washington Times reported on Thursday that the National Organization's March for Marriage attracted "hundreds" of people, then later changed it to "thousands." But the telltale signs of the change are rather obvious because the URL for the article still says hundreds. Oops. … [Read more...]

Paulk on the Sham of ‘Ex-Gay Therapy’

John Paulk, one of the leading spokesmen for the "ex-gay" movement for two decades, has an article in Politico Magazine explaining why he left the movement and went back to being what he was all along, which is a gay man. His (presumably soon-to-be ex) wife continues to pretend God magically turned her straight. … [Read more...]

New Poll on LGBT Discrimination

YouGov has a new poll of 1000 Americans that reveals a lot about the limitations of such polling, how just a slight change in the wording of a question can dramatically change the results. The poll was about workplace discrimination against LGBT people. Here was the first question: … [Read more...]

Ralph Reed Plays Pretend

In addition to the National Organization for Marriage's March for Marriage late last week, there was also the "Road to Majority" conference put on by Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition. Ralph Reed told the audience that the battle against marriage equality is like the battle against slavery -- and they're totally gonna win. … [Read more...]

NOM Speakers Warn of God’s Judgment

One of the recurring themes of NOM's March for Marriage was that if we didn't turn from our wicked ways of freedom and equality, their imaginary friend was going to go medieval -- literally -- on our asses, from sea to shining sea. Sam Rohrer of the American Pastor's Network said gay marriage will “destroy the very fabric of our nation” and “invite God’s judgment." … [Read more...]

Presbyterian Church (USA) Embraces Marriage Equality

In a major development, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the country, is embracing marriage equality. At their annual conclave, they voted to allow their ministers to perform same-sex weddings where they're legal. … [Read more...]

Brian Brown’s Historical Delusion

At NOM's March for Marriage, Brian Brown, who runs that organization (into the ground, apparently), predicted that history would judge him well, that "people will look back at this time and remember those of us who stood up for the truth." No Brian. They're going to look back at you the same way we look at George Wallace, as bigots who were left behind. … [Read more...]

So Much For That Gay Marriage Backlash

For years, Christian right leaders have been warning that the trend toward legalizing same-sex marriage was going to cause a massive backlash of angry Americans, even going so far as to claim that it's going to cause another civil war. A new poll pretty much destroys that idea. … [Read more...]

A New NOM Rises From the Ashes?

Jeremy Hooper reports that most of the people involved in forming the National Organization for Marriage have now formed a new organization, The Princeton Group. This has not been made public and it doesn't appear to have official non-profit status, but could this be a new NOM rising from the ashes of the old one? … [Read more...]

AL Court Overturns Law SCOTUS Already Struck Down

An Alabama state appeals court has struck down that state's ban on consensual gay sex, a law that was already overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003 in Lawrence v Texas. Ala. Code 1975 says that any "deviate sexual intercourse" is illegal and that consent does not matter: … [Read more...]