Schaub: Trump Didn’t Want to Certify His Financial Disclosures

Walter Schaub, the recently resigned director of the Office of Government Ethics, is now telling stories about what went on when Trump took office. One of those stories is that Trump didn't want to certify that his financial disclosure statements were true. … [Read more...]

Sekulow: ‘Not Fair’ to Criticize Ethics of Russia Meeting

Jay Sekulow is a Christian right leader, and like most of them he is far more "right" than he is Christian. Despite his public declarations of faith and pretense that only Christianity can ground morality, he says it's just not fair to expect (Republican) politicians to think about ethics during a campaign. … [Read more...]

WaPo: Trump Asked Coats to Intervene with Comey Too

The Washington Post has yet another revelation that shows how desperate Trump is to shut down the Russia investigation, and how totally unethical he is. He asked Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats if he would interview with Comey to kill the investigation. … [Read more...]

Sessions Offered to Resign Over Tensions with Trump

Things have gotten so tense between Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions that the AG offered to resign his position, which Trump did not accept. But it does make you wonder how long Sessions is going to be around given the circumstances. … [Read more...]

KY Judge Recuses Himself from All Gay Adoption Cases

Here's an interesting situation. A state judge in Kentucky has announced that he will recuse himself from any and all cases involving gay couples and adoption because he cannot impartially apply the law due to his belief that gay couples should never raise children. … [Read more...]

Conway Violates Ethics Law to Promote Ivanka Trump’s Products

Baghdad Kellyanne Conway quite blatantly violated federal ethics laws by going on national television with Fox and Friends and telling people to buy some of Ivanka Trump's clothing line and other products. This is as obviously illegal as it an be. … [Read more...]

Trump Backs Down on ‘Lock Her Up’ and Right is Furious

After spending the last several months whipping his crowds of mindless authoritarians into a frenzy with chants of "lock her up," Donald Trump has suddenly decided he has no interest in doing so even if he had the power to (which he doesn't, and never did). And some of those supporters feel betrayed by it. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Bizarre Meeting with the New York Times

Donald Trump went to the New York Times office to speak to their reporters and editors and the reporters were allowed to reveal what was said (I hope they conditioned the meeting on it being on the record). He made some highly dishonest and just plain strange claims. But much of it was just empty pablum. … [Read more...]