Ridiculous Creationist Lawsuit Dismissed

Church and State

Earlier this year, a crackpot in West Virginia filed a federal lawsuit against the Jefferson County Board of Education, the state government and the federal government, claiming that the teaching of evolution in that school system was harming his daughter's ability to get into college. Oh, and that he can prove mathematically that evolution is a religion, not a science. The judge, shockingly, dismissed the case. … [Read more...]

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Carson Totally Clueless About Evolution

Credit: Michael Vadon https://goo.gl/cS3vxP

Ben Carson is a brilliant man. You don't become one of the world's leading neurosurgeons being dumb. But like a lot of brilliant people who specialize in one thing, when they talk about something other than that specialty they can sound really stupid. Which explains why, when he talks about evolution, he sounds like your average high school creationist regurgitating nonsense from Answers in Genesis. … [Read more...]

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Matthew Hagee is a Bit of an Idiot

Matthew Hagee, or Hagee the Lesser (his father, the vile John Hagee, is Hagee the Greater), preached a sermon at his daddy's church in which he blamed evolution for abortion and 55 million "dead babies." While I'm sure the congregation cheered him on, he only put his own stupidity and ignorance on display. … [Read more...]

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Ken Ham Makes SETI Comments Even Worse

If you thought Ken Ham's previous statement about how we shouldn't look for life elsewhere in the universe because Jesus couldn't save them were dumb, he just made them even dumber in an interview with Ray Comfort. Not only should we defund SETI, he says we should use that money to build creation museums. … [Read more...]

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SC Education Committee Votes to Weaken Evolution

Remember Mike Fair, the South Carolina state senator who tried to prevent the mammoth from being named the state fossil unless it had Biblical language in the proclamation? Well he's back and still trying anything he can to undermine the validity of evolution as taught in schools. … [Read more...]

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Ken Ham’s Idiotic Bleatings About SETI

It seems that there is nothing that Ken Ham's cartoonishly simplistic ideas about what his enemies believe can't explain. Charles Darwin has invaded everything, according to Ham, even forcing us to look for evidence of extra-terrestrial life. … [Read more...]

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MN Republican Candidate A Young Earther

Remember Bob Frey, Michele Bachmann's buddy who is running for Congress from Minnesota and thinks that AIDS is caused by an enzyme in sperm? I'm sure you'll be shocked to find out that he's also a young earth creationist who thinks humans and dinosaurs lived together and that this should be taught in schools. … [Read more...]

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WTF, Atlanta Public Schools?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a disturbing article about a science teacher at Grady High School in Atlanta using that infamous "creationism vs evolution" cartoon from the Institute for Creation Research museum, the one that ascribes evolution to Satan, during a classroom lecture. This one: … [Read more...]

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Clams in Kansas Prove Creationism!

David Rives is one of the c-team creationists and the Worldnetdaily shows his videos every week. In his latest video he declares that clams in Kansas prove that there was a global flood because Kansas some of the clams were found "in a fully closed position" and Kansas is "nearly 1000 miles from the nearest ocean" and "2500 feet above sea level." … [Read more...]

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Oh Boy, Another Creation Museum

Ken Ham's creation museum in Northern Kentucky is the most expensive and fanciest of its kind, but there are lots of smaller creation museums all over the country. Now there's a new one coming to Boise, Idaho, and the people behind it are predictably clueless. … [Read more...]

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The Scopes Trial Still Fascinates

Rachel Maddux has an interesting article about the annual celebration of the Scopes trial in the town where it took place, Dayton, Tennessee. One of the things that most people don't understand about the trial is that it was almost entirely a show trial, engineered by both the town and the ACLU (the former for financial reasons, the latter for legal reasons). … [Read more...]

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Joe the Plumber Found Noah’s Ark!

Okay, not really. But I just found this and had to laugh. On good ol' Joe's website there's a posting from December by a guy named Mark Martineau breathlessly proclaiming that Noah's Ark has been found -- and of course he can't believe that the evil...well, someone...has been "keeping us in the dark." … [Read more...]

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