Betsy DeVos and ‘Critical Thinking’

During her confirmation hearings to be the next secretary of education, Betsy DeVos was asked if she supporting teaching creationism in public schools, something her family has been pushing for decades. Her answer used all the old, dishonest buzzwords and catchphrases. … [Read more...]

Ken Ham Mad at Being Tied to Wrong Idiotic Theory

The Washington Post had an article about Ken Ham and his Ark Encounter, the first theme park ever devoted to a mass genocide event, and they said that he believes the (non-existent) flood killed off the dinosaurs. And he's mad because he believes something equally stupid: … [Read more...]

Kent Hovind Fan Sends Me an Email

I got an email on Monday from a guy named Jordan Gray, who is apparently a fan of Kent Hovind. It's in response -- or at least he thinks it is -- to a blog post I wrote more than 11 years ago. That post was a response to a comment left by another Hovind fan. Both that comment and the email are as dumb as you might expect. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Denies Cert in Absurd Anti-Evolution Lawsuit

The Supreme Court this week decided not to hear an appeal of an absolutely ridiculous lawsuit out of Kansas that claimed that the teaching of evolution is an establishment of the religion of atheism. Both the district and appeals court rejected that suit, so it's now over. … [Read more...]

Irish Pol Rejects Climate Change Because of Noah’s Ark

Turns out America isn't the only country with ignorant creationists in public office. An Irish legislator named Danny Healy-Rae says that global warming has to be wrong because Noah's Ark proves that only God controls the weather. … [Read more...]

WND: Evidence of Flood is Proof of Noah!

The Worldnetdaily uses the standard Young Earth Creationist tactic of claiming that evidence of any flood anywhere is evidence of one huge flood that buried the entire planet. It's a monumentally stupid argument, of course, which is why it's being published by WND. … [Read more...]

Josh Rosenau Hits Nail on Head on the Ark Park

My friend Josh Rosenau of the National Center for Science Education has an essay in New Scientist about Ken Ham's new Noah's Ark theme park. He points out that public schools that take kids on field trips there will be rather obviously violating the law: … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Dallas Shooting a False Flag. Or Caused by Evolution.

David Whitney, a dominionist minister who teaches a fake version of American history for the Christian Reconstructionist Institute on the Constitution, says that the shooting of police officers in Dallas was a false flag operation. Or they were caused by evolution, take your pick. … [Read more...]

Ken Ham Sets Himself Up for a Butt Kicking

A few days ago, the FFRF sent a letter to about a thousand school districts in the region telling them that if they hold field trips to go to Ken Ham's Ark Park, they will be violating the First Amendment. Ham responded by making it essentially free for schools to do so. … [Read more...]

Christian Scientists Debunk Flood Geology and the Grand Canyon

One of the most laughable arguments from young earth creationists is that the Grand Canyon was deposited and dug during the global flood that Noah escaped in the ark. With the opening of the Ark park in Kentucky, a group of Christian scientists are thoroughly debunking that argument at the BioLogos website. … [Read more...]

IPads Will Save Christian College Students from ‘Secular Roommates’

A group of Christian schools in California are equipping students with iPads that contain "proven evidence" to help them maintain their faith against the scourge of "secular roommates" when they go to college. Their explanation of why that's necessary speaks volumes. … [Read more...]

Limbaugh Repeats Dumbest Anti-Evolution Argument

If one can identify the single dumbest argument against evolution, it might well be the "if we evolved from apes, why are there still apes" argument. So naturally, Rush Limbaugh made that exact argument when discussing the killing of a gorilla in a zoo after a young child got into his space. … [Read more...]