Statue of Clarence Darrow Unveiled in Dayton, TN

On Friday, a bronze state of famed attorney Clarence Darrow, who defended teacher John Scopes on charges of teaching evolution in the infamous Scopes trial in 1925, was unveiled at the courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee, site of the trial. … [Read more...]

Theocrat Blames Evolution for Racist Murder

A couple weeks ago a University of Maryland student who was a hardcore racist murdered a black student from another school. David Whitney from the Christian Reconstructionist group Institute on the Constitution naturally blames it all on the teaching of evolution. … [Read more...]

Gianforte: Retirement is Not in the Bible

Greg Gianforte, the newly elected Republican congressman from Montana who assaulted a reporter from the Guardian on Wednesday night, is a real piece of work. Like Rabbi Daniel Lapin and a handful of other wingnuts, he thinks retirement is wrong because it isn't mentioned in the Bible. … [Read more...]

‘Teach the Controversy,’ Now With 250% More Lawsuits!

A Republican legislator in Florida has proposed a bill that would allow anyone -- parents, teachers or just some random person from anywhere -- sue a school district for teaching actual science in science classrooms. Genius! … [Read more...]

Farah is Blathering About Science and Evolution Again

There are few things more absurd than Worldnetdaily owner Joseph Farah writing about science, a subject he has zero understanding of. So it's hardly a surprise when he declares that a recent find of that may be the oldest organic material on earth is "fake news from 4 billion years ago." … [Read more...]

Christian Scientists Debunk Young Earth Creationist Film

There's a new documentary out called Is Genesis History? that is making the rounds. It's all the usual young earth creationist claptrap, of course. A group of Christian scientists at BioLogos critique the film's rampant distortions of the scientific evidence. … [Read more...]

Climate Deniers Borrow Page from Creationists

Remember that infamous list of scientists who doubt Darwinian evolution put out by the Discovery Institute a decade or so ago, the one that had few on the list with any expertise in evolutionary fields? The climate change deniers are now doing the same thing. … [Read more...]

Betsy DeVos and ‘Critical Thinking’

During her confirmation hearings to be the next secretary of education, Betsy DeVos was asked if she supporting teaching creationism in public schools, something her family has been pushing for decades. Her answer used all the old, dishonest buzzwords and catchphrases. … [Read more...]

Ken Ham Mad at Being Tied to Wrong Idiotic Theory

The Washington Post had an article about Ken Ham and his Ark Encounter, the first theme park ever devoted to a mass genocide event, and they said that he believes the (non-existent) flood killed off the dinosaurs. And he's mad because he believes something equally stupid: … [Read more...]

Kent Hovind Fan Sends Me an Email

I got an email on Monday from a guy named Jordan Gray, who is apparently a fan of Kent Hovind. It's in response -- or at least he thinks it is -- to a blog post I wrote more than 11 years ago. That post was a response to a comment left by another Hovind fan. Both that comment and the email are as dumb as you might expect. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Denies Cert in Absurd Anti-Evolution Lawsuit

The Supreme Court this week decided not to hear an appeal of an absolutely ridiculous lawsuit out of Kansas that claimed that the teaching of evolution is an establishment of the religion of atheism. Both the district and appeals court rejected that suit, so it's now over. … [Read more...]

Irish Pol Rejects Climate Change Because of Noah’s Ark

Turns out America isn't the only country with ignorant creationists in public office. An Irish legislator named Danny Healy-Rae says that global warming has to be wrong because Noah's Ark proves that only God controls the weather. … [Read more...]